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Date: May 16, 2000
Submitted By: Backstreet News

``THE ONE'' (3:46) - Jive

Done. Score another massive hit for Backstreet Boys with this unquestionably sunshine-splashed instant smash, the fourth single from 1999's No. 1 album, ``Millennium.'' Truly, there's a battle of the Jive labelmates this time, as 'N Sync's new release hits the airwaves simultaneously. Odds are that this song may reach the summit first, thanks to a feel-good melody line that embraces the senses the first time through. With a message of steadfast support and empowerment from the boys, teens will be swooning, while adults, as usual, simply won't be able to resist singing along. On-target production from consistent team Max Martin and Kristian Lundin only ups the ante (note, too, that Backstreeter Brian Littrell gets a co-writing credit on this one). Get ready for ``The One.'' Simply, you're not going to find a better pure pop song this season.

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Submitted by: Berlynn

This does look promising. I'll keep cmonig back for more.

Submitted by: Jayhawk

Life is short, and this atircle saved valuable time on this Earth.

Submitted by: Halz

Submitted by: Kelly

Submitted by: Lemat

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