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"Around The World" Quotes

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: *~*Jennifer*~*

These are some quotes that I thought were funny from the "Around The World" DVD!

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From "Around The World"

Aww, man, I ain't ready! -Nick not ready to go on the trip

Oh there's a big one, is that it? -AJ trying to find the jet

This is a big ass fricken plane! -AJ about the plane

Holy cow! -Brian about the plane (in a funny voice)

Well lets go, it's gettin' cold on my feet, c;mon lets go! -AJ wanting to get on the plane fast

BSB around the world! -Brian (in a funny voice again)

Perty bird! -Brian about the plane

We're goin' on a plane. This is the plane. We love the plane. -Nick about the plane

Holy crap it's a mansion that flies! -AJ about the plane

It's a fricken suite! -Kevin about the plane

It had a gigantic king size bed we were all fighting over, obviously. -Brian about the bed

We tried to keep our sections to ourselves. -Howie about the bed

About a minute was as long as you could take a shower, so I didn't. -AJ about the shower

Knowing me, we would have hit turbulence and I would have fallen out of the shower. -AJ

We had fun trying to break them. We'd open them up then push the button again and again. -Brian about the "Star Trek doors"

I'm Cubby and that's JoJo. We're DJ's. -Cubby the DJ on the plane with the BOys

They came back from wrestling and were like "guys this is history." Kevin about AJ and Nick talking about the history they were making.

Rollin, rollin, rollin! -Nick pretending to drive

We're landing in Tok-Yo! -Brian (he said it really funny)

We gonna see you again? Again? Are we going to see you again?! -Kevin asking the pilots if they'll see them again

Ai yai yai, it's...desolate... -AJ talking about the Tokyo airport (he had to stop and think of the word 'desolate')

I gotta call my wife, tell her I landed in Tokyo. Can't get no signal. -Brian

Gotta love my picture. Isn't that a great picture? -AJ showing people his drivers license

Welcome...to Tokyo... -Howie talking really slowly

Taxi drivers love us, they get a nice tab from the girls for following us to the hotels. -AJ

Come on ride the bus, come on ride it, oh oh! -Brian singing his own song (it's really funny, he 'oh oh's like Nick in ALAYLM)

There's a boat now. I hate boats. I get seasick. But if I turn white, don't get me hurlin', alright?! -AJ (he said it really seriously it was so funny)

See, they know. They know I smell cuz I wear the same clothes over and over again. -Nick on the fans noticing he smells

It was a terriaki burger from McDonalds... -Howie on the food

That's all the tuna that's in these damn things! -Howie on the food again

We're comin' through! Move over! Move! We're Americans! Comin' through! Thank you! -AJ trying to get the other boats in the way to move

It's kinda like a ghetto pirate thing goin' on. Kinda rapper like. I'm not sayin' I'm a rapper or anything. -AJ on his bandana

They said a 20 minute boat ride. That was not a 20 minute boat ride, that was like a 10 minute boat ride! -AJ

Yep, that'd be them. Well, we've reached our destination. -AJ looking at the fans at the harbor

We gotta do somethin' man! -Nick wanting to do something for the fans

Give 'em a little rock, you know what I'm sayin'?! -Nick getting ready to sing for the fans at the harbor

They told us all to put them on and say "G'day, mate!" -Brian about the hats they got in Australia

We are in Sydney, Australia. Down under, man. And I just lost my hat so that's why my hair looks bad. -Howie (in a Jamacain accent)

I'm chopped liver! -AJ singing a bizarre song on the top of the bus (there was more before that line but I couldn't understand it)

Nick, you wanna copa? -AJ asking something to Nick in Australian lingo

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! -Brian screaming when the tree came flying at his head on the top of the bus

Excuse me sir, wahhhhhhhh! -Nick not paying attention then realizing there's a tree branch going to kill him

The ol' man shot through! -AJ reading the Australian lingo book

I'm gonna lose a finger that way, dawg! -Nick about the dangerous trees

It was really weird, man. They had the fans in a square like they were gonna fight. -Nick about how the fans were set up

They had some fine ladies over there in Australia, man! -Nick

It was like a scene from Baywatch. -Howie about when the lifeguards gave them their BSB surf boards

I know about Vegemite. -Kevin at a press conference on 'what he knows about Australian culture'

I was playin' the song "The Land Down Under" on the way here. -Nick at the press conference

It's owned by the defense minister of Saudi Arabia. I'm serious! -Brian talking about the plane

We seem to be getting a lot more bras and panties these days. -AJ

Put it on Kev! -AJ about the bra thrown on stage

Put it on dawg, I dare ya! -Nick about the same bra

Back in the day it was all about teddy bears and cute things. Now it's all about the really...more...uhh...adult things. -AJ

It's about my size, actually. -AJ about the bra when he put it on

See, the question is, where did the bra come from? Did they bring it with them or take it off there then throw it on stage? That's the thing... -AJ

I hate flying, but I guess I kinda picked the wrong profession to not like flying. -AJ

I knew AJ was flyin' it cuz it'd go whoooaa! Whoooaaaa!! -Kevin about AJ piloting the plane

It looks like God could just go there and eat some breakfast or somethin'. -Nick about Table Mountain

Nice, phat, BMW ride is cool. -Kevin about the car that took him to the hotel

I was like the what?! The van?! What? Why?! Fine I'll do it for the team. -AJ on how he had to ride in the van instead of the Jag or BMW to the hotel

It's my squirrel, Skippy. -AJ petting something in the van that MIGHT have been a squirrel

I have no earthly idea where the hotel is. And uh, when we get there, I'll ya cuz uh, I dunno where is it. -AJ about where the hotel is

Welcome...to Cape Town... -Howie in his Jamacain accent

Tha's a big cat. -Nick about the cheetah

It was a little big for me. -Nick about the cheetah

Get your hand ripped off by a cheetah. What a great way to remember Cape Town. -AJ about the cheetah

It was the longest version of a song I've ever heard in my life! Der der der der! Der der der der! -Nick about the street band's song of ALAYLM

Here we are at our big, big plane... -AJ

We're off to Rio de Janero...Rio de mucho dinero... -AJ

Different than Tokyo ain't it? These people not calm. These people excited. -Kevin about the fans in Rio (the part after "ain't it?" is in a Jamacain accent)

What's up yo? -Brian talking to the fans from inside the bus

Ooh! Ouch! Ouch man! -All of them about a fan that fell in Rio

There they come...down the street... -AJ about the fans

Where are we goin'?! -Kevin on the bus sounding scared

Hey...say hi! -AJ in a girly voice to the fans

Canada...Canada?! -AJ about a fan's shirt on Rio

Down! Down! Easy girl! -All of them about a fan in Rio that attached herself to the back of the bus

We've been forced to ride in busses because the fans can actually tip vans over. -Brian

Oh god! Oh shiiiiiiiii....! -Nick in the background (no he didn't say the whole word)

No! No way! Listen, we're not getting out here! -Kevin to the security guard that wanted them to get off the bus

See, the dilemma we had was the door to get out of the bus was here *shows hands* and the hotel was over here *shows hands* so the door was on the wrong side of the damn bus! -AJ

Good luck, dude! -Nick to Brian who was going to get off the bus first

D, here's my chap stik. He's afraid to use the chap stik! -Kevin about Howie hesitant to use his chap stik

Holy shit! Shit man! -Nick in the background about the fans

We didn't know what the hell to do or say. -AJ about Rio

I actually got to fly a little bit but shhhhhh! -Kevin

It was completely off the damn chain. -AJ about Rio

I was very disoriented. -Brian (ok this really isn't meant to be funny but it is)

I tell ya, it's been one hell of a trip. We've been around the world. 26,000 fricken miles! -AJ

I'll be glad not to see them! I'm tired of Kevin, Nick, Howie! I'm tired of Brian! no more! 4 days is a long time with those guys. 4 days! -AJ

Welcome to my homeland. Right now I am in the transformation chair. -Howie getting makeup for arrival in NY

Slim Jim

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Talia

"Hey, don't I look like that guy from the slim jim commercial? Slap into a slim jim...!"

~That was nick at the 9/23 Minneapolis show which kicked but totally!! He looked so hot when he said that!!!

Booty Smacker!

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Erin

This is from the Around the World video...

"Ahh my booty smacker" ::hitting car seat infront of him:: Then he begins singing "Say my name say my name" -Howie

I loved that! Too funny.

Then theres my fave:

"SOUTH AFRICA you DILDO!!" -Kevin callin my AJ a dildo

Funny ones aren't they?!?


Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Me!!!!!

(they were talking about how micheal jackson broke his foot a while ago at the ranch)

nick: he fell off the elephant! (then he made this elephant sound that was sooo funny!)


Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Pla

Alright for all you people who think Nick's best quotes are "Hi How are you?" and then say he's the cutest thing alive is really sick. And the majority of these quotes aren't their's except for the personal encounters and TV interviews. But saying that Nick said "Do I look like a frikken people person????" is a lie, I bought that keychain like 5 years ago. Sorry about that rant. KTBSPA

Nick on Sept 2002 Seventeen Magazine

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Lindsey

"I've been a heartbroken kid for a while," Nick explains. "I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time. The record has to do with wanting love."

Could that explain all the pimpin and promisciouty I observed duing the 2001 tour!!?!?! He suuuuuuuuuure didnt seem heartbroken then with those hotel rooms full of H**s!!!



BSB and Friends

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: Ducki

Q: Who's Brian most like in Friends the TV series?

NICK: "I never watch it!"

INTERVIEWER: "You never watch Friends?!?!"

HOWIE: "No, we're travelling the world."

INTERVIEWER: "Okay, so Ross is the wet and goofy guy - who in the band is wet and goofy?"

(AJ points at Nick)

NICK: "Oh, me?"

INTERVIEWER: "Okay, there's Joey who's like the Italian Stallion Playboy guy, who is that?"

(Nick, Howie and Kevin point at AJ but AJ points at Howie!

Nick starts laughing!)

AJ: "Oh, man, I pointed at you!"

HOWIE: "We're pointing at eachother!"

AJ: "So, who's Howie? Phoebe?!!!!"

(Brian hears what AJ said and starts laughing)

Nick's perspective on Valentines Day......hehe

Date: Aug 16, 2002
Submitted By: BSB4ever

"Valentine's Day is when St. Patrick comes around and shoots you in the butt"

It Was Embarrassing.

Date: Jul 02, 2002
Submitted By: Celeste

This quotable quip comes from the August 2002 issue of Teen People.

"When I was at Summer Camp, we were in line for lunch and some of the older guys pulled my pants down. There were lots of people around and there were girls there. I just pulled them up and went and hid for about a half hour. I was only 12 or 13 so it was embarrassing."

when i met kevy and aj in cape cod 6/24/02

Date: Jul 02, 2002
Submitted By: ~*Diana*~

Kev: "I don't have any tattoos! :::winks:::"

me: "yah you do! on like your pelvic bone or something!"

Kev: "ok i do have a tattoo but i can't show you!"

me: "So when's the new album coming out?"

Kev: "We're pushing for a late fall release. We're going back in the studio real soon. You have very pretty eyes."

me: Thank you! (then i fell...people had to catch me no joke!)

me: "(after hugging AJ) Woah you smell really good!"

AJ: "Thank you! I showered today!"

AJ: I shouldn't have worn pants. It's getting hotter...and hotter....and hotter...."

AJ: "Oh my goodness! Where's the 2 year old! Ohh! Hi!!!!!"

me: "ugh AJ, you have my sharpie..."

AJ: "oh i'm sorry sweetheart!"

me: "oohh it's ok!!!!"

me: "So kev how you doin?"

Kev: "I'm having fun!"

They are sooooooo nice!!!! i love these guys to death!!!

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