Elton and The Backstreet Boys delight 100,000 rain-soaked fans!

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Date: Jul 15, 2000
Source: eltonjohn.com
Submitted By: TC -


Grey clouds loomed over London’s Hyde Park as top international band Travis opened the massive concert organised by London’s Capital Radio, in aid of The Prince’s Trust. This is the third year of these events: the first two had taken place under warm sunshine but this year the weather luck had clearly run out!

By mid-afternoon the rain was falling in grey sheets, the stage was slippery, and any artist or group who had incorporated a dance routine into their act were probably wishing they hadn’t! But it was a great day – British audiences are used to making the best of such weather, and they were not going to let it spoil their enjoyment of great performances from Bon Jovi, The Corrs, 5ive with Queen and many others.

As the minutes ticked by towards Elton’s appearance with the Backstreet Boys there was a distinct clearing of the skies and, slowly, the rain stopped. Your correspondent for eltonjohn.com managed to remove soaking wet clothes, wring them out (literally!) and put on some dry ones before ‘the man’ and ‘the boys’ took to the stage. Clearly many of the 100,000-strong audience had been waiting for this moment, and to huge cheers Elton began ‘Philadelphia Freedom’, with the Backstreet Boys on backing vocals. Next came ‘Friends Never Say Goodbye’ the poignant song from the soundtrack of The Road To El Dorado, performed superbly and definitely sounding like a hit single!

At this point Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson pointed out that A.J.McLean was missing from the group, however this was a temporary absence due to a family illness, and meanwhile, "A.J. has been replaced by E.J.!" The Backstreet Boys went on to perform two more songs with their new member, ‘I’ll Be The One’ and ‘I Want It That Way’. The audience sang along, almost word perfect, and the rain stayed away.

Elton plus The Backstreet Boys is clearly a powerful combination!

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