Black & Blue: How Would You Promote It?

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Submitted by John from St louise MA USA
Date: Sun Feb 22 01:19:25 2015

Awesome, back street is back!

Submitted by Bob lalas from USA
Date: Fri Jun 27 01:58:34 2014

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Submitted by Gavin from SALEM TN United States
Date: Thu Oct 5 19:23:48 2006

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Submitted by Jane from USA
Date: Wed Jun 13 19:05:35 2001

wANGO tANGO 2001
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Submitted by Monica from Eugene Oregon USA
Date: Thu Mar 29 14:42:55 2001

BSB did the right thing by promoting B&B globally. I think they should've had an earlier release date, though. But I would've thought that with it being around Christmas time, more people would've bought it as a present, but I guess not. That's okay though, because they sold 5 million world-wide! Beat that, *N Sync! LOL. KTBSPA!!

Submitted by C.J Bone A.K.A Backstreet Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Tue Mar 20 19:20:17 2001

I know that the Backstreet Boys had to set back the release of Black & Blue to November close to Thanksgiving but I would have had the cd record and ready to be put on the selves of stores so people like myself can buy the cd but you know what it is not all their fault that the cd took too long to be sold.

Submitted by C.J Bone A.K.A Backstreet Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Tue Mar 20 19:19:09 2001

I know thast the Backstreet Boys had to set back the release of Black & Blue to November close to Thanksgiving but I would have had the cd record and ready to be put on the selves of stores so people like myself can buy the cd but you know what it is not all their fault that the cd took too long to be sold.

Submitted by Lisa from N.Y. USA
Date: Sat Mar 3 13:16:01 2001

I agree that there was bad timing on the realease of Black and Blue. It should have been released either in September or after the new year because being released during the Christmas shopping season a lot of fans expected it for X-Mas so they didn't go out and buy it. Also there was too much time between the B.K. promo and the release. I've read that the reason that the sales weren't as good because Brian and Kevin both got married. That's B.S. because if a fan decides they don't like a group because a couple of the guys aren't available never were real fans.
And by the way they may not have set any U.S. records in their first week of sales but internationally they sold 5 million cd's which NO other group has done so they did something right after all.

Submitted by Sharon from CT USA
Date: Sun Feb 25 20:24:21 2001

Backstreet is definetly in need of better promotional advice. First, they put the cd out at Thanksgiving and not Christmas - people will wait til Xmas to buy. Second, they have no real "sell" song released until the call, months later. NSYNC sold because they had a movie theme on the cd. Third, their promotion was a great idea - to sad most people did not really know about it until it was over. NEW YORK's visit should have included many more stops. TV publicity needed immediate draw to talk shows and the late night circuit. Fourth, the promo was poor regarding, written by the BSB's. More songs should come from their hearts and with more flavor. Upbeat, happy love songs - not an entire cd about the misery of love. Fifth, they need to provide more time to each guy - Kevin is like the lost soul now.

Promotion is the key to success, without publicity you fade into the woodwork. There is really a need for more groups that promote lyrics all ages can listen to - but BSB has grown up and their music should reflect their adulthood. Backstreet's back and only the teens really care. They need to mix up their style promoting their individuality as a plus, but keeping their harmony for select songs. We could see AJ being more Johnny No Name style on stage, Howie could add a latin flare, Brian could definetly add his R&B and country steps, Nick is a little bit rock and roll and Kevin (lost soul) should use his previous dance training and musical ability showing off his romantic inner self. Yes, we are individuals, adults, males, lovers and hey guess what we can sing and dance too!!! Best to their futures - keep Backstreet alive but push forward relating to "everyone".

Submitted by Gina from usa
Date: Sat Jan 20 13:02:18 2001

USA FANS: BsB seem only be hurting in the USA. I don't believe it's cause they've lost fans. It's about promotion. Jive didn't give them sh*t for this album. No promotion just a slap in the face. That's why isn't not doing as well. Anyways I started a new club at yahoo call USA Pride. Come join if your a USA fan. Please spread the word about it. I will be make a website for it as soon as I can

Submitted by Kelly-marie hems from unitedkingdom
Date: Fri Jan 19 13:42:45 2001


We can help to promote the album by keeping the votes coming in and leaving messages for other fans and spreading the word.

E-mailing the sites (music sites and request sites).

Love Kelly

Submitted by me from usa
Date: Thu Jan 18 18:25:45 2001

WHY THE HELL WERE THE DID THE CALL DEBUT AT NUMBER 2 ON TRL TODAY????? C'MON CHANGE THIS!!! go to and vote for the call, NOTHING ELSE!!!!! We have to get this video at number 1 27 days in a row. It may seem impossible, but we gotta do what we gotta do. C'Mon, we're not gonna let "This I Promise you" beat "The call" are we. Do what you gotta do and vote. Justin is the biggest F**king B***h in da world, and let's keep BSB ahead of that f*g, ok??

Submitted by Fern from singapore
Date: Thu Jan 18 11:44:50 2001

Hi everyone,

there's a new online promotion team set up by Jive to promote the guys music and fame worldwide. You can help them by following this link below and joining the team so here it is...

Submitted by aha mememe from usa
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:33:32 2001


Submitted by shannon from usa
Date: Mon Jan 15 18:05:10 2001

BSB is gonna be on millionaire on feb. 11 and feb. 14. ne other ???s i'll be happy 2 answer!

Submitted by me from usa
Date: Mon Jan 15 12:06:08 2001

does ne one know when BSB is gonna be on Millionaire?


Submitted by me from usa
Date: Sun Jan 14 13:51:52 2001

I saw the call and its awesome...they all look wicked hot!

Submitted by me from usa
Date: Fri Jan 12 15:29:23 2001

please vote for bsb at!

Submitted by WIS from usa
Date: Thu Jan 11 19:03:47 2001

Hey everyone I already saw "The Call" it's one of the best video's out there from BSB. Let me describe it all. It starts out in the girls apartment...then A.J is talking to her over the phone at some club...after he hangs up the phone there is some girl in the crowd and she whispers " I Gotta Little Place Nearby" in his ear...then they're both in the car making out...then all of the sudden she runs out..A.J get's out and runs after her then he finds out everyone is gone...scared he starts to run even faster...jumps over a car...then turns into Brian...Brian starts running and faces the Backstreet Boys singing in the street...looks up and rocks start to fall on him...then enters a supermarket running after that girl...through the door...then turns into Nick...Nick is driving to the hotel...the hotel is deserted so Nick get's scared runs to Howies room...Howie greets Nick...Nick washes his face with they get out of the room...Everything is back to normal...Nick is driving...Howie looks at Nick in an unusual way...Nick look at the rear-view mirror...instead of seeing Howie he see's a girl...So Howie/Girl jumps out of the car and Howie takes of his mask and reveals it was the girl instead of Howie the whole time...Nick tries to get control of the car...but crashes into a wall...Then Kevin steps out of the car chases the girl up the stairs...Jumps through a window into a room where the words "Liar" and "Cheater" are written in Graphitti...Then the girl stops...and the camera turns to Kevin who is facing the other girl from the beginning(the one who A.J was talking/lying on the phone with)then the camera turns around again and shows all of the Backstreet Boys and all the people who deserted the places they were in( THE END) Wow that was an intense video. Later!!!

Submitted by Monica from usa
Date: Wed Jan 10 22:59:05 2001

Hey everyone! My site has loads of the most recent pics from the new "The Call" video, behind the scenes too! It also has loads of AMA pics from the other night. Not to mention BAck that ass up, dreams, that ladder, the nosescruntch.. and MUCH more! It is way original and I think you guys will it! KTBSPA and PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK FOR ME!!

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