Your new year's resolutions for 2002

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Mon Aug 21 23:32:20 2023

Here's to a year of growth, positivity, and achieving our new year's resolutions! |

Submitted by tammy from oshawa ontario canada
Date: Wed Jan 5 09:39:31 2011

i need bsb help or someones help i need to get important info to bsb can anyone help me get back asp at

Submitted by Timi from Spokane Washington UnitedStates
Date: Mon Feb 19 16:04:34 2007

"Am I gorgeous?" AJ
"Yes AJ, you are." Brian
"What the heck?"Howie
"I suppose you think that's funny?"Kevin
"This is why they made the phrase no comment."- Nick

Brian is my fav and the funniest...

Submitted by Angel from West Virginia USA
Date: Sat Sep 21 02:27:58 2002

omg! im soo with tanya!!
peace out

"Am I gorgeous?" AJ
"Yes AJ, you are." Brian
"What the heck?"Howie
"I suppose you think that's funny?"Kevin
"This is why they made the phrase no comment."- Nick


Submitted by JoJo from VA USA
Date: Thu Aug 1 21:40:59 2002

I posted this on MTV's "You Tell Us" in response to their story on Nick's new album.

It's obvious that Justin Timberlake's album will outsell Nick Carter's. Justin gets promotion from Lance Bass' space gossip and his own relationship with Britney Spears. Nick will get very little promotion. The media has already taken sides, but look at what happened last year: Alicia Keys had loads of promo and she got six Grammy nods, but India.Arie got seven. Why? Because although she didn't get a quarter of the promotion Keys got, her album was good. That's what drives Nick and all of his fans. Some care about sales, others just want to be proud of their product. Nick is the latter.

Jasmine, 18
Woodbridge, VA

MTV are pro Justin. And I have proof. In the above entry to "You Tell Us" I said 'Justin gets promo from his "fake, media-driven relationship with Britney" ' and they changed it to 'Justin gets promo from his "own relationship with Britney." '

It's obvious who pays MTV.

Submitted by JoJo from VA USA
Date: Tue May 14 15:17:40 2002

+Kevin with Andy Dick+
Oh, no. Andy Dick plans to make a movie out of his Daphne Aguilera character -- that campy drag Christina Aguilera takeoff from "The Andy Dick Show" on MTV. To hear the preternaturally naughty comic tell it, the project's "a done deal," and far enough along for production to start as early as this summer, with, he hopes, Christina herself aboard for a cameo.

"I would love to have her in there, and I would definitely make it fun for her," Andy promises, noting that Christina has already made her fondness for Daphne clear. "It will probably be done documentary style, including Daphne's past, present and future -- everything we know about her from the show." But can such a character sustain an entire movie?

Viewers of "The Andy Dick Show" will see Daphne "reunited with her long-lost adopted son" when the cable offering launches its third season April 6. "He's 15 years old, and he's black. He's very black, now that I think about it. And that's because Dennis Rodman is the father."

Dick again will host an eclectic group of guest stars -- including Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Kevin Richardson of The Backstreet Boys -- this coming season. And again, most of the sketches in which they'll be involved cannot be described fully in a family newspaper.

Submitted by Tanya from Toronto Canada ontario Canada
Date: Fri Mar 1 13:19:24 2002

Hey i just want to say that i've been a bsb fan for more than 7 years i've been to over 18 bsb concerts!!
I will forever be the biggest bsb fan no matter what i never went to nsync because i;m not at all the least bit interested in them infact i think that they really suck and they are soo high on themselves that it is pathetic!!
Bsb will always be the real deal and i can't wait until they come out with there new c.d i just know that it is gonna be the best because i beilive in them and i will forever keep the backstreet pride alive even when they break up(God forbid that ever happen)
Just remember that no mattter what bsb were around first and haveway more experience then Nsync or 98' okay so i think that they should both give it up and get over the fact that they are #1 cause the only group that is number1 is bsb!! Nothing or no one could change my mind about that! Bsb have worked there asses off and have put up with alot of shit in their careers so i have to give them props on that!
bsb are the real deal!!
That's all i have to say!!
Besides i love you bsb i will forever be a huge fan!! Never give up on bsb and they wont give up either!!!

Submitted by Milton from USA
Date: Mon Feb 25 22:16:48 2002

I'm getting
1 A manskirt like Kevin
2 A wife like Brian
3 A small blonde child to torture like Nick
4 A beard like Aj's
5 A determination to go on every day like Howie does no matter what people refer to me as on the Internet.

Submitted by fan4everihope from BSB city BSB state USA
Date: Fri Feb 22 22:54:25 2002

Guess what?


BSB Rox!
P.S. I get to see Yo-Yo Ma in May!

Submitted by bsb r #1 4-eva! from Italy
Date: Fri Feb 22 18:27:12 2002

i'm so proud of them! i can't belive there at #1!!!!!!! yeah i luv u guys! keep up the gr8 work! they deserve it sooooooo much! i can't wait till the retirement!
micha xoxox

Submitted by jen from ottawa ont Canada
Date: Fri Feb 22 16:27:36 2002

hey guys. Keep up the awesome work and keep BSB at #1on tlr. They are retiering Drowning on the 25th of FEB!!!!!! Just a few days. Lets vote our butts off and keep them at #1!!!!!!

Submitted by Karen Williams from USA
Date: Fri Feb 22 13:12:37 2002

Hey, fellow BSB fans. I'm with Carolyn and Victor. It's the MUSIC that is so important. Our Boys will be recording again soon, and we'll have lots of wonderful new music to enjoy. God bless the Backstreet Boys!

Submitted by Megan from Backstreets USA
Date: Thu Feb 21 21:21:15 2002

Hi peeps!!! Well Happy Birthday Brian(1 day late!!)!!! Hope it was great!!! Well i finally saw TRL on Tues and BSB was #1!! :-) Yea!!! Keep voting i think!! Btw i have some ???s. Is BSB not retired yet on TRL??? I thought it was supposed 2 be retired already. But it is still a choice 2 vote 4 on So when r they retiring?? And if they have, how many dayz did they have at #1?? And I'm not dissing nsync, but is that true r they really taking an extended break??? OK keep voting on cosmogirl it is almost a new month!! And then we have 2 vote nonstop bcuz it is the last month!!!! Someone pleaz email me or post a message w/ the answers 2 my ??s. Well g2g!!!


PS- Que Pasa a mi Espanol amigas??? Van a a KTBSPA!!!

Submitted by Maggie AND Vany from Kazanlak Bulgaria
Date: Thu Feb 21 05:58:54 2002

LET the happiness never fly away from your life!
Let the helth and love be your fellow-travellers in perpetuity for ever! And last,but not least let your biggest success with the BACKSTREET BOYS from now on await!!!
we love you:Maggie and Vany

Submitted by Nicole from Houston Texas USA
Date: Wed Feb 20 19:08:27 2002

I'm going to keep this short and simple: Happy Birthday, and many more Brian. I love you(and Nick, Howie, A.J., and Kevin!) You guys influenced my life so much, and I hope that u have a long, and happy life.

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