El Nuevo Día Concert Review: Lupus 2000 Benefit, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2000

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Date: Sep 17, 2000
Source: El Nuevo Día
Submitted By: IVY C

Shaking Howie D

Friday, September 15, 2000
By Rita Portela López

For El Nuevo Día

On Wednesday night and accompanied with his parents, Howie D. performed under a din of fans at the Anfiteatro Tito Puente at the Luis Muñoz Marín Park.

At 8:30 p.m., and without losing one more minute, the opening act was in charge of Pollyanna. This young singer, also Howies’ sister, made her debut as a solo artist. Her musical offer included songs like "Take me away", "I will love you forever" and "Andale mi corazón", among other songs in spanglish that she wrote.

The artist, although she was a little hoarse, was accepted by the public. Of course she mentioned her brother’s name all the time and the audience was shouting. Probably it was a strategy to keep them entertained.

When she finished her act, she was the one who introduced Howie. He started the most expected part of the night with a big shout of "Buenas noches, Puerto Rico" (Good evening, Puerto Rico). As he has stated before in his interview with El Nuevo Día, the 26 years old young man performed covers.

He started with Santanas’ Supernatural and Marc Anthony’s I Need to Know. Between songs, he would talk to the audience with great enthusiasm. The girls, specially, would go crazy every time Howie said things like "tengo calor" (I’m hot) or "uds. son muy especiales" (you’re very special).

While he was performing, Howie said that he was working in his Spanish. That is to say, he would speak in both languages because he can’t speak Spanish very well. The fans didn’t care, since there were many of them from abroad.

Then he sang Enrique Iglesias "Bailamos", "I like it like that" and a Jon Secada meadley. He included there songs like "Un día más sin verte", "Sentir" and "All I really want is you". Shouting he said that Secada is one of the most important influences in his career. And he completely stirred up the audience when he said: "Yo tengo sangre boricua" (I have portorrican blood).

As he is used to do with the Backstreet Boys, Howie dried his sweat with a towel and then he threw it to the audience. He also moved very sexy to catch his fans’ attention. And, as a curious fact, he threw red roses to the public, what provoked hysteria among his fans.

To give the show a caribbean flavor, he sang songs like "María, María" and "Isla Bonita" from Santana and Madonna respectively. In the meantime, he invited Pollyanna to the stage and they performed together a song dedicated to their dead sister Caroline.

Although the place was not filled up to capacity, the Backstreet Boys’ fans applauded and shouted all the time. Howie finished his show with "María" and "The cup of life" from Ricky Martin.

Then he wasn’t able to leave because the audience wanted another one and he went back to the stage and sang one more time. But this time, he sang totally in English.

Once he concluded his performance, the young man said goodbye and thanked everyone for their presence. After the concert that will benefit the fight against Lupus in the island, Howie and his sister Pollyanna will go to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to present this show.

[Thanks to BlueAingeal for the Translation]

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