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Date: Jan 29, 2001
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Submitted By: Michelle

Backstreet Boys give teen girls a Super Bowl

Concert at Dome draws huge crowd, relentless screams

Shane Harrison - Staff

Sunday, January 28, 2001

It's Super Bowl weekend, but it wasn't football that brought tens of thousands of screaming girls, their parents and few reluctant-looking boyfriends to the Georgia Dome.

It was five Orlando song-and-dance men, the Backstreet Boys.

The hordes at the Dome didn't look much like your average football crowd, either. Largely teenage and female, like 13-year-old Alison Harte, who'd traveled all the way from Tallahassee with her younger sister, Alex, and mother, Barbara.

It was a girls' night out for the trio. The whole family had made its way north for the show, but the girls' younger brother and dad were nowhere in sight.

"We have a 3-year-old, too," says the girls' mother. "He's out with Daddy. They're doing their own thing."

Inside the Dome, opening acts Krystal and Nelly helped pump up the volume coming from the crowd. (A promised appearance by Houston-based R&B trio Destiny's Child was canceled.)

Every audience scream sent young girls careening through the passageways of the venue, worried that they might miss even a second. That screaming was relentless. Just the filmed image of Nick Carter (the dreamy, blond one) inspired a piercing din.

When the Boys reached the stage at approximately 9:15 p.m., it was with a deafening bang.

The explosive flashpots during fan valentines "Everyone" and "Larger Than Life" promised spectacle over musicality, but the show soon took on a more low-key feel. At least as low key as these slickly choreographed, megawatt boy-band shows get.

The songs from the group's latest album, "Black and Blue," worked surprisingly well in concert, lending a dash of maturity to the set list.

When you could hear them above the leather-lunged fans, the Boys provided a slick, but satisfying evening's entertainment.

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