The Lost Boys: How a Pop Sensation Came Undone

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Submitted by Ellice from San Antonio TX USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:23:08 2002

I personally am happy to see an impartial article. For once, a reporter has written an article without degrading the boys, or taking something they said and twisting it. They put word for word how Kevin felt. And obviously there's been a bit of a hiatus so to the public, the boys DO seem "undone" or "lost". Of course, we know that's not so, but a lot of that is hoping. I love the boys, as I know every fan out there does, so don't get me wrong. But if you look at the article as a whole, the reporters simply stating facts. He says how it seems and says how the Boys themselves view it. So I look at it as an overall GOOD article, even though it may not say everything we as fans want to hear, like they're throwing a free tour...hehe :)

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:10:08 2002

I'm shocked that the NY Times and all of the other media outlets don't think better of the Backstreet Boys than they do.
They make it sound as if the Backstreet Boys are breaking up and it's so not the case. Backstreet Boys are as tight as they ever have or ever will be.
Any newspaper that would think this badly of Backstreet Boys don't really deserve to report on them.

Submitted by Anna from NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:04:09 2002

I was shocked when I saw just the title of the article. The Backstreet Boys are not "lost" and "undone", if they were lost, then people wouldn't have thousands of sites on them, see people like sisqo are "lost", BSB are not even close to being "lost" in any kind of way. Anywayz, I was reading the article, and I noticed something stupid. They said that it would be ok, if they changed the members. Well first of all, the Eagles are the Eagles, and BSB is BSB, new century, new music. PLus what kind of BSB would it be with out the original 5 members. If they were to change members, that would definetly, make BSB "lost" AND "undone". Personally I respect Nick's decision to go solo, but I also think that Nick should go back to BSB. BSB would be kinda nothing without Nick. I mean yea I totally support Nick on his solo thing, but I also support BSB (as a group). but anywayz it's just my opinion. KTBSPA!!! And go buy Nick's solo album, based on his single, it sounds like this album will be awesome!!! C Ya

Submitted by Hamidah from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:00:50 2002

I believe reading the article it sounds as if Backstreet is on the verge of breaking up. I think BSB needs a better publicist because they for Black & Blue they did not do such a good job. Hopefully all goes well with Nick & the BSB's albums and hopefully they will not break up. It seems as if their lives are all going in different directions and it doesnt seem like something some of the guys would like to continue to persue. But hopefully the Backstreets will weather this storm and come back strong! But they need to stop whining about what happened, learn from the f ups and come back strong. The true fans will support them and Im sure those of us that come to will make sure hey they atleast sell 100 albums. (But u know they will sell more)!

Submitted by angel from Israel
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:39:50 2002

I thought it was a very good article but two things bothered me about it, first that whole we're not worried about nick leaving, well they should the fans wouldn't accept a new member and it would hurt them a lot! I don't care about the bangles! also as much as it hurts me that they felt used, get over it!I know that damn story by heart, I imagine it was hard but that's what it takes. I mean, it did work and as soon as they started cryin about and stopped working hard, they fell. don't get me wrong I love them to death but please! you can't just sit on your ass and expect to succeed.
and on a funnier note... how funny was it when they said brian was whipped!

Submitted by Sherrry Thomas from Elyria Ohio USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:35:19 2002

Well I have to say that i was sadden by this artical, BUT HEY we all have are stupid moments right!!!!Anywayz I do think Nick Carter should have told his other band mattes what he was doing. And well all I have to say is BSB's music has aways helped me though the hard times thouth my father dying even if I didn't know him that much cus he didn't want me to, Me being in the hospital 53 times and everytime I was in the hospital I took there music with me, and so many times they have saved my life and if they read this I would like to say a hartfelt thank you from the bottom of my hart. They will never know how much they have helped me deal with my illness so thank you and lots of love. xoxoxo =+D.

Submitted by Erin from Ridgewood New Jersey USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:33:05 2002

Honestly, just the title is heartbreaking. I don't like to think of BSB as "undone" or "the lost boys". This article made me cry. I cried like a little girl and I am not ashamed of it. The Backstreet Boys are more than just a bunch of guys singing and dancing. To me they are the young souls that God chose to put on this earth to help me, and millions of others, overcome LIFE. It is true. Without the Boys I don't know where I would be today. I may be where I am today but without the boys' music and words my life would have been a harder road to travel. Although this article has made it sound like the Boys are "the lost boys" I do believe there is some realizations being made. It has been made clear to me that the Backstreet Boys have put up with a lot of tough shit (pardon my language) just so they can make me, us, the fans, happy. It is pretty amazing how they didn't give up. Through thick and thin, deaths and sickness, they made the best of what they could do. I just hope that they will realize that I do appreciate everything they've done and I am giving them the 110% of respect that they deserve. Hopefully some other people out there will agree and go along with me. These boys are nothing less than incredible. Actually, incredible doesn't even describe them because....well....they are indescribable! Thanks for everything BSB, thank you for my life. I appreciate it.

Submitted by Jan from Nova Scotia Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:18:13 2002

Well, I think that this article does hold some truth. It was very informative to all the inside stuff that went on with the Firm and thier decision to leave them. The only thing that I wonder about is why Nick didn't seek alternative managment for his solo career. I think the reporter misinterpreted something when he talked about Nick not recording with the group--if I recollect, in the Z100 interview, Nick said that he hadn't yet recorded with the guys, but he had to still lay down his vocals...And, if you remember from the Dec99/Jan00 Teen People cover story, Nick said that "when things settle down in a couple of years, I'm gonna do rock. It will probably be along the lines of Bryan Adams, maybe a little harder." Well, isn't that where we are now, a couple of years later?
I think we just have to have faith that it'll all work out...KTBSPA.
Peace. - Jan :)

Submitted by justine from anaheim ca USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:21:16 2002

the article was informative and everythin, but it was kinda sad, b/c of everyone bein so selfish. the guys needed a rest and the ppl tried to blackmail them sayin they would put n'sync in if bsb didn't sign the contract. that was mean. and just knowin all the hardships bsb has overcome, i kno they'll be around TOGETHER FOREVER. ktbspa. and u guys, we have to try to break n'sync's 2.6 or 2.4 million sales for the first week record. bsb deserves. it.

Submitted by Jen from Springfield VA USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:16:05 2002

I think the article is a little too dramatic, due in part to Kevin...but I digress. What it really does is explain some of the things I've always wondered. Like, for instance, why they released a greatest hits collection...and why Black and Blue was a major step backwards from Millennium. What I don't like about it however is how their new managers seem to think Nick is expendable. I would much rather have BSB not release another album than have them release one without Nick. That's basically saying that all the stuff they've been saying about being brothers and family is bullsh*t. And quite frankly, unless BSB is going to change their sound all together, their new CD wouldn't fit in with the trend of music today. Three years ago pop was huge. Today it's all about rap and r&b. Any pop cd released now would have trouble. They need to take their time and work everything out within the group. By that time maybe the market will be more tolerant of pop again.

Submitted by Misty from sandy utah USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:03:19 2002

It was a great article full of good information about the guys, BUT... at the end, it says this one particular person is not worried about Nick leaving the group to go solo, because the Eagles changed members 3 times and were still a successfull group. The guys arent the Eagles, they are the BSB, and they felt that when A.J. went into rehab they should postpone the tour because they aren't the BSB without him. Why should it be any different with Nick? I'm expecting his solo album to be successfull, but he has already told us the group has his heart. He's not going anywhere, he just wanted to do something he's been dreaming about forever.I'm happy for Nick, the rest of the BSB is happy for Nick, and I know he is happy for himself, which he should be! He said it himself, "No matter what happens we'll always be the Backstreet Boys."

Submitted by Nicole Littrell from minnesota USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:02:34 2002

Although and thought in some ways the article was a little harsh it was truthfuly I think the guys tried to do what was best in ever situation for them and the fans. Cause thats the one thing that the Backstreet Boys know is how important fans are. Not may bands would have come straight out when AJ went through rehab but they wanted to be honest with the fans and I give them lots of credit. Not many bands realize how important fans are to them. I have been a backstreet fan for almost 5 years now. Iam die hard fan and will continue to be forever cause I belive they are the best band out there and not just because Brian is the hottest guy on the earth (which he is lol) but because they have a lot of the qualities that seem to be hard to find now a days. They want to try to make the world a better place the care about kids and the down to earth personality the each one of them has in there own special way. As Nick has said before as long as we have fans we can do anything i belive that to this day as long as we continue to support them the music will come it may not be the record shattering cd but who cares its there music and true bsb nows they make the best music together.
I will always hold a special place in my heart for you Brian. I love you

Submitted by Bornintokaosbabe from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:01:06 2002

This article is awesome. I have never read an article like this about the Boys. Every Backstreet fan, and non-Backstreet fans alike, should read this article. Maybe it would help people see the Boys in a different light. This article was raw. It was real and not one line of the entire thing was fabricated or sugar coated. It was everything that a fan hates to hear, but needs to hear. Everyone needs to stop reading and believing all of the shit out there on the Boys and deal with what is real. It is so nice to finally read an article on the Boys and to read only real, pure things. It shows what they have to deal with in their lives, that their lives are by no means picture perfect. I absolutely loved this aticle, this guy deserves the Pullitzer.

Submitted by Tina Nelson from Abingdon Maryland USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:38 2002

I thought that this was a very informative article about how the music business operates. We as fans only see the smiles on the guys faces in public but never know what they are going through behind the scenes. It is very saddening to hear that our boys go through all of that nasty stuff just to try and make good music for us fans. I just continue to pray that all five of them can focus as a group and make the best decision for the group as a whole as well as each individual. I know without a shade of a doubt that each guy absolutely loves being a Backstreet Boy, they just have to work out the not-so-fun part of things first. I will always continue to support the Backstreet Boys in whatever their decision may be, because I believe in them. I believe that they can work this out and continue on being the all-time greatest group around. Always and forever a BSB fan. Tina

Submitted by xoxbabeexox from va beach va USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:29 2002

i dont know what to think. i really dont. all i know is that i love the bsb and i mean, u heard it themselves that aj said theyre the closest theyve ever been and that nobody could touch them. right now im very weak about this whole thing. people are sayin theyre over but i hope theyre not. people would be so disappointed and i know for sure id be cryin my eyes out. but hopefully theyre all right and well be ok .. juss keep ur head up n everythin will be all right .. im sure theyre ok and theyll get through this for sure ..

Submitted by cinthia from hammond indiana USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:00 2002

backstreet boys are not over. they have alot of energy and thier music actually have messages and they reach to different ages and people.*nsync came along and just started copying bsb. nsync only reachs teenagers not the whole gap like bsb. they aren't cute or talented they do everyhting bsb does. why who knows they just can't get thier own identy.bsb might had prombles but they stuck through it together.if your a true fan u will stick with bsb forever.if u like nsync and don't like what i wrote tough.DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!!!
p.s. i would like to say hi to my new best nick friend patricia
check out her site at

Submitted by Amanda from Vermont USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:46:48 2002

Although the article may in fact be true, it kind of hit my heart really hard. It scared me because it makes you think that the BSB really are not going to be around for that much longer which I doubt is true. As Nick said "As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything" which is absolutely true because they will always have fans. As long as the fans are there they will be. Although they may not be in the biz and making music they will be there and stuff. I think the article was rude and kind of lousy because it focused on the money issue of the aspect of the music biz when the music biz is not totally about money. The groups are happy with the fans they have and as Nick said a while back in an article that he could quit today and not care because they could live the rest of their lives on the money they make in one summer rather than that of a year. They have no concern for the money and their love of music and making people happy is what they love to do. They live for that, not the money that they've had for years already. Much Backstreet Pride/Love Forever!

Submitted by Stephanie from BX New York USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:34:17 2002

Well, I just think that the guys have been dealt a bad hand. I mean they've had to watch their 'compitition' get more than what they are worth. I mean *Nsync albums always get so much more general publicity. Yes, our boys were very lucky to be able to do the around the world tour for Black and Blue, but there wasn't too much general promotion of the album and personally I think that had something to do with sales. Af far as the artical, well I think that the guys just have to do whats best for them. I am going to continue to support the guys because they have great music which has always been there for me so I'm just returning the favor. I just hope that the guys find peace somewhere soon, but if not I wish them luck with their search because I know that once they are some place that they feel safe, it's going to be just fine.

Submitted by Caitlin from Katy TX USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:26:04 2002

I thot the article was very interesting...and very true. I mean I still love the BSB, but not as much as I have in the past. Now I find myself defending them to people saying things like "They're still together, u just dont hear about them very much." Again I say I still love them and support them very much but it seems like the only publicity they get anymore is bad publicity, and I just hope they can make a come-back soon b/c i dont even want to think about if they broke up.
much love-Cat

Submitted by ~*Sprinkles*~ from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:24:28 2002

It was some article!! That would explain a lot of the wierd stuff happening!! Like the you have to be in the fan club to see their website, the expensive concert tickets, and out of no where Nick's solo career?!? It's just TOO MUCH!! But I still LOVE the Boys .. I just hope everything works out.. b/c if they ever break up ~ there will be millions of broken hearts { including me }. I was wondering what's Howie's view ~ no where did the article mention him?!?
Love Ya'

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