Black & Blue: How Will It Do On The Charts?

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Submitted by Acreage Development from AB Canada
Date: Fri Mar 22 06:13:28 2024

For me, this is an excellent site. Thank you for the valuable content! I love it!!!

Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Mon Dec 11 23:41:08 2023

The Backstreet Boys have certainly made their mark in music history, sharing honors with iconic bands like The Beatles. BSB rules indeed! |

Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from United States
Date: Tue Jul 10 14:23:18 2007

How DID it do on the charts? That's my question.

Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Mar 23 00:22:10 2007

Black and Blue holds the record for the most international sales in a week! It sold an astounding 5 million copies in one week! It is in the Guiness Book of World records for holding the most certifications at once(gold,platinum,and 8 times platinum) NSYNC never done that! The Backstreet Boys also have two albums that sold a total of 30 million copies and share this honor with The Beatles! BSB Rule

Submitted by corylover from PA
Date: Sat Mar 10 22:44:07 2007

black and blue touch me in away and helped me cope when me and my boyfriend broke up!

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Submitted by corylover from Pa
Date: Sat Mar 10 22:41:32 2007

backstreet boys have been falling apart since they got together. don't get me wrong their great singers,but the truth sometimes hurts!~

Submitted by haypay8poe from BSBtown backstreetboys USA
Date: Sun Mar 3 04:47:39 2002

no one should like nstimk and be in here so leave
anyway i think blak&blue should of been on 1st but they did not but that is ok because i still love them and always will

Submitted by sarah from WALES uk United Kingdom
Date: Tue Nov 13 14:29:54 2001

OK 1st off i think nsync fanz and backstrretboy fanz are really gettin a lil over the top with this whole NSUCK BACKSHITBOYS like get a grip why cant u like both is it a law or summit ? i admit i do think nsync r better than backstreetboys because their music applies to me cant u thick teEnages under stand that god get over the hole thing bout ur gonna marry nick or justin or aj etc look ud be lucky if u ever met them and i really dont get why u cant like both i enjoy both their music im listen to bsb now but later i might feel like a soppy song from bsb or nsync ya know so ppl JUST CHILL 4 heavens sake do u really think ud be impressing ur "band" like that ok there is bein loyal but oh my god this is way over the top iv seen some ppl have fights coss of bands and best friends split coss one was nsync fan one was bsb fan somplease get over the hole "me and nick/justin r gonna have 7 kids and get marride and love each other allways" please and ppl if u call ur self fanz but when one of they bsb or nsync get a gf take justin britney i coulkdnt believe it when i heard nsync fanz booed britney off the stage or kerry and brian (westlife) kerry got stoned i dont believe fanz can be like that do u really wanna hurt ur "band" i think not so just think about it ok people and respect people 4 wot they enjoy


Submitted by vanessa from toronto ontario Canada
Date: Fri Nov 9 19:43:02 2001

hey wud up im a huge bsb fan i think that they have done alot they have inspiring music great looks like i mean GREAT looks ko0l praonalitys and much m0re i mean their like regular guys just like everyone else well gettin to my point i was readin some messages ansd i would like to say wud up wit all this dissin n'sync like i mean they doin what they want to do and i give them props for that like leae the guys alone let them do what they love which is music
u might not like them but keep ur comment to ur self like seriously cuz its not like they walk around sayin bsb sucks i bett u they are as hapy for them just like bsb is so sstop wit all the bull shit about dissin them i mean its not like i loe their music but i respect them for what their doin im a true fan to bsb but im sure if they were redin t his they would feel the same way as me so id like to say stop wit the dissin and keep lissinin to bsb as u do
k lates

p.s nick ur just fine and dont worry so r u kevin and a.j and howe and brian i love u guy all keep up the incereddible work

and if anyone got probs wqit that then e-mail me
and if any bsb guy is radin this i doubt well e-mal me cuz i love u guys

Submitted by bsb fanatic from Tracy, california USA
Date: Sun Sep 23 12:09:25 2001

I agree with all my fellow bsb fans about nsuck.
backstreet was here first and they deserve to be
#1 4eva. Nsuck just decided to barge in lookin
better than bsb and thinkin bsb sucks. So for all
the bsb fans out there SCREAM as loud as you can
to ktbspa!

Submitted by Bittany from Dover United Kingdom
Date: Mon Sep 3 00:22:46 2001

I am so weary of trying to prove this, and...thus, permeate it to the knowledge of the world!So, thus, here it goes.......It is NOT first-week sales taht amtters, but OVERALL SALES taht are of germane imporance! Now, considering that expressed out of the way. I must say that, if there is ANY band that is going down the tube, it is *nsync. Notice a conspicuous pattern in which, for every LP they release, there sales tends to be LOWER than that of BSB's. For example: While 'Millennium' sold 15 million in overall sales, for such an 'allegedly good' album, *nsync only summoned to sell a mere 12 millin units (and this, commin from a band that is supposed to be so gastronomically great in terms of world wide sales) *sarcasm*. Then,let's fast-forward to 'NOW', in which 'Celebrity', in stark contrast to BSB's 'Black & Blue', which still managed to move an unprecedented 8 million units withi a month inspite of staying at #1 for a good number of weeks, with stiff competition deriving from a fledging economy and the Beatles '1' album, failed to live up to their previous 'not honestly earned' record of 2.4 million from their NSA LP. *nsync, in a MERE WEEK, managed to make the BIGGEST FIRST WEEK DROP in soundscan history by their 'Celebrity' album falling 75%. How pathetic. And...what was the competition they faced: A mere 'Now 7' compilation of VARIOUS artists of OLD HITS! How pthetic, to get beaten by OLDER HITS! Also, take into account that that proves many suspicions that '*nsync fans harboured such abysmal faith in their band' that they had to buy MULTIPLE copies instead of letting the 'honesty' speak for itself! Shame...shame....what a DARN shame! Also, let us not forget the little extra push from Jive where the quantitty bar were altered! So, *nsync fans, if you want to brag, please,....PLEASE brag if you have something to REALLY brag about! LOL

Submitted by BsBLuVaH from Canada
Date: Sun Sep 2 20:31:49 2001




Submitted by Jen from USA
Date: Sat Jul 14 17:29:35 2001

you know what? all you losers who come here and bash bsb really do need to try out nsync. nsync would have been a total failure without backstreet. who came first? backstreet. nsync got big after their retarded disney concert, and that concert was meant for bsb...they only gave it to nsync after bsb turned it down! bsb has been around much longer than *NSUCK...and they definetly have more talent than them. you people who dont like bsb are probably stupid teenyboppers who cant get over the fact that bsb's sound isnt as pop as it was before...even though bsb didnt sell as well as the other albums, that doesnt mean that theyre failures--failures arent people who can sell millions of albums...failures are the retarded little girls who come here and bash backstreet and say how much nsync rules--oh puhleeze...get a life!

Submitted by Lindsey from USA
Date: Sat Jul 14 17:19:59 2001

um, to all those dumb ex-bsb fans:
the backstreet boys did get to number 1...think about it...i bet if you let a record out, no one would buy it. and what the hell kind of loser who hated bsb go to one of the biggest bsb websites? you dumbasses need to get a life! if you really needed to bash bsb go to a hate site! sheez...dont come here and bash them! obviously youre a total loser who probably had nothing to do on a friday night....

Submitted by matsundin from toronto ontario Canada
Date: Mon Jul 9 09:56:10 2001

the backstreet boys felt so dumb when they said "they were going to break n sync 2mill record " and they didnt , so shamefull . it took nsync 2 albums , this bsb 4 album and they still didnt beat them , wuta embarrsment .

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Submitted by C.J Bone A.K.A BSB Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Tue Mar 20 19:35:03 2001

I don't agree with ex-bsb fan at all cos I think that the boys are really good (I'm not trying to say N'SYNC and 98 Degrees are horrible singers their talented as well) back to what I was saying they're very talented to still be singing after so long and they will never give up cos of what a fake a** fan thinks about them. P.S I think they will make to number one or two on eihter the Billboards or the Top 100.

Submitted by never-backstreetfan {{SoMeOnE}} from USA
Date: Fri Mar 16 21:15:34 2001

That 1st 'someone' isn't me. But, it's true. The DO suck. In San Diego the other night, my friend went to a BSB concert, [[id on't know WHY she like them]] and said the place was EMPTY. But, what ELSE do you expect from a band like THAT?

Submitted by never-backstreetfan {{SoMeOnE}} from USA
Date: Fri Mar 16 21:03:18 2001

Hey, I totally agree with everything the ex-backstreet fan has been saying. BsB are losers! Hey, Ex-BSB fan, why don't you give *NSync a try? At least THEY aren't sell-outs.

Submitted by someone from USA
Date: Fri Feb 9 19:53:11 2001

bsb sucks

Submitted by Angela from Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: Thu Feb 8 15:56:22 2001

Black and Blue will be the best album BSB ever released. Of course every album by them is good, but this is the best. It's already been proved. They so shattered the International Record. And they will NEVER go down. They will always rule!!!!!! Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!

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