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Date: Jul 24, 2000
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One word for.....WOW. The whole night turned out to be beyond my expectations....I almost fulfilled my dream...almost :)

My mom, my friend Laura, and I got to Citywalk about 6:40 and figured we'd have enough time to grab a bite to eat quickly before the pagent started. But we decided to go ahead and get the tickets first. Good thing we did too because when we got to the box office, we found out they had changed all the seating to general admission, which meant we had paid over $150 for the same seats as people who paid for $30 seats. Good ol' Hard Rock...So my mom was pretty ticked. To top it off they finally had said on a sign in front of the door no cameras at all and of course we had brought ours. So my mom started yelling at the guy and normally I'd be embarassed but this one time I'm happy she did. The guy sent over one of the pagent representatives while my friend and I got in line.

After a little while my mom came and waved us over and we got to go in the side door! At this point I didn't know what was going on but I started getting really excited because I realized we were gonna get in early. The lady brought us inside where we sat down in the back until they opened the doors. Then she said we could sit wherever we wanted :) Christian Davis was doing his sound check when we were in there. He sounded really good. He's a hottie too.

They finally opened the doors at 7 and we ran for the front. We sat right in the middle of the front row. Well our luck they had that rolling camera right in front of us but it didn't block too much. We met two girls from New York who had come down just for this and were leaving the next day. The older girl even had "AJ" tattooed on her back!

Of course we ran into more trouble. This guy came up (my mom said he smelled like he'd had one too many drinks...and he wasn't wearing socks!) and said he was with AJ and that he had 6 seats reserved, even though there wasn't reserved seating. Everybody at our end started getting mad and saying they weren't giving up their seats. My mom was saying that AJ himself would have to come tell her to move. The guy hung around and tried his hardest, even going as low as saying he was getting AJ's bodyguard. That was a joke. 5 minutes later here comes his bodyguard walking by with Amanda and didn't even say a word to the guy..ha! He was such a jerk.

All of a sudden people in the back started screaming. Everybody turned around to look and there was Howie!! He was a judge. That was pretty cool. Two BSB's for one thing. I got up with one of the girls from NY and we went over to where he was but there were a lot of people. So we went to get drinks and ran into Amanda. She started talking to the girl and then she gave me and her a hug. That was weird because I never thought I'd meet her.

Then the pre-show started off with a group called BabeeGirl. They were ok. There was this one guy dancing wih them and he was really into it. It was funny. Then Christian Davis came out and sang 3 songs. He was really good and he came right to the edge of the stage. Finally the moment I had been waiting for....

They welcomed everybody and introduced all the contestants as they got on a bus on the two screens next to the stage (pre-recorded of course). All of a sudden the started playing "Bad to the Bone" and showed AJ sitting on a motorcylce and a cop. He started after the bus and all the girls were screaming and looking out the windows. Then they had sirens on stage and they opend the curtain and all the girls came out. And then AJ came out wearing leather pants, a leather jacket and a leather bandana and of course his sunglasses. He sang his version "AJ's Bad to the Bone".Oh he looked sooo hot.

Then they picked the ten finalists and of course then had a commercial break so we had to sit for a while. They put in the space so it's easier I guess.

The girls did their fashion show and some of the clothes were cute and some I wouldn't have picked for a beauty pagent or anything. Christian Davis sang during this part. After that they introduced the judges and of course Howie got the most screams and applause.

During the next commercial break I went to get drinks and Amanda was signing autographs. She was really nice and seemed like she would be cool to hang out with. One girl asked her about her Panda with a bone tattoo, if it was for AJ, and she said "Yep, he's my bone baby" and that he was the most wonderful was really sweet...if only that could be me :) I also got to wave to Howie this time and he waved back! They played "IWITW" during the break and everyone was singing and when AJ and Howie's parts came on everybody screamed and cheered.

There was some more of the pagent with the swimsuits and the evening gown competition. AJ sang "If You Knew What I Knew" for the swimsuits and "Back at One" for the evening was awesome.

During yet another break, a crowd was starting to form around the backstage door and I found out it was his mom, Denise! I went over and met her and she signed a scanned copy of an AJ drawing my friend's mom drew for me (it was all I had),which she loved, and she was sooo nice and sweet. She's absolutely adorable.

These guys called 3Deep came out and sang but there was only 2 guys there! It was really weird and one of the guys looks like he's 35. At this point I was looking forward to more AJ.

After a really long break they picked the five finalists and Johnny came out with Nicole Johnson, who was Miss America 1999 and the co-host. He was wearing this gray iridescent kinda looking suit. They did the finalist interviews and one of the questions Johnny asked the first girl (Miss Oregon) was "Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?" Obviously a spontaneous question. She answered AJ, but it was funny because Howie was judging!! I would have answered both :) Johnny was so funny during this whole part and he made really funny faces when the camera wasn't on. He also made a comment about how they all looked "so yummy"..... :)

Then the Miss 1999 US Teen, Jill Nicholson, came out and did her final walk thing and AJ came back out with Nicole. Before the camera was on AJ was being so hilarious! He kept making faces and sticking his tongue out.

Finally, they announced all the runners up and the new Miss US Teen (Starla Smith from Alabama) and AJ sang "Hey Mr. DJ" for the closing song. An interesting choice, but a good one. He was wearing an orange suit with just the jacket and pants (gotta love that AJ style!) AJ looked so very hot and we all got to stand up and sing along. He of course did his lovely HMDJ dancing (think Homecoming Orlando, but a little toned down for national tv) I could see his 69 tattoo...I was so close I could see everything, including the fact that his pants were too long for him :) It was incredible.

We had bought tickets to the after party because AJ was supposed to be there, but it turned out he had to leave right after because his mom said that he was tired from recording and his bodyguard said it wasn't safe because he was the only security there. I think his bodyguard made him leave, because I would hope he wouldn't disappoint so many people on his own will. Oh well.

The whole night is one I'll never forget. I never thought in a million years I would be the one writing about meeting AJ's mom and his girlfriend. I almost lost hope of ever getting to meet him, but I have gained it back. I can't wait until they all come around again for the tour. Hopefully by then we'll be on a first name basis :) !

Submitted by Nikki

Hello! I just wanted to write in to say that I attened the Miss United States Teen Competition last night at the Hard Rock Live. It featured AJ as "Johnny No Name" and Howie D. as a judge. The show was great, AJ/Johnny's performance was awesome and when Howie wasn't falling asleep (we were sitting a few rows in front of him and we caught him yawning once) he was the epitome of cuteness. But then the "autograph reception" happened, after the competition, and that's when the trouble began.

The invitation for the autograph reception was for $30 and promised that AJ would be there as well as the other acts that had performed for the pageant. I think at the time the invitations were printed Howie wasn't scheduled to be there, but I had talked to a publicity rep for the pageant the night before, and she told me that all the judges would be at the reception, including Howie D. So we thought that was awesome! It would be worth $30 to meet AJ, but with Howie included it would be a steal! So we went to the pageant, where we had bought tickets for front row seats, but it ended up turning into General Admission so I ended up in about the 20th row. But at least we were there, we weren't going to complain about that. Then it was time for the autograph reception, so we went back outside and lined up because the $30 was in addition to the competition ticket. So we went back inside and to our surprise, Howie and AJ, as well as some of the other acts that were supposed to be there, were NOWHERE to be found! We kept asking the people at the Hard Rock as well as the people from the pageant if they were going to be there and we couldn't get a straight answer. Finally after hearing rumors that they had left, someone confirmed that AJ and Howie would not be there. So, that was fine, we just wanted our money back because we had paid to see AJ and Howie. We were informed that we wouldn't be able to get a refund. Many people started arguing with the officials at that point, claiming that it was false advertising and the right thing to do would have been to give us our $30 back. The official then told us that if we would not be getting a refund, and that if we had a problem with it to take it up with AJ, because he was the one that breached his contract.

I guess I'm just writing this to let everyone who did go there to know that it was not in fact AJ's fault. The venue as well as the pageant could not provide the sufficient amount of security for the Boys to make an appearance. I talked to one of the girls from the pageant who was able to talk to AJ before he left, and she said that he was not happy about it at all. I knew it was not like AJ or Howie to dissapoint fans like that and for the pageant people to put the blame on AJ and Howie was completely wrong. So if you went and were told that it was AJ's fault, please don't think that, because he wanted to meet with us probably as much as we wanted to meet with him. It was the lack of security that kept him from doing so.

Thanks for listening, if anyone wants to know how to try and get a refund, my email is


Submitted by: Betsy

HELLOOOO all u groovy bsb fans wazzuuuuuup?? Well...on Saturday..the 22nd i was fortunate enough to see Johnny No-Name and HOWIE D. @ the Miss United Teen Final Competion....And, lemme just say AJ...oops i mean Jonny did such a GREAT and AMAZING job!! I was SO suprised to see HOWIE there:) :) I was just sitting in my chair...which was VERY close to the stage..OOOH YEAHH...and all of the sudden these girls were screaming HOWIE'S HERE....OMG he looked SO good:) He was wearing a cute white suit....ANYWAYZ...some friends i met there and I stood up on our chairs and started yelling out his name and he WAVED at us....OMG we totally flipped out:) :) It was totally killing me because the whole time he was sitting about 30 feet away from me and i couldn't get up and talk to him..i got pretty close though:) :) During a commercial break "I WANT IT THAT WAY" came on and when Howie's part came up the whole crowd starting was cute..and of course he got the loudest applause for the judges:)

OKAY..on to AJ..i mean Johnny...hehe:) i said he did a fabulous job...his voice was just too amazing as usual:) :) Since i was close i got his attention a lot of times:) When it was quite i would scream his name and he kept giving me these groovy looks and then he would lick his lips..hehehe:) i made him laugh a few times was great...I got to talk to his mom for a bit..she's such a sweet heart...OH and so is AMANDA..she was there!! SO overall it was...lets see the 5th best day of my life..the other 4 are of the 3 bsb concerts and the 1 johnny no-name concert:) :) I also got Christian Davis' and one the girls from BabyGirls' signature...they were all sweeties of course....but I have to say our AJ blew them ALL away..hehe:) :) Well i hope you enjoyed my review...oh by the way the ALABAMA girl won the pagent..but I wasn't paying attention to that..just AJ..Johnny..and HOWIE:)



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