Black & Blue: How Would You Promote It?

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Submitted by WIS from usa
Date: Thu Jan 11 19:03:47 2001

Hey everyone I already saw "The Call" it's one of the best video's out there from BSB. Let me describe it all. It starts out in the girls apartment...then A.J is talking to her over the phone at some club...after he hangs up the phone there is some girl in the crowd and she whispers " I Gotta Little Place Nearby" in his ear...then they're both in the car making out...then all of the sudden she runs out..A.J get's out and runs after her then he finds out everyone is gone...scared he starts to run even faster...jumps over a car...then turns into Brian...Brian starts running and faces the Backstreet Boys singing in the street...looks up and rocks start to fall on him...then enters a supermarket running after that girl...through the door...then turns into Nick...Nick is driving to the hotel...the hotel is deserted so Nick get's scared runs to Howies room...Howie greets Nick...Nick washes his face with they get out of the room...Everything is back to normal...Nick is driving...Howie looks at Nick in an unusual way...Nick look at the rear-view mirror...instead of seeing Howie he see's a girl...So Howie/Girl jumps out of the car and Howie takes of his mask and reveals it was the girl instead of Howie the whole time...Nick tries to get control of the car...but crashes into a wall...Then Kevin steps out of the car chases the girl up the stairs...Jumps through a window into a room where the words "Liar" and "Cheater" are written in Graphitti...Then the girl stops...and the camera turns to Kevin who is facing the other girl from the beginning(the one who A.J was talking/lying on the phone with)then the camera turns around again and shows all of the Backstreet Boys and all the people who deserted the places they were in( THE END) Wow that was an intense video. Later!!!

Submitted by Monica from usa
Date: Wed Jan 10 22:59:05 2001

Hey everyone! My site has loads of the most recent pics from the new "The Call" video, behind the scenes too! It also has loads of AMA pics from the other night. Not to mention BAck that ass up, dreams, that ladder, the nosescruntch.. and MUCH more! It is way original and I think you guys will it! KTBSPA and PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK FOR ME!!

Submitted by lisa morin from usa
Date: Sun Jan 7 14:16:13 2001

Hey you guys it's me again I'm just here to inform you to go to to vote for the backstreet boys on the american music awards poll for best group hurry there up by one go vote now so they can win it's very important lets show the backstreet boys that the fans has'nt fogotten about them that we still love them so go vote vote vote now and kbpa.

Submitted by Stacy from usa
Date: Sun Jan 7 12:50:27 2001

Ok, I'm saying this everywhere, but its really important and could change BSB's lives. Go to and vote for the shape of my heart over and over again! If they r number 1 2 more days, they will beat they bye, bye, bye record, and they will once again be on top on TRL. Every single vote counts, and BSB fans need as many as we can get. I'm doing a great share of voting, but I can only do so much.

We need your help!

vote, vote, vote!


Submitted by had from usa
Date: Sun Jan 7 12:14:44 2001


ok lets get this straight bubbles, candles, or ballons for bsb when the sing "time" people are telling me to use candles, balloons, lighters, or anything that lights up besides a glow stick cause those dont shut off, and they always see those... make up your mind! the chick from the mature fan club, i think thats a good idea. bubbles, and electric candles. so email me, and ill take a poll to see which is a better idea, i need to know, cause for the michigan concert i plan to promote it big time, im sending out flyers to radio stations, and music stores, the works, so i need to know to make the flyers.. EMAIL ME PLEASE.. thanxs

p.s. so far the BUBBLE thing is winning. SO WHATS YOUR OPINION? EMAIL ME!

smiles had:):):)

Submitted by Virginia from usa
Date: Fri Jan 5 22:30:09 2001

There is a second I dea instead of Bubbles during "Time" a few doen friends of Mine and I, Over ant the MFC or Mature Faclub. thought that Electric Candles would be a good and safe way to go. they cost about two bucks and come with several in a package. If you want to do this along with the adult members of the fanclub we would all be very pleased. I can imaggine Nick and the other guys' faces when,"Time', starts playing and the lights go on and the bubbles begin to go around in concert. It'll be Great!!!!!!!

Submitted by Jess from usa
Date: Fri Jan 5 17:19:35 2001



I'm selling one ticket to the NY show on feb 5th. The ticket is for section 115 row G. I'm selling it for 80$. E-mail me if your intrested and we'll talk more. Buh Bye!


Submitted by duh from canada
Date: Wed Jan 3 19:58:37 2001

Liz~ the only reason we know so much about that stupid election is because it was one EVERY FRIGGEN CHANNEL. We can't help it if the stupid people in the states cant vote

Submitted by Nikki from canada
Date: Wed Jan 3 19:01:18 2001

Right with ya Whateva!

Submitted by Whateva from canada
Date: Wed Jan 3 04:40:10 2001

Not really, we canadians are just laughing at good old American retardedness.

Submitted by Liz from usa
Date: Tue Jan 2 22:20:11 2001

lol and and the fact that Canada knows so much aboout America's election problem...just proves that THE U.S. IS DA BOMB DIGGITY!!!!or else other countries wouldn't know about it and wouldn't care about

Submitted by Nikki from canada
Date: Tue Jan 2 00:17:56 2001

OMG what is wrong with u people????

I wasn't even saying anything bad about BSB then all this s-h-i-t(gotta be good, I keep getting this chuck you farlie) is dumped on me????

Oh and b4 I go on, thank u to CandyGirl who seems to have respect compared to some of you!

U call me a P-S-Y-C-H-O??? H-e-l-l I know I'm not one but I can surely name a few in here. Who are u to judge me like that. I didn't even talk as an infatuated nsync fan, I even defended your 'Boys'. You (not all of u, only the ones who had to make those nasty comments) are so close minded, u think BSB are the center of the universe well get a life!!! It's one thing to not like their music, which is totally normal, but trashing fans??? U need to get your head out of that trou de cul of yours cuz damn u are just UGHH..

I came here and showed respect and now u force me to be all biAtchy about this.

WTF u talking about, 'this is how u like to spend your nights'???

Oh and my last comment. WTF DO U HAVE AGAINST CANADIANS??????? I keep seeing 'that canadian b-i-t-ch' 'that canadian d-u-m-b-a-s-s', well what's this? A lil racism I see. Now do I say ALL BSB fans are racists? I guess not, cuz who would lower themselves to your level.

Geez, at least we can HANDcount our votes in one night.

PS I put tons of - cuz obviouslt this site is so clean

Submitted by LovinFrick220 from usa
Date: Thu Dec 28 20:54:26 2000

Hi! This is for all of the BSB fans that don't know about the "Letter to Jive." I'm gonna send a letter to Jive requesting some information about the album sales. I know this is old news, but I just started thinking about it and I have to know the truth. Go to the backbook and check out my postings to get more info on this operation.

Submitted by meeee from usa
Date: Thu Dec 28 18:17:15 2000

§ hey girls! i found this message and i think it's a gr8 idea! check it out!! ->Attention all Backstreet Fans that are attending a Backstreet Black and Blue concert date in the year 2001!! We want the guys to know how special they are to us and that we've been there, and always will be there for them through and during the years!! So to show our appreciation, please bring a bottle of bubbles to blow during "Time." We've picked this song, because it is the most meaningful song to the guys and we want them to know that their fans will always be there for them until the end of time. We want this to take place at every show, but it won't work unless the backstreet fans spread the word! So tell everyone you know that is going to a show about the Backstreet bubbles! We want to make this song as special for the guys as possible. If you can, bring extra bubbles to your show to pass out for the people that didn't hear about it.

what do you think? show some love for the Backstreet Boys!!

Submitted by splache from australia
Date: Thu Dec 28 03:34:54 2000

i think the best way to promote Black & Blue is to tell everyone we know who likes this type of music and especially encourage those people to buy the previous albums by bsb so that they can get a taste of how different the boys sound as they get further and further into their careers.

Submitted by nobody from usa
Date: Wed Dec 27 20:43:40 2000

kev did sing a part on millenium didnt he? the part in 'show me the meaning of being lonely' it was only a little bit but he did sing!

Submitted by Jennie Nordqvist from sweden
Date: Wed Dec 27 16:54:42 2000


I have an idea...

Why donīt let KEVIN sing a little bit more than he normaly do at the cd...I mean he doesnīt sing one little part by himself on come??? Iīm just wondering because I think he got a beautiful voice and should be able to show that...donīt you please...remember that to the next time...fight for KEVINS a member of the group...

Submitted by Cecilia from italy
Date: Wed Dec 27 09:39:39 2000

First of all, thy're the best and so they don't need any particular help, but most of all love and dedication. Anyway, if we wanna really help them we can talk about B&B, ask about B&B, listen to B&B and sing B&B evrywhere and with everyone!!!! But first of all we can join the BSB Official Online Street Team, they care a lot about it!!! Join it now if you're not a member yet!!!!

And... KTBPA always and forever!!!



Submitted by Alabama and New York from usa
Date: Fri Dec 22 22:31:10 2000

Slap a pile of cheese on the c.d put it into two slices of bread and sell it as a sandwich....then maybe it might make some money!!!!!

Submitted by Amanda from usa
Date: Thu Dec 21 18:34:03 2000

Why can't ya'll just IGNORE the 'N Sync fans that come in here and diss BSB?!If we ignore them,they probably won't come in here.They just want attention.

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