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Date: Nov 06, 2099
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From: Kristine Miranda []
Sent: Friday, October 29, 1999 11:48 AM

Okay, I know it is kinda late to submit a Millennium Review, especially that the Best Album has been released like 6 months ago. Well I decided to submit it now because I would be too hyper to sit down after the concert on November 8th. Wow!! 9 more day peeps!!!!

1. Larger Than Life - When I first heard this song, "I said, COOL". I like the part when AJ screams at the beginning of the song, it really grabs my attention. This is the song that you want to get up and dance too, and I really love the boys for dedicating this song to us, the fans. And a special pat on the back to my Brian, for co-writing this song!!! I love the video and the video remix to the song.

2. I Want It That Way - Iam really glad that they made this song to be their first single. The first time I heard this song, I said "this song is gonna be a hit". This is one of my fave song from their new album and the video is the best!! I cried when I first heard this song on the radio.

3. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely - This song is so sad and beautiful and the guys did a great job singing this song. I love it when Nick and Kevin sang a duet in this song.

4. It's Gotta Be You - This song is very upbeat and the kind of song that you want to get up and dance too. The sound is still Backstreet Boys but it has a definite edge to it and I like it.

5. I Need You Tonight - This song is so beautiful and Nick did a great job with the solo. It made me cry and I love his voice, especially at the end of the song.

6. Don't Want You Back - A very cool song and the sound is a lot different. It has some edge to it like the song, It's Gotta Be You. I know the guys would like this song.

7. Don't Wanna Lose You Now - I personally love this song and I learned that Nick has some additional vocal arrangement in this song. Good job, Nick!! This song is very touching.

8. The One - The song is very upbeat and the acoustic guitar add some feel to it. I love to dance to this song. BSB is definitely the One!

9. Back To Your Heart - Kevin did a good job writing this song. It is also a very touching song and a beautiful ballad.

10. Spanish Eyes - This song is very SEXY! I love the Latin feel to this song.

11. No One Else Comes Close - This song is very beautiful and it has that doo wop kinda feel to it.

12. The Perfect Fan - This is a great Mother's Day song. Brian, love ya for writing this song and dedicating the song to your mom and to the boys mom's and to all the mothers in the world. A very powerful song.

All in all, I would have to say this is the Best Album from them. I have been a HUGE BSB FAN for more than two years now and I have all of their album, but this album roks!!!!


P's and Luv to ya'll, Kristine :) Love ya BSB!!

From: Jessica Webster []
Sent: Sunday, October 24, 1999 2:11 PM

First of all I gotta say a big Sup?! To all the BSB fans out there, ya'll are great!

I have been dying to do a review on the #2 ranked "Millennium", by the gorgeous Backstreet Boys, so sit back and relax, and hear the real deal on the sophmore album of the Backstreet Boys

0- the song was horrible

1- it needs some work

2- it was a little better

3- it was okay

4- it was great

5- it was excellent!!!

"Larger Than Life"

God, I remember the first time I heard this song, on the MTV Backstreet TV on May 18 (the day the album came out), and I loved it! I thought the Backstreet Boys are pushing their sound and I think it sets the mood for the whole album, it's like "WOW!, these aren't the little "Boys" anymore they are MEN!" It's a awsome song from A.J.'s screams to the strung out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE at the end, in one word~ PERFECTION!


"I Want It That Way"

Okay, this song could have been better, but it makes ya think a little bit, the lyrics are something to dwell on. It's one of those songs you hate at first then you end up loving it. When I first heard it I thought that's the Backstreet Boys??, I was clueless, but remember that little hook that always gets ya you'll be singing it before you know it~ "Tell Me Why....."


"Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"

Wait, let me just take a sigh~ sigh! This song is great the vocals are awsome, Brian does it again, by stringing you into his beautiful voice, the guitar, the strings, and of course the Boys brought all together to have another ballad, I think it is the "I'll Never Break Your Heart of Millennium" it is a great song, I have to admit I get teary eyed over it, it is just great, grab your tissues, ladies and gentlemen.... This is defently single material

I GIVE IT A - 5!!!

"It's Gotta Be You"

This is a song that's got ya hooked from the beginning.... It's the way ya make me kinda get me go crazy...., sound familer? You may have heard the sound of this song somewhere else, but I can't quite but my finger on it. This is almost single material, it is like one of those songs you pop in just hear and dance your butt off!


"I Need You Tonight"

AHHHH, another ballad done buy the BSB but not the balladeer, a.ka. Brian is singing, it is Nick, I better get this out of the way I like the song, but Nick doesn't need to sing it, sorry I'll probley get hate mail for that one, but he doesn't, other than that it is a great song, but could be better.


"Don't Want You Back"

I looooooooooove this song, it just makes ya wanna get up and dance, it's a great song. The slammin music is great it just makes you wanna really say I DON'T WANT YOU BACK!!! then it jams it in with the music, it's awsome it's a step into the right direction for the Backstreet Boys!

I GIVE IT A - 5!!!

"Don't Wanna Lose You Now"

I thought the vocals to this song were great, but the lyrics are not matching the vocals, and I think the BSB are considering it for a single. But it has a little hook that will lead you into the song, " and I...", it's a nice ballad, to listen to if you lost that special someone.


"The One"

When I first heard this song I didn't like it, I didn't think that is was a Backstreet song, I thought it was more of a 'N Sync song, yes I said it. The Backstreet Boys have a way of making you fall in love with a song you hate.


"Back To Your Heart"

As you know Kevin wrote this song, and by this someone needs to tell him to do more writing for them. This is another one of those songs you need to break out the tissues on. The vocals once again come together to bring you another ballad. The mixes at the end of the song, it's like, you can't help but cry.

I GIVE IT A - 5!!!

"Spanish Eyes"

Okay let me get it out the way, this is not one of my favorites of the album, but you can't help but listen to it and think of a special someone. But it is another ballad but the balladeer, a.k.a Brian is not singing the first verse, they try something different by letting the latin lover , a.k.a Howie D. sing the first verse, it's something different but once again a step into the right direction for the BSB.


"No One Else Comes Close"

ahhhhhhhhh,another  ballad the guys are hung up on making you shed at least one tear on this album. The lyrics are simple yet eligant, this is a song you could sing to your love at one time other. The song is simple also and that's what makes it great, good job guys!!

I GIVE IT A- 5!!!

"The Perfect Fan"

This song makes you wanna cry too, and it gives you a different way to look at your mom. As you all know Brian wrote this song for his mom. The gospal feel to it is another step into a great direction for the BSB. And a great ending to the album.

I GIVE IT A- 5!!!

Over all the guys did a great, no awsome job with this album. And you are wondering why it took them so long to come out with this album, always remember good things come to those who wait. :o) This album has everything you'd want in a album, you can dance, feel good about yourself, or think about a special person in your life-everything. So if you don't have the "MILLENNIUM" yet what are you waiting for get your butt up now and go buy it!!! :)

If you have any comments good or bad about my review email me at , or just to talk about the guys I'm open for anything.

Thanx, ~*Jessi*~

From: Don Bauer []
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 11:30 PM

Hi, I've been reading all the Millennium reviews at, and I figured I'd share my thoughts on the CD:

Millennium: (overall rating: *****) Rating: bad * - excellent! *****

~~Larger Than Life~~: What can you say about this song? It absolutely rocks! The lyrics and tune are catchy, the beat will make you want to listen to it over and over, and AJ's laugh in the beginning totally fits. This is a great dance track, and I give it ***** ~Favorite Parts~: Nick's second verse on the remix version, AJ's evil laugh

~~I Want It That Way~~: For some reason, I like this song better when I hear it on the CD than watching the video or listening to the radio. It's one of the first songs that ALL the boys get solos in, and that's why it's such a great song. Although the words don't make much sense, the music is really pretty and it can be used for all situations, since most people have their own idea of what the words mean ****½ ~~Favorite Part~~: the guitar rifts and all of AJ's solos

~~Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely~~: I have to admit, this song isn't one of my favorites. The lyrics are very meaningful, and you can really feel the boys' emotions, but it doesn't grab my attention ***½ ~Favorite Part~: Howie's little solo "There's no where to run, I have no place to go, surrender my heart, body and soul…"

~~It's Gotta Be You~~: Seems like something that would have been on Backstreet's Back; it doesn't quite tie into the rest of the CD. The lyrics aren't the best, but the song is so catchy. When I first heard Nick in the beginning, I laughed my butt off. The song grows on you-I always have to listen to it when hearing this CD **** ~Favorite Part~: Brian's voice over, "It's gotta be you, I want it baby, it's gotta be you, I want it now,"

~~I Need You Tonight~~: Like most other fans, I liked the Heaven In Your Eyes version much better, it sounded a lot more lyrically poetic. I Need You Tonight sounds a bit desperate. The song is sweet though, and Nick handled the song beautifully. It's definitely a solo song, and Nick's voice has matured enough that he doesn't sound whiny anymore ****½ ~Favorite Part~: Nick's voice over while the others are singing the chorus

~~Don't Want You Back~~: I wasn't as surprised as most people when I heard this song. It definitely sounds a whole lot different then they're usual 'I'd go anywhere for you' love ballad. It's something people can relate to when they break-up ***** ~Favorite Part~: Kevin's redundant 'don-don't want you back', it makes me laugh every time

~~Don't Wanna Lose You Now~~: This song is really pretty, it grasps the hopelessness the person has when he neglects and treats his girlfriend badly. (What is Nick saying near the end??) Perfect ballad ***** ~Favorite Part~: All of Brian's parts

~~The One~~: I think the first title, I'll Be The One, sounded better. This seems like a soundtrack song, something that would play at the end of a movie when the guy gets the girl. It's one of my favorites, cause it's so uplifting; it always makes me feel better and smile ****½ ~Favorite Parts~: Near the end right after Brian's solo, when a few of the boys start sing, "I'll be the one, I'll be the light," and then the clapping starts

~~Back To Your Heart~~: Hands down, my favorite song on the CD. A big thank you to Kevin for writing such a beautiful song! I'm a bit surprised he didn't sing any solos. All the lyrics are so touching, and at the end when all the parts just go together…it's amazing ***** ~Favorite Parts~: Brian and Nick's verses, that little part, "These arms of mine are open wide…" (what exactly is the rest of it?)

~~Spanish Eyes~~: This is another sweet song. I don't like the way it abruptly ends, it always makes me feel like I'm missing something. The words confuse me a bit, but it's a good song to sing to. I would've liked to have heard all of them sing the chorus **** ~Favorite Parts~: "When I look into your Spanish eyes, and the world is so beautiful tonight,"

~~No One Else Comes Close~~: When I first heard this song, it sounded like an AJ song or something he would sing solo. It fits his personality, and he did a really good job on this. When I heard Nick singing, I thought it was AJ :) I really liked this song, I like the ballads ****½ ~Favorite Parts~: When AJ says "Damn, I love you," at the end, and all the humming parts

~~The Perfect Fan~~: This song is so sweet-but it's not about the girlfriends. It's for the Moms, and it definitely beats Boyz II Men's "A Song For Mama" in the best Mom song! Adding the choir gave it a gospel feeling, but it fit with the theme of the song. Brian and Kevin need to team up and write a bunch of songs; they'd do great! Even though Nick wasn't able to sing in this song, it still sounded amazing ***** ~Favorite Parts~: Anything that came out of AJ's mouth gave me the chills

Well, that's it! Thanks for bearing with me through it all. I know some people don't agree with me, but hey, it's my opinion, and I respect yours too. I thought this album was the boys' best work so far, it has a mature and distinct quality that makes you want to listen to it over and over. I'm proud of the guys!

E-mail me with your comments-good or bad-at



From: Tom A []
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 8:51 PM

First off i would like to say that this is MY review and it is my opion so u are entitled to yours and i am entitled to mine (please excuse my spelling):

Larger Than Life~ I LOVE this song, not just because Brian wrote but because it is an athem to the fans! the video is awsome and i love the ieieie part! AJ's scream in the begginning kicks butt! an awsome opening track **** out of *****

I Want It That Way~ The song is really great! i mean who could not love it! but it is getting kind of old and over played, but whenever i am in a bad mood something tells me to turn on this song!  Brians part in the begging is DA BOMB! ***1\2

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely~ This song is one of my favorite songs on the album ever since i first heard it i fell in love with it! you can REALLY hear the pain that Max is going through! Kevin sings beautifully in this song! ****1/2

It's Got To Be You~ This song is ok. i mean i like the song and all but it should of been longer! it is sort of like a everybody good girl mix! it is a good party song ***

I Need You Tonight~ Ok i know that ALOMST EVERYONE LOVES this song, but i dont really! i guess because it kind of pissed me off that they cut brians song off the album and put nicks on, mad me angry, but you have to live with it! it isnt to bad but it just doesnt seem like nick is totally into the song! it was much better at the concerts! **

Don't Want You Back~ This track is GREAT! it is so different from the normal Backstreet songs that you got to love it! i love brians voice and Aj really gets into the song! ****1\2

Don't Want to Loose You Now~ I Love this song! whenever i am in a fight with my friends i HAVE to listen to it to make me feel better! it really helps me when i am said! i have to say even though i am not really a nick fan he did a job on the vocals! Brian what can i say your voice is the best ****

The One~ I don't understand why everyone doesnt like this song! in my opion it is the BEST song on the album! brian did a GREAT job in writing it! what i always wonder when i am listining to it if he wrote it for leighanne. because it is a beautiful song and you should all take the time to listen to it more carefully because you can tell that whoever the song was written for brian cares for this person dearly *****

Back To Your Heart~ Kevin all that i can say is that you should write more songs! i love it! Brian once again your voice AMAZING! i love the whole song! it is the second best on the album. ****3/4

Spanish Eyes~ Howie this song suites you! you did such a good job at singing it and Nick did pretty good too! i love how brian takes the chorus! how beautiful is his voice??? ****

No One Else Comes Close~ Ok this song is just ok! i guess because brian doesnt have a solo in it tends for me not to like it, but it is ok! not the worst song but not the best, it isnt as bad as I Need You Tonight! ***

The Perfect Fan~ Brian what a GREAT tribute to your mom! kevin your voice was awsome and so was Howies! this song is so good! i got my mom to listen to it and she loved it!

All and All Millennium is a WONDERFUL cd! it would have been a little bit better if they would have put Thats What she Said on it! but what can you do! overall i give this album ****

From: SpiderSilk ¿? []
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 7:25 PM

åEmpress' Millenium Review

Since everyone is doing a Millenium review I guess I should also state my opinion on the Backstreet Boys' new hit album. I hope I don't offend anyone. Here goes nothing...

Larger Than Life: - Thank you very much! I absolutely love this up beat gem of a song. Plus, the fact that it's aimed for Backstreet fans makes it even more appealing. A solid track. A+

Larger Than Life Video Mix: - While this version did not have much change than the original It still has enough features to please LTL fans. Basically, the sound effects were the major highlight for this new version. A worthy version but not enough change from the original. A

I Want It Thant Way: - Everyone wants this song. It's basically perfect and beautiful to hear. Sadly, it took me more than four listens to appreciate this song. But now, I just plain love it. A+

I Want It That Way (JAZZ): - Not too jazzy though. I don't recomend you getting this one but it's still a good tune. C-

I Want It That Way (ReMIX): - This is not a remix! It just maintains it's slow feel and not too upbeat and techno. D-

I Want It That Way (Altered Lyrics) - This is a much more worthy remix. The lyrics are a bit corny (" life is for you and I adore you... ") but understandable. The good rip-off. B+

Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely: - Sad, sad, sad. The Boys do wonders with their vocals here. The orchestra is also very powerful. A

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (UnPLUG): - This version is more peacful and gives you the feeling that you're in a cemetary complete with an orchestra. The lack of electronic instruments gave a more earthly feel. The background chior (probably of dead people) is very scary. Get this one! A+

It's Gotta Be You: - Too typical! Thankfully, there's enough here to make it stand out amongst the rest of the up beat songs in the album. Play this during a party or just to cheer you up. GO NICK! B

I Need You Tonight: - Oh, my Nick! I love it, I love it, I love it! This song works well in the bedroom. Nick's voice is so sweet, he sounds like a little puppy. Basically, this song is perfect. A+

Don't Want You back: - Uh - oh. Aren't we suppose to hate this song? Apparently, everyone loves it. Wait a minute, this song is talking about ME! Oh well, I like me. Seriously, this song is great. A

Don't Wanna Loose You Now: - Oh, we're not going anywhere. This song is yummy and I'm sure no one could hate this treat. Romantic too. My AJ's vocals are the best here. B

The One: - The who? This song took quite some time for me to adjust to it. Then I edited out some parts and enjoyed it. The lyrics are also great and that spacious atmosphere it deliver works. I could see the music video for this played in Medival times. B-

Back To Your Heart: - Sigh. Don't you just love our Boys. They're attractive, they can sing and the can write. They're smart too. And the song? Smart, as well. The piano at the begining sounds wierd but all in all this song is my favorite. A+

Spanish Eyes: - Just a liitle bit. I'm more Italian. Oh, I took a look at my Spanish friend's eyes and I couldn't find anything there so Boys, what's up? Anyway, you can easy like this song. It's very cool and smooth. You can sleep with this song. A

No One Else Comes Close: - Darn right! Backstreet fans are one of a kind. And this song is one of a kind too (although a bit on the slow kind). Still, it's lovely enough to listen. Just imagine AJ singing the first lines in front of your face and you'll just melt. And those umph, umps and mmm. Great touch guys. B+

The Perfect Fan: - Mama like! And those chior people are doing a great job too. Very celestial, this song. An instant Classic. And Spice Girls, eat your hearts out. Boys II Men, sorry. A+

I'll Be There For You: -Where have I heard this before? This song is very familiar. Who cares, this song rocks in a slow romantic way. The first time I heard this I quickly fell in love with it. You will too. A

You Wrote the Book On Love: - Me? Oh, go on. And this song just keeps on going and going too. This isn't my least favorite but it's still good enough for you guys. My friend loves this song for some reason. I guess people have different tastes. Also, the 'Oh girl' part sounds like a rip off from NKOTB. really. B

.·. That's what think of the songs on Millenium and I stand by it. Any comments, e-mail me. Again, I have my rights so no angry mails, okay? Also, I hope my bland humor didn't bore you. Ciao!

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