Ticket Prices. Are they too high?

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Fri Nov 24 22:54:24 2023

Absolutely, for die-hard fans like www.columbusdrywallpros.com no price is too high for the incredible experience of a Backstreet Boys concert!

Submitted by Gayathre from Austin Texas United States
Date: Fri Feb 11 21:47:56 2011

no price is to high for a Backstreet Boy tickets,there the best band in the World I would pay any price I Have to even if I only get a glimps of the.I LOVE YOU NICK!!!!!!

Submitted by Aliyah from Virginia USA
Date: Sat Oct 27 18:39:28 2007

no way!!!!The backstreet boys are definitly worth it!!!! i love the backstreet boys

Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from Grafton North Dakota United States
Date: Tue Jul 10 14:16:34 2007

I don't know what I would pay to see the BSB. In my opinion... well, let's just say that first off, the price of a ticket depends on how many people you want to take with you or whom all wants to go with you... typically, tix to any concert (not just the Backstreet Boys), are expensive, especially if there are... say... seven of you going. If it was just me going by myself, or if I was just gonna meet a friend there, let's say, then I could probably be able to afford it. but if there were seven-fifteen of us going together, then duh, it would be expensive. For the most part, in conclusion, I do think that ticket prices are kind of ridiculus.... the fact of the matter being that not everyone can afford them.

Submitted by Amber Carlson from Garland tx usa
Date: Wed Feb 14 21:34:34 2007

heck yes they are.... ONLY RICH PEOPLE CAN CAN AFFORD THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I`d only pay $15 ,but that`s me, but i`d also die to get yall`s signature!!!!!
I LOVE u guys to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Fri Mar 3 17:50:10 2006

I don't feel that the ticket prices are high
if u luv a group so much as the Backstreet Boys
then price shouldn't be a issue.


Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Oct 28 18:01:03 2005

I think tickets are to high, when you are sitting in the nose bleed section and pay over $35.00 for them! It has happened to me once! I have paid reasonable prices for all my backstreet concerts and got great seats! I can't complain!

Submitted by Angel from West Virginia USA
Date: Sun Sep 22 21:47:15 2002

no price is too expensive 4 bsb...

~*~RoCK oN BaBy~*~

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON, Canada
Date: Mon Aug 19 01:22:19 2002

Yeah but if I want to go to a Backstreet Boys show, and god willing someday I will go, then I want good seats, and I want to be able to afford good seats without being so far back that I can't see.
Who the hell can afford $230 for two little pieces of cardboard? I can't, my mother certainly can't, so who's going to pay that much when they don't have to?
Ticket prices should be lowered to accomidate everyone who wants to go and see BSB not just the upper crust who can afford it. :p

Submitted by Antoinette from Chicago Illinois USA
Date: Fri Aug 2 16:46:38 2002

I'm 24 years old and I've only been able to see the guys twice because prices are too high. I work and have bills to pay so I can't always afford to buy tickets. The first time I went I took a friend and it only cost me $150.00 for both tickets...that was cool. For my sisters birthday I took her to the Millineum Concert, I shelled out $250.00 PER TICKET. Granted they were floor seats but they were the same rows as my first concert. Now I love the Boys music...as does a lot of my friends and family but the prices are getting out of control. By the way loving and supporting the guys does not mean having to pay an arm, leg and a couple of toes for tickets. Not everyone has deep pockets. I'll continue to buy albums and support them however I can but now I only go to concerts when I can afford to.

Submitted by Ashley from Dallas tx USA
Date: Sun Jul 28 16:44:18 2002

I know the guys work every hard for their money and deserve all of it, I do agree that tickets are really high priced. I paid 120 per ticket, I had to pay for mine and two of of my friends who are broke pretty much, but I could never go w/o them! My seats werent great, I was on the like third story, but it was worth. I loved every minute and I still was so happy to be there. My ticket said 68 dollars, but since I got it online it was alot higher.
love, Ash

Submitted by Alex from L.A. California USA
Date: Mon Jul 22 20:34:04 2002

Ticket prices are high. But it depends on where you are. The bigger the city, the higher the price. And to the person who said whoever isn't willing to pay for tix isn't a true fan, is totally out of line. That's not true. Being a fan isn't about buying tickets. It's about supporting them whatever way you can whether it's just listening to them, voting for them, or whatever. Some people don't have the money for a really nice concert; their families may work hard enough to put food on the table, so they can't afford the tix. It's unfair for you to judge the measure of a fans loyalty by the amount of money they can spend on a ticket. Howie always says to keep the Backstreet pride alive; and I'm sure he doesn't mean only if you have the money. Think about what you say before you say it. Anyone who supports BSB the best way they can is a true fan. KTBSPA.

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON, Canada
Date: Sat Jun 22 23:57:23 2002

Yes I do think ticket prices are WAY too high. It's rediculous to pay $120-$320/ticket and that's how much you have to pay at Ticketmaster Online. I realize that the fellas have to make their money but I'm on a tight budget and I can't afford to pay that much for two little strips of cardboard even if I wanted to.
Ticket prices should definitely be lowered so that everyone can see the Backstreet Boys, not just a selected few who can afford insane ticket prices like that.

Submitted by Kimberlee from USA
Date: Sun Mar 31 01:56:01 2002

No price is too high to see AJ.
Love you sweet heart!KTBSPA!

Submitted by micha from Italy
Date: Wed Mar 27 11:54:09 2002

every single dime i put on a ticket is totally worth it. it can be the nose bleed sections n i will have a frigin time of my life....... thses guys r like 50% of my life (lol) no but 4-rea.... i don't care how high tehy go i will always go 2 a bsb concert....... they r worth it n i luv them with all of my heart... money is just numbers, but bsb r real men!! don't ask..
micha xoxox

Submitted by Ang from Private Personal Canada
Date: Wed Mar 13 18:17:37 2002

I think that ticket prices are okay, depending on where your seats are. I mean, if you get the 5th level, way at the back and you have to pay between $50-$80, I think that is insaine. I did it when I first started liking BSB, because I wanted to see them so bad, but now I'm to the point where if I don't get close seats, I don't go. I refuse to pay that much for tickets and then be able to hardly see them. Not only that, there are several young fans out there that have to save allowance money, etc. and to save that much can be difficult. I'm 24, and I have a great job in Administration, and even I have a hard time with that.
Then again, if you have 2nd row seats, I can see paying up to $100- $200. No more, thats crazy!

Submitted by amy from dublin Ireland
Date: Sun Mar 10 15:11:32 2002

any1 out der who is complaining about tickets being too high are soooo not true backstreet fans,i mean, i would sell my soul 4 tickets 2 a BSB concert.you shud be thankfull dat der coming at all and u shud just bother ur lazy ass' and SAVE UP!!! do u people know how lucky u are 2 have dem coming to ur hometown? i live in ireland dey havent been here in years.if i was old enough i wud get de first flight over 2 the u.s and get myself a ticket and i wudnt give a sh*t wat de plane or concert tickets cost!!!so quit whinging and be grateful dat u can go!!!!

Submitted by Tracy from United Kingdom
Date: Thu Mar 7 14:02:27 2002

The price of BSB tickets shouldnt matter if u r a fan. I'd pay anything for a ticket if only they came to England.

Submitted by Libertarian1982 from Eugene OR US USA
Date: Wed Feb 27 02:19:07 2002

Why are the ticket prices so high? I think I may have an answer.

Usually prices go up when the demand for an act increases. This is a basic principle of economics. So that must mean the demand for BSB is increasing, right? Well, it's obvious the answer is "wrong." BSB are past their peak in fame and popularity.

But the concerts cost just as much money to put on regardless of whether the arena fills up completely. So as tickets no longer sell out, BSB must jack up ticket prices to ensure that profits are made off the tour.

Solution: Buy more albums! If you keep the demand for BSB high, the prices can be lower while maintaing a profitable tour. If BSB's new album is a hit you can feel pretty safe that the concert prices are coming down 'cause they know they'll be able to sell all the tickets.

Submitted by Erin from Kelowna British Cloumbia Canada
Date: Mon Feb 18 02:36:04 2002

BLOODY YES! The ticket prices are definitely WAY too high! We're not made of money! If I was, I could arrange for a private viewing instead of nosebleed seats!

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