AJ and Howie at the Miss United States Teen Competition (July 22, 2000)

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Date: Jul 23, 2000
Submitted By: Trista

Okay first of all.........AJ LOOKED HOT! :) Or should I say "Johnny No Name"! I was one of the very lucky fans to get to attend the Miss United States Teen Competition at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando. I knew AJ would be helping host a bit & performing as JNN, but little did I know Howie would be a judge! Surprise surprise........

Anyhow, the show was GREAT! AJ first wore a black jacket of some sort (sorry I was too busy screaming!!!) and sang "Bad to the Bone" - then later he did "If You Knew What I Knew" while the contestants modeled one of their many outfits. Then later during another "modeling" event, he sang Brian McKnight's "Back at One" - soooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!! Then when they crowned the new Miss US Teen (Miss Alabama Teen by the way), he sang "Hey Mr DJ" - definitely my personal favorite of the entire night. He was wearing a bright orange jacket & pants, no shirt underneath, so he showed us all his 69 tattoo more than once *wink*

I paid $57 for my ticket, supposed to have been 8th row, but when we got there we heard it was changed to General Admission. We were pretty upset but managed to get to the 3rd row, so actually it turned out for the better :) No cameras were allowed anywhere, so I had to end up going back to my car (one of many angry fans I know) to put it back. Also, they were selling "Meet & Greet" passes for $30, so of course, I rounded up some money and went and bought one, in hopes of meeting atleast AJ, if not Howie. When I got to the meet & greet however, all I got to do was meet the contestants & Christian Davis. No big deal, I wanted my $$$ back.

Supposedly, AJ & Amanda (his girlfriend) went straight to the car & left as soon as he came off stage for the last time. Whatever... I was mad. So needless to say I still haven't met any of the BSB, but I did meet AJ's mom and get her autograph. She was very very sweet, I liked meeting her a lot. We came within 5 feet (if not less) when walking by Howie, but he was talking to someone so we didn't yell to him or anything. We were really close to AJ as well, and one time when it was silent I screamed & he looked over his sunglasses in my direction. I, of course, DIED! :) So as a whole, my night was awesome & I wouldn't trade it for anything. I was sporting my leopard cowboy hat & carrying around the official book in hopes of getting them signed, but I'm sure there will be other chances. For anyone who got to experience this night, they know how awesome it was.



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