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The call

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: RLC

The call is a very confusing video but let me try to clear the video up. Straight up it is telling the story about cheating. All of 5 is considered one man. The brown hair girl is who he met and the blonde is who he cheated on. Each place was a place he went with the brown hair girl. Where he met her at a rave or a party then went to a diner or resturant then to a grocery store. When he was with her he almost got into an accident but safe the girl instead of himself. He went to the hotel because he knew he lied and had to find her to tell her who he really was. But the girl already knew and wanted to get away from him so she jump out the window and the guy followed her and he found out what she really thought of his lies. She (The brown hair girl) wounded up hated all the boys in the process of one of the boys mistake when he made that called and lied to the brown hair and the blonde.Brown hair girl about his real profession and the blonde hair girl where he really was. In the conclusion of this, he made a mistake and he is still living with the mistake. 'Cuz not only did the blonde hair girl find out but I am sure the brown hair girl did too.. Now, does that make sense.. If you live The Call you would understand. I am not saying I did but I am sure this wasn't an idea pick out of their butts or their minds but out of an experience one of them had..Watch, Listen, and Learn from them. Black and Blue has a lot of hidden meaning and so do their songs. Especially

in the order they are in.. Think about it next time you watch the call... or listen to black and blue


"The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Kristy

I finally saw the video for "The Call" and I must say I am impressed! The video is awesome!

OK, the beginning with the phone thing cutting out on AJ, that was cool. Ha, she all walked out on AJ when they were making out in the car! LOL

OK, Brian's part. OMG he looked hott in the outfit! C'mon SMTMOBL Brian died and in this one he gets shot at?? Poor Brian! But he still looks good.

Nick's part......OMG he looked so fine! K, when he's driving to the hotel....did you see the look on his face!? Yummy! LOL. Aww he's in the bathroom and it looks like he's gonna cry, poor Nicky. Howie was awfully nice though!OMG the looks Howie gives Nick in the car....HAHAHAHA! The part when the girl pulls off the mask of Howie's face is pretty cool. That wazs a good effect....but Nick almost crashed!!! I swear they're trying to kill this boy! lol

Kevin's part was awesome.I think he actually looked good. I looove the look on his face when the girl jumps through the window and he knows he has to. The writings on the wall and ceilings was cool! "DOG", " "Fraud", "Fake" that's awesome.

And of course....they all come together in the ending....and they look good. All in all it's one of their better videos and i love it!

The Call.... what the heck?

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Angela

Well, after watching "The Call" what seems to be about a million times, i have come to one sad conclusion: the video really, really sucks. Now I am a Backstreet Boys fan and have been for many years now, so before the spitballs of fire come flying back at me let me say my piece. "The Call" is a really great song, probably their best in a long time. When I heard it for the first time I couldn't wait to see the kick ass video they'd make for it. But as I see it, the video was such a let down it takes away from the whole song. First off it's really confusing, I have tried and tried to understand the plotline but I coming up with a blank... not to mention the ten thousand different explanations i've gotten from people who don't know what the hell is going on either. The setting was bad, plotline was bad, I don't like the way they used the boys at all, the whole three min. was like a bad movie I couldn't understand.

Final words: kick ass song, crappy video.

I hope this can be posted.


The Call- absolutley great vid!!

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Urooj

The Call- aboslutly EXCELLENT video!!! Love the concept, and the acting, and all that was in it.

-1st, when the girl was in the club, she looked downright scary-no offense- but i think she looked prettier when nick sees her in the rearview mirror.

-2 I love how they cross out the pictures on hte billboard, one by one- it was really intresting.

3- Nick- the kid looks gorgeous! I love the way he's growin a little (little!) goatie- it looked really cute. But, he's shaved it off now. How do I know? Lets do some math (ugh!)- the bsb shot the video on the weekend of Dec.15-17. The AMA's were on Jan. 8th- but he's face was clean shaven. Oh well- maybe he'll grow it back

-4 You know the place that Kevein jumps into? I think that was really good idea to scribble it with words like "fraud" and "cheat"

-5 Sorry i'm tlaking about Nick so much, but he's my fave! NEway- I love the part when he goes into the hotel room, and has that frantic look on his face

-6 Did u notice the expression on the fake "howie" in the hotel room- u could tell something was up

-7 Brian, also looked great-as usual. AJ, looked good too. Nothing different there

-8 LOVED the ending how they were all there, and the girl was in front of them.

-9 BTW- Howie was innocent throughout the video!! He never morphed into the cheating guy! Well, no duh- he's Sweet D., remember?? BUT, they crossed him out on the pic too- poor howie!

-10 I JUST watched TRL= and I'm disappointed! They debuted at #2!! You guyz, make sure to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!

lOVE Ya lOtS



"The Call" Video

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Ang

Well, the first time i saw it, I did NOT understand a thing. Let me say, that I was really suprised to see AJ kiss that girl. The first thing I thought of was Amanda, and what she must of thought. I dont even know if they're together, but I still thought of her. Anyways, I was totally dying when I saw Nick, He can't get any hotter!

But, I thought the video was great! I loved the guys acting the way they did. I'm not a 10 or 12 year old fan, I'm 23, and I must say, I really loved it. Definitely beats out nsync's videos. I read one review where a girl said that nsyncs videos are all dancing, and thats it, and what BSB have done, is different, and cool. I agree, but

one thing we must keep in mind, is BSB have had a young fan base, for years, and now they're becoming more mature, and their fans are maturing with them, and then more older fans have came along also. I really think BSB have came a long way, and its great to see the fans all sticking by them.

I definitely give the video thumbs WAY up, keep up the good work, guys.

Yes, BSB rocks, and the video rocks... but theres something that rocks more... all yous fans! From one fan, to millions of others... thanks for being you's, because if yous weren't, I wouldn't be able to see my Nick kickin butt!! :)

Later all!!

Luv ya!


ThE cAlL kIcKs @SS!!------best video yet!!!

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: AnDrEaLiTtReLl

OHMYGOD! i couldnt wait until this video premiered on much at 5pm i waited weeks for this video to come out, and it didnt dissapoint me at all i just LOVED it i liked the acting parts of it and i also liked how the didnt just jump up and down and wave their hands like..... ummmm u know those stink guys but anyways i really like the phone call part with the battery low that is cool aj started things out and he started things out right then it came to brian i like how he was being chased by pellets, his part was relitively simple, he sees he is X-ed off on the poster, and then he runs through a grocery store i like how it changes to nick nick looked sooo cute when he was driving the car then he ran and got howie, but he washes his face??? who knows why but then i guess howie goes to get a tea, and he leaves with THE BAD GIRL! when he walks out with her notice u dont see howie's eyes, and u see howie smiling with the tea well the only sad part about nick is when hes going into the car and turns it, bc it is someone else for a split second, if u watch it about 100times like me u will see an old guy then kevin gets out of the car and chases the girl and jumpes out the window very sweet! he looked very sexy, and serious as usual i just cant get enough of that video and since it was on i have watched it 24/7 u cant get sick of it bc u notice different things in the video each time u watch it i am kinda confused though bc i thought it was going to be a remix, it didnt sound different to me, and i thought there were going to be different endings and we had to pick one (now that would have been cool) other then that i am pleased that video kicked nstinks a$$ once again and it proved that "backstreet's back" and stink is going "bye bye bye" i really hope the next video is the answer to our life, bc that is my favorite song on the album, and also i want them to do another dance sequence since there last 4 videos didnt have one well thats it lets make sure the call is number one! not just the video also the song thanks andrea KTBSPA!

The Call

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Singleton

I thought the Call was off the hook. The concept was fabulous. I thought the girl that AJ went with looked like Amanda, a little bit. She was really pretty. Everyone looked amazing and the acting was great. Howie's part was absolutely genious!. I have one word that came to mind for Kevin's part: Matrix. He could be in the sequel. I think it will win alot of MTV awards. I loved it.

BSB "The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: April

Hey everyone! I loved "The Call", it's like a mini movie! Okay here's what I think of it. The begining reminds me of J-Lo's "waiting for tonight" but with Backstreet flavor. Aj runs to catch the girl, then they're in the cab kissing and she gets out. I thought it was so freaky how no one was in the cars!! Not even the cab driver! Then Aj jumps down and it's Brian (Aj and Brians faces are Xed out, he gets shot but he doesn't get hurt, he runs throught the supermarket and runs out the back door. *POOF* it's Nick! (my hottie lol) and he drives over to the hotel where "Howie" is at. He runs up to get "Howie" and he looks in the room and he thought that he saw the girl. He bangs on "Howies" door then hes like "Howie man I think I just saw the girl!!" Howies like "No, no man it's not her!". Nick washes his face, and then they leave to find the girl. Nick looks back into the room, and he's like "I don't know if I belive Howie". They go out to the lobby. (The tricky part!!!) Okay ya know how "Howie" is walking with Nick and all of a sudden he's getting tea or coffie? Well the dude getting tea or coffie is the REAL Howie! The person walking with Nick is the girl with Howies mask on! okay okay, they get in the car "Howie" looks at Nick all evil and Nick looks in his side mirror, and it's the girl. "Howie" falls out of the car and Nick turns around and he's freaking out. Then "Howie" takes of the mask and guess what? It's the girl. Then Nick tries to take control of the car and he almost crashes into the wall. Then Kevin gets up (all of their faces are Xed out) and he chases the girl. She jumps through the window then Kevin does. As he gets up the room lights up and it says "Scum bag, dog, cheat" everything you can think of. Then the girl runs away then Kevin runs after her. And he's like "Who are all these girls?". It shows Aj's girlfriend and all these girls behind her, and then all the guys all confused.

My idea, I think at the end when Ajs girlfriend is standing there that she was the girl that everyone was chasing after! (I know she's blond and the other girl had Black or dark brown hair, but hey it's possible!)Or Aj's girlfriend was friends with the girl they where chasing. So then she told AJ's girlfriend.

Okay, thats all.



Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Chelle

WOW, that was basically my reaction after seeing the BSB's new video. It totally kicked butt. The effects were so slammin' and the concept was one that definetly brought the BSB up to a new level un music videos. All of you peeps out there better be requesting it on TRL because this vid deserves to be #1!!!!!

New video "The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Elizabeth

I loved the video, "The Call". It showed a different side of them which I love. I loved the tough guy look, it suits them well. From beginning to end, it was awesome. My favorite part is when Howie gave Nick that villian look. I knew that Howie was villian because he and the woman had the same look and it was so obvious. Howie makes a good villian. This video is the best one they made and when it premieres on TRL, I believe that it will be at #1 until it retires. I can't wait till it debuts on TRL. Well done guys and keep up the good work.

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