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Submitted by A.j. from Mooresville Indiana USA
Date: Tue Dec 11 09:21:58 2001

Let's get this straight! I don't always bring my dog in when someone comes to the door. Nothing's ever happened to her! So,what I'm trying to say is, It is not Leighanne's fault! I can't believe someone would stoop that low to dognap thier dogs. I also can't believe that some of ya'll would go so far as to blame her for what happened. She couldn't stop it from happening!

Submitted by Rachel from Branford CT USA
Date: Sat Jul 21 19:55:07 2001

I think that whoever took those dogs should be arrested! they are Brian's items, pets, and Leighanne's compainions. I mean think about it. When your husband was on the road 11 months out of the year, then you would want some dogs to make you feel safe and comfortable. I think that Brian should get security, and make sure this doesn't happen again because its ridiculous. It;s really going too far

Submitted by Colette from Key West FL Home of the one and only Nick Carter FL USA
Date: Sun Jul 1 19:26:53 2001

All right everyone I'm gonna fess up, I was the one who stole the dogs. Yes its true I'm the one who kiddnapped Brian's babies....

Nah I'm just joshing with ya'll I just need to have myself a laugh. Been a long day, even though I was not the one who stole them I did help to find them. I was part of this whole thing that was helping to look for the dogs. So you see I'm really a sweetheart!

Submitted by Kamia from MD USA
Date: Sun Jun 17 15:06:58 2001

All I have to say is that the people who took their dogs should have been fined because they trepassed on private property then they took something that did not belong to them. Also it wasn't Leighanne's fault. All dogs need to go outside sometimes. They can't be inside all the time.

Submitted by melinda from USA
Date: Sat Jun 16 01:08:13 2001

First of all, I agree that this is not a page to go off and start bashing Leighanne for what happened! It was so NOT her fault. Second, obviously someone has no life to be going around and taking peoples animals like that! I thought it was very RUDE and INCONSIDERATE and that's all I have to say!

Submitted by Jennifer from Atlanta Georgia USA
Date: Sun May 13 13:21:56 2001

Okay, how did this turn into a 'Let's Bash Leighanne' page??? First of all, it so wasn't her fault. The same thing would have happened had Brian been home. So, to those of you who hate Leighanne, grow up and stop blaming her for the dogs being stolen. Secondly, I was appalled to learn that the dogs had been stolen. It was the first time, in the history of me being a Backstreet fan, that I was embarassed to call myself a fan. That is absolutely not the kind of incident I want to be associated with. No wonder people think BSB fans are nuts.

Submitted by Monica from Eugene Oregon USA
Date: Tue Apr 3 13:07:22 2001

I definitely feel bad for Brian and Leighanne, not to mention their poor dogs. What on earth were those dognappers thinking? I mean, come on, that's so stupid to kidnap someone's dogs. Whatever, I hope those people are punished well for their crime. Nobody messes with a Backstreet Boy! KTBSPA!!

Submitted by BSB #1 Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Fri Mar 30 13:39:07 2001

I think that the person who took Brian's & Leighanns doggs should be ashamed of themselves cause I'm pretty sure that neither one of them done anything wrong with the person or person's who were involved with kidnapping. P.S I hope that they put them in jail for life!

Submitted by Lili from birmingham USA
Date: Sat Mar 10 02:36:03 2001

OK, Leighanne, I must admit, it was a little ignorant of you not to bring the poochies in when your door-bell rang, but, it wouldn't have crossed my mind either! Those two brats must have WAY too much time on their hands to be stealing dogs - I mean, how cruel! I love my pooch, and would be crushed if anything happened to her. I am just really glad you got your children back.

Submitted by Treshenna and Marquita Miller from culloden Ga USA
Date: Sun Mar 4 17:03:34 2001

well first, i would have kiddnapped those nasty ratty looking dogs too. she has no buisness being mean to them b/c she knew when she got "involved" with brian she had to put up with that.and brian probably didnt say a word when she was mean to the ppl.(BEING NAIIVE) they shouldnt try to get into their house but her OLD butt still didnt have to be mean. her ugly old skanky self.:) first she needs to get a real Job b/c she cant be an actress b/c y'all know the age limit in hollywood is like no one over 28 and she is like 32. HELLO!!and she is an airhead.

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