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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Sun Mar 10 23:44:01 2024

It's good to see your support for Brian and Leighanne during this challenging time. |

Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from Grafton North Dakota United States
Date: Thu Aug 16 21:30:04 2007

When I first heard that Tyke Thomas (is that how you spell "Tyke?") and Litty-Leigh were dog-napped from Brian and Leighannes home, I didn't know what to think at the time, cause by the time I read about it, the dogs were already returned safe and sound... But I do have a pet of my own, and while I've never had it cat-napped, if that ever happened to Brian and Leigh again, I would feel sorry for them cause first of all, Brian is my favorite Backstreet Boy, and secondly, I'm remotely scared of dogs in general, but I do love small dogs like Tyk and Litty... And regardless of whether or not I love Brian (which I do) there is no way I would dog-nap his dogs, especially when I have a pet of my own to begin with. I was surprised (although I shouldn't have been) when I found out that Brian hadn't pressed charges against these so-called "BSB FANS", cause if I were Brian, that's what I would have done. Didn't the article say that the dogs came back weak and hungry? That's abuse to dogs right there, so if I were Brian, like I said, I would've definetly pressed charges, cause evidently those teenagers who took the dogs obviously knew nothing about dogs... I don't know much about dogs either but that's beside the point. My heart goes out to Brian and his wife, and I'm just thankful that they got their dogs back.

Submitted by Treshenna Miller from United States
Date: Fri Jul 21 19:14:20 2006

The dognappers are a sad, sad bunch.

Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Wed Apr 5 23:33:21 2006

I think a person would have to be very desperate to steal dogs from anyone! I love animals, but I could never take one from someone else! I think the dognappers wanted to get close to Brian and they thought that was how they would succeed! Brian should've pressed charges against them, but he just isn't that kind of a person! I would've definitely got them for trespassing! We just live in a crazy world and things are gonna happen like this from time to time! The dognappers got off lucky!

Submitted by Celeste from ON, Canada
Date: Mon Sep 30 14:34:00 2002

Those girls are lucky that Brian decided against pressing charges. It would have been theft for stealing Tyke and Litty and trespassing on to their property. If that was me in that particular situation I would have pressed theft trespassing charges against those who are responible for stealing Tyke and Litty from the Littrells.
Theft is theft no matter what's stolen. To you people who support the dognappers I feel sorry for you. Leighanne and Brian didn't do anything to warrant having two living creatures that mean so much to them stolen from their property.

Submitted by Celeste from ON, Canada
Date: Thu Dec 13 08:15:57 2001

I think that you people who support the dognappers are absolutely DISGUSTING. Leigh-Leigh didn't anything wrong to anybody except be duped by a couple of jealous teenybopping morons who don't even deserve to call themselves "fans."
To have their babies stolen from them makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be a BSB fan. I'm still ashamed and embarrassed to be a BSB fan even now that it's over and done with.
Thank GOD Lil Tyke and Litty-Leigh are home safe with Brian and Leighanne.
Those of you who don't even own pets you have no clue what Brian and Leighanne have gone through not knowing where their babies were and not knowing who took them or why Tyke and Litty-Leigh were taken from them is just absolutely appalling. :p

Submitted by nickzangel from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Sep 17 21:19:55 2002

im w/ aj 110%!
peace out

"So...God, Jesus, I've got nothing but love for you. You're the bomb." ~ Nick Carter
"If I could reach up, and hold a star for each time you've made me smile, an entire evening's sky would be in the palm of my hand." ~ AJ McLean
"Just a little kindness can make such an impact." ~ Nick Carter
"Don't wait for the one you can live with; wait for the one you can't live without." ~ Brian Littrell
"God fixed my heart so I could bless all of yours." ~ Brian Littrell


Submitted by laureen from Burnaby British Columbia Canada
Date: Sun Jun 9 23:38:22 2002

who ever is fore those pathetic dognappers are pathetic too. Those poor dogs were taken from their home. Thank god they were returned safely. They aren't rats either. They are sweet cute dogs. I would write the name of the dog but I bet I'll spell it wrong. :p anyways, It's good that there's a section here for ppl's feedback on the event but still, you don't have to be all fore the poor dogs being dognapped. if you hate bsb so much why bother saying anything anyways?

Submitted by Mandy from Mooresville Indiana USA
Date: Wed Dec 12 09:25:31 2001

This is for that Tigger person: If you are going to hate someone and write about it MAKE SURE YOU YOU USE PROPER ENGLISH AND SPELL THINGS RIGHT!!!! Otherwise no one pays attention!

Submitted by A.j from Mooresville Indiana USA
Date: Tue Dec 11 11:33:00 2001

My heart goes out to Leighanne because she's being blamed for what happened. Come on, dognapping your own dogs? Puh-lease! People, you're just jealous and you have no right to be! My best wishes go out to Brian and Leighanne! Keep it up you two!

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