Millennium fever: Fan Conference Review

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Date: Nov 12, 2099
Source: JAM! Online
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TORONTO -- Fifty Backstreet Boys fans gathered at the Skydome today to get their big chance to talk to the Backstreet Boys.

The press were allowed in but only fans got to ask questions. The lucky few were chosen from all across Canada. They were members of fanclubs, wish-granting foundation participants and radio contestant winners.

Two fans, Kathleen and Katherine, said they got the opportunity to ask the boys questions because they sent a creative home video in. The video showed them doing normal things.

"We wanted to show them how we live normal lives and they so don't" said Kathleen. Katherine was just excited at the chance to see Kevin.

When the boys finally arrived, everyone was quivering with excitement. Nick, Howie, Kevin, A.J. and Brian looked cool, calm and collected and genuinely happy to be there.

Nick was sick but the other four were in high spirits, joking with the fans and making fun of one another.

When the floor was open for questions, the first few girls could barely get the words out they were so excited and everyone ended their question with "I really, really, love you guys."

The questions ranged from everything to "what's your favourite song?" to "what do you do for fun?"

The boys took their time answering each question. Brian said his favorite song is The Perfect Fan while Nick told one fan he just wants to play basketball in his free time.

There was a sigh of relief when one fan asked if the boys ever planned to break up and Nick answered "There will never be an end to the Backstreet Boys."

Some fans asked if Kevin's dislocated shoulder (injured during snowboarding) was any better. Kevin proudly announced that he is now performing slingless.

One young fan wanted to know what bothered the guys.

"People think we're arrogant sometimes," said Kevin, "when we're really just being mellow."

"People expect you to be on stage constantly when sometimes you just want to be normal," said Brian.

A.J. said what bothers him is when critics say the boys don't sing their own songs or aren't talented.

The boys took some time to be goofy with the fans when one girls asked them to share embarrassing moments.

"Once I fell off the stage in Germany," said Howie.

"I lost my pants the very first show of the tour," said Kevin.

The only fan who seemed less than thrilled with the boys was a girl from Quebec City who was angry that the Backstreet Boys weren't giving a concert in her city.

"There's only one Backstreet Boys," explained Kevin. "It's very hard to get around everywhere."

One woman, whose sister got to see the band in person through a wish with the Children's Wish Foundation, started crying when it was her turn to talk.

"This is the happiest day of my life because you've made my sister so happy," she said.

Howie and the rest of the band thanked her and told her that was very important to them.

When it was time for the boys to leave, fans clapped and snapped photos and then got ready to see the concert of the Millennium.

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