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Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Alli

"Ok..But Just You" - Nick when I asked him for a hug in Edmonton AB Canada...funny thing is..I was the only one there!!!!

nick and aaron

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: afanlikeme

this is kinda long, but its funny when u watch it..on the aaron carter concert vid, after nick and aaron sing 'not too young, not too old' onstage, aaron pulls out a wad of concert tickets from his pocket and says...

"nah, i'm just kidding i got a whole bunch of backstreet boys tickets right here!" and nick says somethin like "yeah cos u got connections.. i wonder by who." and aaron says "no! i got them without ur help! u know who got them for me? brian got them for me!" and nick goes "brian got them for u?" and ac says "yeah cos he's nicer than u r!" and nick says "well if i got them for u, they wouldnt be blank" and ac looks at the tickets hes holding says somethin like "they arent blank! oh wait.. these r britney spears." and nick says in a really funny voice "u r politically correct my brother." then aaron says "no i have 1 real backstreet boys ticket" and nick says "and who got u that?" and ac says"..u did." then ac rips it and starts to eat the ticket and spits it out (its funny) and nick goes "ah! that was my last ticket bro!" then nick moves to pick up the half eaten ticket and he's like "i think u can still use this." sry thats loong but its really funny.

How You Doin'?

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Kellie


Brian said this at the B&B concert I went too Setp 6 2001

"How ya'll feeling? Or I should say How You Doin'(In Broklyn Accent)"?

I Thought This Was Funny Cause Here In NYC There Is A Song Called "How You Doin'" Its Really Funny So When I Heard Him Say It I Started To Laugh Really Hard ANd The Rest Of The Fans Thought The Same Cause The Whole Arena Was Laughing Including Brian!!!

Kevin on Fear Factor

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Jessica F.

"Beat his ass!!!" Kevin said to the girls about Stephen Baldwin on Fear Factor. It was so cute!

So Supportive

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Suzanne

This is a quote from the videotape "Oh Aaron" They are on a boat in the ocean. Nick: I am going to be supporting him

and..... (Then Aaron pours water over his head ) Y'know forget about supporting I am going to squirt him ! Then he goes after Aaron with a aquirt bottle ! The expressions carry this off more than the words

I'm the man with many looks!!!

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Jenny

I'm the man with many looks! HAHA...


Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Faye

Howie, on Diary:

Being in a band, you've got to balance the chemistry, and not work against it. A.J. being the rebel type, Brian the Boy-Next-Door, and me being the Latino one I guess, Nicky being the young heartthrob and Kevin the Big Brother.


Howie: I don't know why they put beer in there, we don't drink beer.

A.J.: I drink beer

Howie: Okay, A.J. drinks beer but he's not suppose to.

ha ha

Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: Sarah

A.J. on Diary of the Backstreet Boys:

We're just about to perform, and Kevin is freaking out. hahahah.


Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: tickle for tackle

Brian on Diary of the Backstreet Boys:

If you get to the point where you're never nervous, then something's wrong


Date: Apr 12, 2002
Submitted By: tickle 4 tackle

(french accent)

Hi, we're the Backstreet Boys, and you're listining to errrrr NRJ.

NRJ, a french radio station. It's prononced energie.

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