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Submitted by i heart pop inc from Canada
Date: Fri Jan 26 19:33:38 2018



Rotterdam Concert DVD – fan shot from the first row, very good close-up quality and sound

1) Intro/Everybody

2) 2nd part of Everybody and We’ve Got it Goin On

3) PDA

4) Brian talking/QPG/ALAYLM

5) Howie in “The Fast & The Furious”

6) This Is Us

7) Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely

8) All I Have to Give/She’s a Dream

9) I’ll Never Break Your Heart

10) AJ in “Fight Club”

11) The Call/The One/Bigger Medley

12) Shape of My Heart/IWITW

13) Brian in “Enchanted”

14) More Than That

15) Undone

16) Incomplete

17) Nick in “The Matrix”

18) Larger Than Life

19) All Your Life (You Need Love)

20) Bye Bye Love


London MSN Concert DVD – EXCELLENT quality and sound, professionally-recorded

1. Intro

2. Larger than Life

3. Everyone

4. Any Other Way

5. You Can Let Go

6. Unmistakable

7. I Want it That Way

8. Show Me The Meaning

9. More Than That

10. Helpless When She Smiles

11. Trouble Is

12. Incomplete

13. Panic



16. Inconsolable

17. The One

18. Treat Me Right

19. The Call

20. Everyone

21. Shape of My Heart

Melbourne Concert DVD– fan-shot with a zoom, plenty of close-ups; excellent picture and sound quality for a fan-shot; ALMOST THE FULL CONCERT!

1. "Everyone"

2. "Any Other Way"

3. "You Can Let Go"

4. "Unmistakable"

5. "I Want It That Way"

6. "Unknown Title" - Howie D Solo off his new album

7. "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"

8. "More Than That"

9. "Helpless When She Smiles"

10. "Incomplete"

11. "Unknown Title - Aj Solo"

12. "Satisfaction" - Nick Drum Solo

13. "Stop and Go"

14. "Quit Playing Games with My Heart"

15. "As Long As You Love Me"

16. "All I Have To Give"

17. "I'll Never Break Your Heart"

18. "Inconsolable"

19. Also included on the DVD are snippets of the following performances:

20. "The One"

21. "Love Will Keep You Up All Night"

22. "The Call"

23. "Backstreets Back"

24. "Shape Of My Heart

Includes snippets of:

"The One"

"Love Will Keep You Up All Night"

"The Call"

"Backstreets Back"

"Shape Of My Heart"

Frankfurt Concert DVD – fan shot from the FIRST ROW! AMAZING CLOSEUPS!

1.) As Long As You Love Me

2.) All I Have To Give

3.) I'll Never Break Your Heart

4.) Inconsolable

5.) Welcome Home (You) (Brian Solo)

6.) Introducing the Band

7.) The One

8.) Treat Me Right

9.) The Call

10.) Everybody

11.) Shape of My Heart

Rotterdam Concert DVD – fan-shot from the 2nd row, includes soundcheck AND concert

1.) Eye of the Tiger & LTL

2.) Everyone & AOW

3.) You can Let Go

4.) Unmistakable


6.) She's Like the Sun (Howie Solo)

7.) Show Me The Meaning

8.) More Than That

9.) HWSS

10.) Trouble Is & Incomplete

11.) Drive By Love (AJ solo)

12.) Satisfaction (Nick Drum Solo) & Panic

13.) I Got You & BYM (Nick Solo)

14.) Quit Playing Games/As Long As You Love Me

Soundcheck listing:

1.) Soundcheck (beginning)

2.) Soundcheck (AJ Scoobiedowop)

3.) HWSS (a capella)

4.) Quit Playing Games


6.) My question

7.) My question



-Never Gone Live in Korea 2006 (PROFESSIONALLY-RECORDED)

-Never Gone Live in Shanghai ( 2 discs - FULL CONCERT)

-Never Gone Live in Milan version 1 (FULL CONCERT)

-Never Gone Live in Milan version 2 (includes bonus home video footage of the BSB at TRL Italy)

-Never Gone Live in Bologna version 1

-Never Gone Live in Bologna version 2

-Never Gone Live in Saratoga NY (FULL CONCERT)


-Up Close & Personal Live in Atlanta, Georgia

-Up Close & Personal Live in Raleigh, North Carolina

-St. Louis Up Close & Personal concert (almost the full concert)



-Black & Blue Live in Toronto – FULL CONCERT


-Into the Millennium Live in Boston – PROFESSIONALLY-RECORDED, FULL CONCERT


-Nick Carter Live @ Acafest ( PRO SHOT, FULL CONCERT )

-DVD filled with rare Nick footage (ncluding Valdosta, Japan, Chicago, etc)


-AJ as Johnny No Name Live in L.A. ( featuring Howie )

-AJ as Johnny No Name Live in Orlando ( featuring Brian )

Submitted by lyca mobile from london united kingdom
Date: Wed Aug 30 08:59:58 2017

want to see classifieds

Submitted by joe from usa
Date: Thu Jul 21 22:38:29 2016


Submitted by Seller from Canada
Date: Sat Jun 13 20:17:13 2015

I am selling the following Backstreet Boys items in mint condition:

Nick Carter limited edition 8.5x11 autographed photo $12
Nick Carter shaped CD (Includes 2 songs & interview) $5
Nick Carter "Now or Never" CD (Includes limited edition bonus DVD & footage) $5
Nick & Knight CD $10
Autographed book "Backstreet Mom: A Mother's Tale of Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean's Rise to Fame, Struggle With Addiction and Ultimate Triumph." The book is signed by Denise Mclean $15

E-mail me if you are interested and want to see photos!

Submitted by BSBfan from Canada
Date: Tue Apr 7 00:28:24 2015

I am selling the following:

- Autographed 8.5x11 black and white photo of Nick Carter
- Nick & Knight CD

E-mail me if you are interested and would like to see photos!

Submitted by Seller from Canada
Date: Sat Mar 14 11:10:17 2015

I have the following BSB items for sale. E-mail me if you are interested:

Nick Carter "Now or Never" CD (Comes with a bonus DVD)
Nick Carter shaped CD (Rare Limited Edition which includes 2 songs and an interview)

Submitted by gina from Cheyenne wyoming usa
Date: Tue Mar 3 00:52:27 2015

I have rare bsb stuff id like to sell TV guides Rolling Stone magazine BK toys shape CDs of the boys A Millennium poster it was only featured in the record store as a display its really much more if you're looking for something special ask me I might have it thank you

Submitted by trina from beaverton oregon USA
Date: Wed Sep 10 20:42:50 2014

#23 of 100
authentic and willing to send pictures
asking 800.00 obo

please text (503)330-2158

Submitted by Josette from Sacramento CA USA
Date: Fri Aug 1 13:43:08 2014

How can I delete my post about the BSB items? It's all gone!! Thanks, Josette

Submitted by Seller from Canada
Date: Tue Jul 15 15:18:35 2014

I am selling some BSB items. E-mail me if you are interested in anything:

Nick Carter "Now or Never" CD (Comes with a bonus DVD)
Nick Carter shaped CD (Rare Limited Edition which includes 2 songs and an interview)

Submitted by JOSETTE from Sacramento California USA
Date: Tue Jul 8 16:15:32 2014

I found a lot of BSB magazine articles and pin ups (between 1997-2000), the 5 Burger King BSB toy figures, books and concert books. Will dump in the recycle bin unless someone wants them all? All I ask is the shipping charge to ship everything to you! Sorry I cannot provide a pick up address, just want to ship it to you! Thanks for looking!

Submitted by Itemseller from Canada
Date: Wed May 21 13:12:15 2014

I have a copy of Nick Carter's Now or Never CD for sale! It is in mint condition and comes with a limited edition bonus DVD which includes interviews, behind the scenes footage, and a music video. E-mail me if you are interested!

Submitted by Ted from Los Angeles CA United States
Date: Fri May 2 10:31:05 2014

Just put up several BSB memorabilia sets on auction at EBAY!
.99 starting bid!

Limited Edition Milennium Singles Box Set!

Also huge lots of memorabilia and CDs I have collected over the years.

I'm a huge fan but have decided to depart with my prized possessions!

Keep checking my eBay account as I continue to add more auctions!

Email me with any questions at

Submitted by Lisa from oundle england United Kingdom
Date: Wed Apr 2 13:56:02 2014

Hey everybody i'm on the lookout for anything rare for sale by the backstreet boys preferably from the 1990's. Email me at if you have anything for sale thanks :)

Submitted by tAMMY from oshawa ontario canada
Date: Fri Feb 28 13:50:52 2014

email me at looking for bsb fans and bsb tshirts u don't want asp email me ok anyone

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