Black & Blue: Your Favorite Tunes.

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Submitted by Amanda from Peoria IL USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 01:05:34 2001

The whole album is awesome! I do have a 'few' faves though *lol*- "Shape Of My Heart", "The Answer To Our Life", "Everyone", "More Than That", "Time", "Yes I Will", "What Makes You Different", and "How Did I Fall In Love With You". KTBSPA!

Submitted by Wendy from Vancouver B.C. Canada
Date: Wed Dec 26 14:46:19 2001

Shape of My Heart, Get Another Boyfriend, The Answer To Our Lives, Time, and Not For Me.

Submitted by A.j from Mooresville Indiana USA
Date: Tue Dec 11 09:28:36 2001

HHHHHHHMMMMMM.......What makes you different(Makes you beautiful), Get another Boyfriend, and Shining Star, just to name a few!

Submitted by Elizabeth from USA
Date: Mon Dec 3 19:05:41 2001

Well, I luv ALL of bsb's songs.....but......if I had 2 choose my fav's 4rm B&B they would just have 2 b "I Promise You (with everything I am)" and of course "More Than That". I LUV those songs!! Well take care ppl. Love u BSB!!!!!!

Submitted by rachel from sydney Australia
Date: Sat Nov 17 06:03:39 2001

ummmmmmmm my fav song....couldnt u ask a simple question??? well i guess it would have to be
what makes u different(makes u beautiful 2 me) and how did i fall in love with you...u just gotta love those songs???? bye

Submitted by Sabihah(sweetgirl) from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia
Date: Mon Nov 5 03:28:09 2001

^_^ Personally,I love all of Black and Blue songs and the other album(Backstreet Boys,Backstreet's Back,Millennium and Drowning)What is important now is "I LOVE BSB FOREVER"

Submitted by Ashiebutt Carter from Las Vegas Nevada USA
Date: Mon Oct 8 16:36:54 2001

The Best songs on Black and Blue?
1.Drowning (its not on the CD but i absolutely love this song! isnt is beautiful? its one of their best EVER)
2. The Call ( Listen, baby, Nick wouldnt be sorry if he was with me!)
3. Get Another Boyfriend(Should be their next single! The dnace moves are HOT!)
4. Not For Me ( Let me tell you, NSucks not for me! but backstreet is)
5. Yes I Will ( Yes I will nick!)
6. Everyone ( This one goes out to me?! Ah thanks!)
7. Shining Star (My baby Nick helped write this one! There is no one like you baby!)
8. I Promise you ( so sweet.....I love when nick goes....."sugar darlin i promise yaaaaaa")
9.Time (This is soo deep and the boys song writing skills are great)
10.Shape Of My HEart ( who agrees that nick throwing the papers is the sexiest thing in the world???)
11.More Than That ( i will love you more than that nick)
12.How Did I fall IN love with you ( how did i nick? maybe ur beautiful voice and just all around greatness?)
13.THe Answer to our Lives ( deep and meaningful!0
14. Its True ( its true that this song is my leat fave but i still cant help but love it!)
I love you Nick! thank you backstreet boys for putting out this beautiful music!

Submitted by kathleen from michigan USA
Date: Sun Sep 23 14:26:28 2001

i like the call because its great 2 dance 2 and when u get dumped or dump some1 it makes u realize some guys (NOT bsb) r jerks. i like shape of my heart because @ the concert nick held my hand while he sang "im here with.......(u kno the rest) i like get another boyfriend ciz it never gets old!!! i like shining star cuz it makes u wanna dance and makes me feel good. i like i promise you (with everything i am) because its a really meaningful song. i like the anwser 2 our life (my fave) cuz the guys all wrote i 2gether and it makes u 4get everything thats goin wrong in the world. i like everyone cuz when they sing "this 1 goes out 2 u" u knothey really mean u!! i like time cuz i think about everything bsb has been through. i like not 4 me cuz u realize not only some guys r jerks but some girls r 2!! i like yes i will cuz when u get a new bf u think of what might happen. i like its true cuz it maks me smile. i like how did i fall in love with u cuz it makes me cry.

Submitted by BsBLuVaH from backstreet ville ontario Canada
Date: Sun Sep 2 18:10:14 2001

my fave song in black & blue would have to be How Did I Fall Inlove With You! it made me cry the first time i heard it....but dont get me wrong...i LOVEEEEE all the songs in black & blue its my fave album in the world along with millenium! :) BSB FOR LIFE! KTBSPA!


Submitted by Melissa from Wilmington Delaware USA
Date: Thu Aug 9 17:39:23 2001

Well I love every song on Black&Blue :),but my top 5 songs are:
1)Shape of My Heart
2)More Than That
3)The Call
4)Get Another Boyfriend
5)Shining Star

Submitted by Samantha from Columbus Ohio USA
Date: Thu Aug 9 17:06:03 2001

Umm.. my favorite tunes from B&B are(I really love them all but my favorite ones)

1.Get another boyfriend
2.I promise you(with everything I am)
4.Yes I will
5.What makes you different
6.How did i fall in love with you..

Submitted by smash from NSW Australia
Date: Thu Jul 19 21:13:39 2001

The whole of Black & Blue is cool. But I think that "Millennium" is better.

My faves:

1) More Than That
2) Get Another Boyfriend
3) How Did I Fall In Love With You
4) Time
5) Shape Of My Heart

Submitted by nicky from lubbock texas USA
Date: Fri Jul 6 07:35:02 2001

my ULTIMATE FAVORITE is answer to our life just cause when i VERY 1st got the cd it just clicked more than any other one! then i like yes i will and get another boyfriend and what makes u diff(makes u beautiful)!!

Submitted by sazzy from United Kingdom
Date: Fri Jul 6 02:24:52 2001

My fave songs from Black & Blue are:
Get Another Boyfriend
What Makes You Different
Not For Me
How Did I Fall In Love With You

In fact i really love the whole album!! lol

Submitted by Jenn from Gilroy California USA
Date: Sat Jun 30 22:18:05 2001

My favorite BSB tunes from B&B are:
Get another Boyfriend
The answer to our life
More than that
What makes you different (makes you beautiful)
Shining Star

Submitted by Lyss from Germany
Date: Sat Jun 30 18:53:01 2001

My fave song in dat album is "Yes I Will". I dunno why, but I love it. I also like "Answer To Our Life" and "How Did I Fall In Love With You" - that song is just great 'cause it was just deep

Submitted by Andrea from loveland Ohio USA
Date: Sat Jun 30 08:35:39 2001

I love "Get Another BoyFriend" and "The Answer To are life" and "yes I Well"

Submitted by kami from california USA
Date: Mon Jun 25 00:27:20 2001

i luv the whole album!! but i really like the answer to our life, i promise you w/ everything i am, and what makes u different makes u beautiful

Submitted by Sarah from USA
Date: Sun Jun 24 18:17:19 2001

My favorite songs off of B&B would have to be "Yes I Will", "Get Another Boyfriend", and "Everything I Am". I am a sucker for Backstreet's ballads and they delivered them on this album just like they did on Millenium. There were a lot more upbeat songs on B&B though and that made it all in all a more collaborative and innovative album.

Submitted by loser from Pittsburgh PA USA
Date: Sun Jun 24 12:56:40 2001

I love the whole album...but I'd say MTT and HDIFILWY are my 2 favs

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