Black & Blue: Your Favorite Tunes.

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Submitted by John from USA
Date: Fri Sep 15 23:37:27 2023

I can totally relate! "Shape Of My Heart" by the Backstreet Boys has that emotional depth that can really help you release your feelings when you're having a tough day. |

Submitted by Katie Bolt from Flushing Michigan USA
Date: Wed Jan 2 16:00:18 2008

My favorite song on Black and Blue is "Shape Of My Heart" because it makes me cry and its a really sad song. If I'm having a bad day I put that song on and I start crying and it makes me feel better. Thank you BSB!! I love you guys!!

Submitted by SANDRA from Saint Denis Réunion
Date: Mon Sep 17 09:14:59 2007

i like "Shape of my heart" because it makes me cry . It's real, very real!!! I ain't tired of listening this song.

Submitted by Stephanie from Hillsboro Oregon United States
Date: Thu Mar 8 20:29:29 2007

My fave songs would have to be SOMH, GAB, MTT, ATOL because, of the lyrcis and I liked the vids for MTT and SOMH alot too.

Nick's gal(KTBSPA)

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Sun Mar 5 14:35:39 2006

I think the whole album is awesome
but if I had to pick a song off the
cd I couldn't cause it'll be a very
hard pick for me


Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Mon Oct 10 23:59:22 2005

The Call is my favorite song on Black and Blue! It is awesome in concert! "Not for Me" would have to be another favorite off the album! A great album!

Submitted by bsb fanatic from nairobi gymkana Kenya
Date: Wed Oct 2 05:37:19 2002

I love every track...........but I must say that my favourite is "more than that" has to be the number 1 love song of all makes you cry everytime u listen to it............perfect song to dance to under the stars...........ktbspa.......bsb 4 life baby.

Submitted by KELLY from USA
Date: Fri Sep 27 16:38:44 2002

I think the best song on the album is "EVERYONE" cause it's dedicated to us the fans!! AND it's the song they open up with at the concert so everytime I hear it, it reminds me of the excitment and anticipation of the concert!! BSB RULES!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!!!!

Submitted by Mariam from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Sep 17 20:34:30 2002

after an hour of just sitting here thinking ive finally decided that..I LUV ALLLL OF THEM AND IT WOULD KILL ME TO CHOOSE!


~*~RoCk On BsB~*~


Submitted by Lavena from Detroit Michigan USA
Date: Mon Sep 9 01:12:58 2002

I love them all,but if had to choose one,or two.Get Another Boyfriend or Yes I Will,How Did I Fall In Love You

Submitted by anonymous from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 13:26:16 2002

I LUV LUV LUV all da trax on Black and Blue (on Backstreet Boys, and millenium 2) but faves r.......
* The Call
* Shape of my Heart
* ANswer 2 R life
*More than That
*~anonymous bsb fan~*

Submitted by Alex from L.A. California USA
Date: Wed Jul 24 00:49:10 2002

In order:

1. How Did I Fall In Love With You because the lyrics are great and Howie really shines through and sounds better than he ever did--and he was already excellent.

2. What Makes You Different...--it's a bonus track--because of the same reason I like my first choice, but I like this second.

3. Answer To Our Life because it has a real meaning behind it, they all sing on it, and the guys wrote it. The guys have proven their talent as writers and singers with this song.


Submitted by Rosalyn from IN USA
Date: Wed Jul 10 18:08:09 2002

All the songs are great on the BSB Black &Blue albulm, but I particularly like Not for me, Yes I will, and Get another boyfriend. I love the R&B influence and am dying for them to put out a new albulm. Boys, keep the music coming.

Submitted by Devyn from Chicago Ilinois USA
Date: Mon May 13 18:16:43 2002

Hey this is Devyn and I love the BSB so much and I have seen them 5 times in concert and they are the best, I have been to all the shows last year for the Black and Blue tourin Chicago and it rocked and my favorite songs for the Black and Blue album are:

1. Not for me- i love the beat and the rythem of that song liked how they peformed it, it rocked.
2.-Shape of my Heart- such a sweet song and the melody of it is so cool.
3. The Call- it's in upbeat song to hear and I love it.
4. Everyone- this song gets you energized and I love the lyrics of it.
5. Get another Boyfriend and Shining Star together because they are great dancing songs to hear.

Otherwise, I love the whole album because I am a true fan and I can't pick just one and BSB ROCKS AND KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE FANS!

Submitted by Amber from Kansas USA
Date: Thu Feb 28 18:58:52 2002

Well I like the whole album but I definately like the songs, I Promis You(with everything I am), The Answer to Our life, Not For me and Everyone!

Submitted by Tinker Bell from Never Land USA
Date: Mon Feb 25 22:44:40 2002

"The Answer to Our Life"

Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust~Tink

Submitted by vivian from washington DC USA
Date: Thu Feb 21 12:15:42 2002

My favorite song is 'The answer to our life'. It makes me wanna cry when I sit and think of what I am going through.I really love the BSB esp. Nick Carter!Man, he's hott stuff. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!!

Submitted by bsbbbbb from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:37:43 2002

hey guys.. listen im here to tell you all that i'm gonna be doing a scrap book for the backstreet boys . this scrap book is going to be made in honor of our appreciation towards them!!!. and to show them that they are and will always be no 1 in our hearts. this book will be given straight to their hands so what im trying to get at here is that if you would like to be in the book please e-mail at the addy below which is or at Howies N Nicks but preferably at the first addy mentioned!!!!. thanx in advanced . o and just so u ppl know this book will be consisted of bsb concert expriences,bsb encounters,poems,letters,songs,small messages,drawlings,pics ,etc..... so agian if you would like to be in it please e-mail me with one of the following things mentioned previously . thanx agian in advanced ... please do this for them please show them that they are and always be no 1 in our hearts and to thank them for everything and show them just how much they mean to us. if you have any Questions or comments Feel free to e-mail me . bye o and one more thing in the e-mail please be sure 2 include ur name where u are from age and favorite backstreet boys name. thanx a bunch toodles!

Submitted by Lili from Alabama USA
Date: Wed Jan 2 21:02:12 2002

The best song on the album (in my POV) is "What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful". AHHHHH!!! I love that song! It's really sweet! Another good song is "The Answer to Our Lives",ummm.. "Not for Me", "Shape of My Heart", and a lot of other ones, but those were my top favorites.

Submitted by Lucy from leicester east Midlands United Kingdom
Date: Tue Jan 1 08:52:20 2002

the best get down and grove tune is get another boyfriend.The best soft one is Time. over all the has to be its true.
one question how come we got no words that is so wrong. Pictures were very good though.

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