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My weird obsession with Nick

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

OK .....first i just have to say that i think that Nick is the hottest sexiest guy alive! He has is a GREAT singer and has a SEXY voice and from what i can tell the sweetest personality with a great sence of humor and i would do just about anything and everything for him! Ok i know that this is gonna sounds like sooo weird to u ppl....but i LOVE the guys hands!!!! He has the nicest hottest sexiest hands!!! Thats like my fetish on guys there hands....and his are perfect!! Along with the rest of him:)

Hi, My name is Sammi and I am obsessed with the Backstreet Boys.

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

These are the reasons I think I am a huge BSB fan. Im sure these reasons apply to you too.

1. Ok your friends finally admitt that you are the biggest BSB fan in your school.

2. You own all their CDs (Yes imports too)

3. You've been to 2 or more concerts.

4. You've have a dream abut them every single night.

5. Yor walls are covered with BSB posters.

6. When you pray before you go to sleep you be sure to pray that all the BSB's are safe and sound.

7. You saty up every night until 3 in them morning downloading BSB sound clips and type list for a BSB website! (LOL!)

8. You write your friend an email saying how sorry you are for being mean to her because she told you she like Nsync. (Sorry Kait!!!)

9. Oh wait no time for a nine, my moms yelling at me for being up so late! She said i type to loud! LOL! Well I'll right more later!!!!!!!!



With A Scream and a Shout this Backstreet Girl is out!!!

How to tell when you're obsessed

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You have way over 500 pictures of them covering your walls, bed, ceiling, and everywhere else you can put pix in your room.

2. You talk about BSB so much your friends threaten to stop talking to you unless you talk about something else. (personal experience)

3. You broke down and sobbed when your mom forgot to tape the world premiere of a video when you were at school. (personal experience)

4. You spend all your time/money/energy on everything about them. (personal experience)

5. You can list every single fact about them from their birthdays to their favorite cologne to their ex-girlfriends. (personal experience)

6.You have every BSB book every written no matter how much it costs or how much your parents yell at you about the money you wasted. (personal experience)

7. You smack everyone that puts BSB down. (way too much personal experience)

8. You smack everyone twice and twice as hard when they say Nick is fat, and even more if they say Nick is fatter than Joey of Nsync. (way too much personal experience)

9. Your reputation at school is "that girl who likes the backstreet boys." (personal experience)

10. Boys at your school endlessly make fun of you and BSB and sing BSB songs to you (personal experience).

11. You sobbed when you went to Last Chance Summer Dance in Minneapolis, MN in 1998 and the Boys didnt show becuz Howie's sister Caroline died. (personal experience)

12. You've memorized the dates of each concert and when the tickets went on sale, and which seat you were sitting in at the stadium. (personal experience, section 113, row n, seat 14, that was my first bsb concert)

13. You've taped every BSB performance and tv appearance every made. (personal experience)

14. You have every BSB video ever made. (personal experience)

15. You waste your time making stupid obsession lists like these!! (personal experience, hehe)

Obsessed?!? never... lol!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1. You cry when you don't think you will be able to see them at their concert.

2. When you do get the tickets, you count down 98 days before the concert!

3. You don't remember you're life before these guys!

4. You have a special section of your wall devoted to your favorite member. (Brian, for me!)

5. You defend the Backstreet Boys at no cost...

6. You buy the imports, even though you already have the songs on there.

7. You have 3 or more binders filled with pictures of them because you ran out of room on your walls.

8. If one of your friends isn't a fan, you've tried converting them.

9. You threw a BSB party to celebrate the 1 yr. release of Millennium.

10. You act totally crazy...and you don't care! Cause it's all for the boys!

Obsessed much? You bet !

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

you have a websight that can tell you on average how often the guys could have done something like swallow.

you have a websight that can tell you how far away a certain important date or any important date in the lives of the guys are.

You hate people that don't like one of the guys for reasons they cant control

you bug when Kevin has repeatedly said is birthday was in 1971 and magazines as well as fan sights still think that it is 1972.

you bug when people say they don't write their own music when you know darn well Brian has written six songs, five of wich were used for the BSB and one for Nick's little brother. You also know Kevin has two on albums.

You know that A.J. was the first BSB to actally write a song. the song is called " Tell me that I'm dreaming" you own it because you own the import of "We've got it goi'n on"

You are the first person to perform the song in public even before the boys themselves.

You know they have't performed a song of theirs in public since they recorded it and then you perform it just to say to them "Ha ha I performed one of your songs in public before you even did and I got an ovation. You guys should do that song some time."

You decided that you were going to move from N.H. or where ever you live to Atlanta so you could rescue Brian and Leighanne's Babies for them just so that Brian would thank you in his cute Kentuckian accent.

You know that the other BSB have had solo songs out in the other albums and own them and laugh hysterically when your friends think that "I Need you Tonight" is the only solo track that they boys ever made

You agree with Nick he sounds best on "Millenium" but love all the songs because it shows growth in his style and singing abilities.

you kind of guess that A.J. either says "Backstreet's Back" or its a sample of their older song during "Don't Want you Back".

you live in the U.S. and you own pictures of the guys that are older than 1997 when you know that they were not welcome in the US until 1997.

You hear Howie or Kevin on your album. your in the midst of a conversation about any thing and your conversant partner knows from prior experierence to stop talking when they are singing. That is because you have told them to stop talking the previous times.

You have seven or more photo albums of the individual members of the group.

Your mom has asked you not to discuss the boys with your friends on the phone because they are such a common subject for discussion.

you own all the European singles and would like the Asian as well as the South American and African ones so you have all the remixes as well as the previously unreleased tracks that were released in those countries.


Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

1.Your mom knows all the lyrics to millennium, all their names, and their favorite foods.

2.You gave up listening to them for Lent. (and believe me, 40 days with no BSB was soooo hard!!)

3. You have your copy of their new album (which isn't coming out until november) reserved at Sam Goody since July.

4.You spent $40 on the import of "Backstreet's Back" just so u could listen to "That's What She Said"

5.When you found out that Brian and kevin were getting married, you cried.

6. After you cried, you went into denial for 2 days.

7.Then you finally realized that they deserve to be happy, and if you are really a true fan, you will be happy for them.

8.NOT BRIAN!!!!!!!!! lol jk!!

9.You have seen the Fox Family concert "Backstreet Homecoming" more than five times.

10. You have seen the Disney Channel Concert more than 5 times.

11. You went all around town searching for the Official Book the first day it came out.

12.After you found the book, you have now memorized all of the captions.

13.You have seen any of their videos more than 10 times.

14.you have voted for them on TRL 20 times under fake names just so they could beat that nasty group called N Sync at number one.

15.After attempting number 14, you actually succeded.

16.You are very upset when they are not number one on TRL.

17.You have bought more than 2 copies of Millennium.

18.You cringe at the mention of N Sync (yuuuucckkk!!!)

19.You actually fight with your friends over who is better, n sync or BSB.

20.Just about anything reminds you of a BSB song.

21.You stayed up almost until midnight on a school night just to see if BSB won the Album of the Year Award on the 2000 Grammys and when you discovered that they lost to Santana, started yelling at the tv and almost woke up your parents who were already asleep.

***Just about all of these apply to me. I hope this made you laugh and realize that there are lots of us bsb obsessed out there. KTBSPA!!!!!***

BSB Obsessions

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

Some sign's your Obsessed....( which i'm guilty of..)

1)When you stay at a friends house and they hate BSB and when you leave they want to keep your BSB stuff...( I've done that 6 times already!)

2)When your boyfriend knows how to play every instrement that your fave. BSB does.and knows how to sing just as good or better than your fave. BSB.

3) When your boyfriend knows all of your fave. BSB songs or other songs that have been sung by them and sings them to you. ("I'll Make Love To You")

4) When all of your teachers know everything about every BSB member and there families.

5) When your in dance and you have to make up your own dance and most of the moves come from BSB...

6) When you have a fit in dance because you have to dance to Ricky Martian and your dance teacher changes it to BSB so you and your best friend will shut up about it...( That was Awesome!)

7) When your parents have had dreams about you meeting your fave. BSB and they hate them, because you talk about them so much.

8) When your teacher says anything that can possablely relate to BSB in any way, form or fashion, you and your best friend just smile and look at each other..

9) When you have over 10 pics. of your fave. BSB framed...

10) When you have every BSB sprial and folder and School supplys that the've ever put out, and actully use them at school...

BSB ADDICTION:it happens to the best of us! see if you got what it takes to be the #1 FAN BABY!!!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

HEY ALL BSB OBSESSEES! MY POSSE! MY HOMIEZ! LOL. any BSB fans rock the world! so, not sure if you are a TRUE fan? see if some of these apply to YOU!!

1. When someone asks you something about your walls of your room, you reply, "walls? i have walls??" it's hard for you to notice they ARE there-too many pics plastered over it!

2. Your brother is watching TV. He yells- Hey SIS! i'm watching Nick! YOU FREAK OUT- OMG!! OMG!! NICK CARTER IS ON TV!!!! AAAAAH! you run to see, only to find he is watching NICK-elodeon..

3. You see your friends have a couple BSB shirts. You're thinking, "That's so dumb. Why do they have 2??? I have 17!"

4. You make random calls to your friends, just to remind them that you are the #1 Backstreet Boys fan.

5. At school, you won't respond to anything, BUT Jen Littrell, or Amy Richardson....etc.

6. When someone insults BSB, you don't pout and yell. You

throw punches and make a voodoo doll of someone that night..

7. You know every word to every song of the Backstreet Boys- even the Uhs, yeahs, babys, ooooh yeahs.

8. You must meet your daily BSB dose requirement everyday, or something bad might happen.

9. Everyone is getting tatoos. Snakes, roses, dragons. You're too scared. What do you get?? BACKSTREET BOYS FAKE TATOOS!

10. The BSB Burger King promotion is coming. Some people come 3hours before it opens. You're there a week before, complete with tent, BSB cds, BSB clothes, BSB stereo, BSB books, BSB calendar...etc.....

11. You explore the internet, searching for any new fact on your favorite BAND=BSB!

12. You can recite personal information on any Boy or on the group at any time. You've memorized everything, duh!

13. You have photo albums of the BSB, rather than your buds. Even "pictures" of them with you!

14. Your hero essay for English sounds a little something like this: My heroes are the best guys in the world. My love, the Backstreet Boys.

15. You spends hours voting for BSB for TRL, and anything else you stumble upon.

16. You love birthday parties. That's why you throw one every year for each Boy, with a cake and presents.

17. Your friends never ask what you want for your birthday. They already know. You've updated them on the latest BSB items and apparel everyday.

18. You send "BSB NEWS" information to your annoyed friends, with information like: "BSB is BSB backwards! isn't that cool???" "NICK CARTER HAS A NEW HAIRCUT:SPIKES!" "Howie slept 5 hours yesterday!!!" "Keving wore Nike's yesterday." Now you wonder why you've been blocked by some people.

19. You do not refer to yourself as obsessed-only a deranged, super enthusiastic, over excited, very informed, hyperactive, madly in love BSB fanatic.

20. You still freak out everytime BSB is on the radio-who doesn't??

21. You always wonder why people stare at you at the mall. Your just wearing a BSB shirt, hat, necklace, bracelet, earring....etc.

22. Your allowance always seem to end up spent at some music store. Wonder why they are becoming soooo financially secured....

23. Lastly, you cried when Brian's chihuahuas were stolen. Just to be on the safe side, your brought in YOUR chihuahuas, 4 pugs, two shih tzus, and cat. (THE BSB PETS) You can never be too careful!!!

Well, this is my list! hope you had fun reading! i think it's pretty thorough. Keep being obsessed!! Keep being a BSB FANATIC! Cuz that's the ONLY way to live!!!!


Hi my name is Chris and i'm obsessed with the BSB!

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

OK I think that I deserve an award for be the most obsessed fan! I quit my job at the mall that I worked at for like 6 months just so that I could apply at Burger King to get all the BSB stuff befor everyone else. Well today Burger King called and I have an interview at 3:30!

Feel free to e mail me! Chacha2192@aol.Com

I don't like the word obsessed.

Date: Feb 15, 2001
Submitted By:

You know you are...eh...really, really INTO the Backstreet Boys when

-You forgot what color your walls are because they have been Backstreet-papered. (i think it was pink..)

-You spend lots of money on multiple concerts only to do it again and again and again...(4/8/2000! JOHNNY!)

-You tape each and every second they or a mentioning of them are on the tv or the radio. (i think there's five or six now..)

-You force your friends to write down every piece of news on the Backstreet Boys while you are away on vacation and won't have access to the news. (i'm going to kill Dana for making me do that.)

-You fight with your friends constantly on who loves who more. (CARISSA, I LOVE AJ MORE!)

-You start believing your name is [your name here] Carter, [your name here] Dorough, [your name here] Richardson, [your name here] Littrell, or [your name here] McLean. (just look at my name..)

-You spend over five hours on the computer each day creating websites about the Backstreet Boys or visiting them. (all of my five websites are on angelfire.)

-You either role-play (aol) or read fanfiction...I can safely say you are truly OBSESSED when that happens. (I won the "Best AJ" award for roleplay! hehe..)

-You're reading this obsession list. (Dun dun DAAAAAA..)

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