Manda, MaryAnn, Melissa and Mary Meet the Backstreet Boys (August 15, 98 - Vancouver)

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Date: Jan 12, 2099
Source: Manda
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August 15 was the best day of my life. My 3 friends and I (MaryAnn, Melissa and Mary) have been waiting for this day for I don't know how long. I'll cut out all the preparation and get right to the good stuff. It all started at about 12:30am, we had found out that the boys were coming up to Vancouver from Seattle right after their concert in their bus.

We all got into my friends car to head to the border. We got there at about 1ish and waited and waited for the boys to come. We tried to get out of the car to get a closer look at the border, but the lady kept yelling at us. We started to see car loads of teenage girls coming through the border and parking right beside us. They said that they had come up from Seattle and basically had the same plan as we did. Well, finally at about 1:30 a big black (not silver like on the MTV top 40 videos) bus pulled up.

We all ran out of the car and headed towards the bus, but of course the border lady yelled at us again. So we waited just across this grassy little hill and watched the bus and what was going on around it. The bus waited for about 20 minutes and we didn't get a glimpse of the boys. Finally, the bus started heading towards us, we all ran to our car so that we could follow it. Well the bus ride back to downtown Vancouver was a wild one. It actually took about 30 mins, but it felt like 5mins.

The bus driver is a serious maniac. he kept trying to run us off the road and cut us off. The bus pulled into Sutton Place which is where they were staying at about 3:30 am, we pulled the car into a back alley and ran to see the boys at the front of the hotel. There were about 15 people including us waiting for the boys. First Brian came out, but he went right into the hotel so we did not get a chance to meet him. Then, A.J came out and he started to sign autographs, he then gave all 3 of my friends hugs and then he came to me.

I was so nervous and he looked and smelled so amazing. Finally he gave me a hug and it was amazing, I was so excited. Then Nick came off the bus holding his Nintendo. he looked so good, he had on baggy jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a red backwards baseball hat. Unfortunately he started signing autographs at the other end, closest to the hotel. We were all in shock about what happened with A.J that we did not say anything to him, but when he noticed us he gave us the biggest smile.

Next, Kevin came out, he looked amazing, he was wearing the almost exact same thing he was wearing in the MTV top 40 countdown. He came up to all 4 of us and gave us all big hugs. We even talked to him for a bit, it was great.

Finally, Howie came out. Once we had seen all 5 of them, we went back to the car and went home. We all went to bed at about 5am and got up the next morning at 9am to go back to the hotel and try to see them again before we got ready for the concert, but that is a whole different story all together.

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