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Submitted by Shawne from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Date: Wed Sep 30 21:34:27 2009

We have autographed poster (laminated), signed in 1996 or 97 in Chicago where my daughter met the BSBs. VHS Live in Concert 1997, Book, Unauthorized Biography. Make me an offer for all. Buyer would have to pay shipping from Canada. email:

Submitted by amber from del city oklahoma 73115
Date: Sun Sep 20 22:30:47 2009

hey this is my last time posting this. I will give TOP DOLLAR for any Aaron carter stuff. any!! . you want extra cash then sell me your aaron stuff, i want posters, books and magazines. Im also looking for popstar magazine isssues from 2001-2004,. TOP MONEY!! THANKS EMAIL ME at

Submitted by SUSIE from ??????? ??????????? u.s.a
Date: Sat Sep 19 17:14:26 2009

i have 3 vhs of nsync ,christina, britney, 2gether and lots more...i recorded them along time ago...approx from 1999-2001...i also have a tape that has only the mickey mouse club feat...justin timberlake...britney spears...christina aguilera...j.c chazes...ryan gosling and more.

want them a response with email and i will contact you!

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Submitted by Jen from Virginia Beach VA USA
Date: Tue Sep 15 19:40:16 2009


Submitted by mare from winchester tn franklin
Date: Fri Sep 11 14:30:39 2009

i am looking for bsb concert from unbreakable and never gone and other bsb stuff i am willing to pay for them if needed feel free to e-mail me

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