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Submitted by Melissa Carter from Howell NJ USA
Date: Tue Jul 25 14:22:20 2000

I think it was so disgusting! Those fans who took it aren't real BSB fans, real BSB fans would never take Brian and Leighanne's dogs! Brian must have felt so bad! I can't believe someone would do something like that! Brian must have felt so bad! I felt really bad for Brian when I heard about their dogs! I hope it never happens again and I hope the fans who took the dogs learned a lesson because they are jerks!

Submitted by Janey from Ashe NC USA
Date: Tue Jul 25 14:16:09 2000

You know you just have to wonder about some people. Why would anyone want to kidnap two dogs that have done nothing to anyone except get attention?

I think that the people who did this should be very ashamed of themselves. And you know people wonder why the guys have been more reserved lately I think anyone can understand why now!

I personally wouldn't want to hang around people that might steal something from me. Or try to attack me or give them or their girlfriends/wives verbal abuse about them getting on with their lives. Everyone needs to realize that they are adults every last one of them and they deserve

privacy and freedom.

How would you feel if someone dognapped your pets because you were famous or popular? I know that i wouldn't feel very good about it at all. And this makes me wonder what they must think of all of us fans now just because of the way a couple have acted recently.

My faith in humanity has been shaken by this. Because even though i would love to meet these guys there are some lines you just don't cross and i guess in my one way i believed that everyone agreed with that. The sad thing is i guess i was wrong.

If people are willing to go this far. And they could have had charges pressed against them because dognapping is a crime. Who's to say that on down the road it won't be their dogs that get kidnapped and i'm not just talking Brian and Leighanne. But what if some crazy fan decides to do something even more drastic and dumb?

This madness has got to end and everyone just has to realize that life goes on when one of the guys gets married or in a relationship. And that they deserve to have their privacy and their own lives. Stop doing stupid things before the guys feel that thier dream that they've worked so hard to acheive isn't worth it after all. Espically if their well being or that of their families is in jeporady.

Submitted by Michelle McLean from Somewhere AZ USA
Date: Tue Jul 25 14:11:19 2000

This is for Holly from ? USA....are you even a fan? I know that the dogs have been found and I for one am very happy for Brian and Leighanne. You have no right to call Brian's dogs ugly, And if you were a fan you would care!

Submitted by Christine from Lumsden Sask Canada
Date: Tue Jul 25 13:43:10 2000

I THINK THAT THE DOGNAPPING WAS TERRIBLE!!! WHO WOULD SINK SO LOW AS TO STEAL THOSE WONDERFULLY CUTE LITTLE DOGS!!! And how dare they do that to Brian???!!!! how could they steal from such a wonderful, kind, and generous man!!! they deserve to be charged for it!!!!!!

Submitted by Holly from ? USA
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:54:13 2000

Who really gives a sh** about Brian's ugly little dogs?! Why are all you fans so worried about this? They got them back, it's OVER! Quit obsessing over this whole situation!!!

Submitted by Suzie from Really, what do you care? Right, like, the USA?!!
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:40:23 2000

I am so glad the dogs are recovered, and it just shows how much they care for them that they themselves went out looking for them instead of hiring someone, which they easily could have done (lol their milloionaires)

Submitted by Steph from Aurora Canada
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:38:17 2000

I trhink the teens stole the dogs because they were jealous of Brian and Leighanne being engaged and thoughtr this was a "good" plan to get them to break up. I think dognappers are stupid because they do really dumb things all the time and they can get really annoying after reading about why they dognapped their pets.

Submitted by Stacey from Winnipeg Canada
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:31:38 2000

All about this dognapping thing, I think that was a stupid thing to do.

Those girls who stoled them were idiots for doing that. That's like kidnapping since both Brian and Leighanne think of those dogs as they're children.

I would never do that ever since I'm more mature than that. If those girls wanted Brian's attention I'm sure they got it. They also scared the crap out of him I bet.

Since they did take those dogs they could of taken care of the dogs a little better. They didn't even feed them or give them water.I on the other hand would of been nice to the dogs, but then again I wouldn't of taken them in the first place.

So I just wana say to those girls, I hope your happy, you made every backstreet boys' fan, every backstreet boys' family, the backstreet boys, and especially Brian and Leighanne worried!!! What the hell were you thinking??????

Submitted by jenn from Orlando Florida United States
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:27:15 2000

I know this is the wrong place to put this but i didn't know where to. Did you see the nominations for VMA. BSB didn't get any and Nsync got like 6 nominations. I think we got ripped off. SMTMOBL was just as good of a song as bye bye bye and the video was cool too. Complain to somebody.


Submitted by Becky from ...... FL .....
Date: Tue Jul 25 12:26:29 2000

Ok I think who ever did this went way way to far. They not only invaded there private property but stole something thats mean alot to Brian And Leghianne. I think it was wrong and they should press charges ageinst who ever did it because thats stalking and its scary. I mean some people are obessed but thats going alittle bit far....

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