Readers review "Ultrasound: Backstreet Boys - One on One" (Part II)

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Date: May 08, 2000
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From: Luv-em-all []
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 3:56 AM

My name is Catherine Chamberlain and I am a big fan of the backstreet Boys. My age is between that of Jane Carter and Denise McLean, so go easy on me.

I have been anticipating these interviews since I first heard about them on this website back in February. For all of the trouble MTV took, they might have given us a bit more, although what they gave was very personal, intense, and interesting. I have read many of the articles posted at this website and knew the outlines of the various stories (Brian's surgery, Howie's sister, the overall behavior of the former managers) but it was good to finally hear this information presented concisely and with dignity. It is too bad that MTV has not presented this information in such a serious manner at a much earlier date.

The stories of Brian's surgery and Howie's sister and how these episodes related to their decision to leave Trans Continental was very important and MTV, to its credit, finally, has given the public at least part of the exposť that the Backstreet Boys' (and *NSYNC's) former managers deserve for being greedy, unscrupulous, and uncaring. But I thought they were stretching things to include Nick and AJ's personal family problems in the same show that finally reported Trans Continental's outrages. They simply are not the same story and were used just for effect. I am interested in anything about the Boys, but annoyed at being given a large helping of gossip with the real news.

I was disturbed by the interview with AJ. Although it is understandable that AJ the child would be hurt by what seemed like the indifference of his father, I would expect AJ the man to be a bit more understanding of human frailties and come to a less cynical view of his father. So his father contacted him about four years ago when AJ was about eighteen years old. Maybe that was a time when his father thought AJ could handle the true story of how things were all those years ago between himself and AJ's mother, and maybe her parents as well. I do not know the story, and maybe AJ doesn't either. Maybe after witnessing some of his son's frailties and antics, he thought better of the decision not to be involved in AJ's life and felt some regrets. AJ may adore his mother, but he does smoke, hump the floor on stage, is covering himself with tattoos, and seems a bit immature with regard to his girlfriends' exes. Sounds to me like he could use a father. It disturbs me that the impression of his father as a golddigger has been left. We the public, do not have enough information to come to a cynical conclusion too. If his father is not a golddigger, or an awful person, it may be to AJ's benefit to try again, or at least, let his father try again with him.

I did not think that Nick's actions regarding not going to his family's home for Christmas was that noteworthy. But after reading another post on this subject, I have to point out that many people, upon becoming adults, cease to have the same relationship with their parents that they formerly had. It is the duty of the parent to understand this and let go of the old relationship. For a parent to openly complain of this change is stupid; to do so to The National Inquirer is unforgivable. Jane is lucky that Nick would ever talk to her again. I don't know anything about the personal relationship between Nick and his girlfriend. I just hope he is careful and knows his palimony laws.

If only the MTV Corporation would do a better job of reporting this type of story instead of using the artists involved for cheap promotion (Boys Boys Boys) or cheap shots (Before They Were Rock Stars). The Backstreet Boys deserve no less in light of the numbers of fans they have, records they have sold, and revenue their videos bring to MTV.

From: Meendy Singleton []
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 10:01 PM

My opinion on all of this is that I can related to almost all of the guys. AJ probably the most. I can relate on how he was raised without his biological father and only have his mother and his other family members to depend on. My kid life was exactly like that. I can relate on how he feels and why he's going out with a woman such as Amanda Latona. A woman that gets around with a member of N Sync and LFO before a glance at AJ. I can tell you that he and I are in love...with obessions. We're both are currently obsessing over something. I don't explicitly know what his are but I know mine.

Kevin and Howie are other two I can relate. I'm so young but I already had lost my grandmother. The woman that helped me be who I am today. Howie lost his sister and so did I. She was my older sister and I loved her so much. She was very special to me and my mother. I wish she's still here all the time.

Brian's heart issue make me think twice about dreaming of dating a famous guy like them. Brian was pressured into doing shows long before his full heart surgery recovery. He couldn't even be there for his health when a show was schedule. How can a man like that possibly be there for anybody else? Leighanne, his future wife for instance.

Nick I can't relate. I will never let love and sex come between me and my mother ever. But he's a boy. He doesn't know how a woman feels when her baby is going away. I don't suggest him to let go of his relationship with Mandy or Mandah or whatever her name is since it's not really my place to say that. I think he grew up a lot during his first year with her and I think he needs her. He also needs his mother but he wants to pick Mandy over his mom for that Mandy is something new and he can get sex outta her if you know what I mean. He's only 20 and a 20 year olds don't know what they want. I don't blame him for what is happening but I'm blaming the press for making everything sound like a war between the Carters and the Willafords. The marriage between Nick and Mandy will never work. This is not like Romeo and Juliet either.

That's the only thing I can say. Thanks.


From: Ashley Nicole Thomas []
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 2:21 AM

This ultrasound, in my opinion, was very necessary for the Backstreet Boys. Because of this special, I have a whole new respect for them. They have had to overcome so much as individuals that it is impossible to call them anything but survivors. Now when I look at BSB, I don't only see five guys who look good (extremely good) and who have extraordinary voices; I see five men who are human and who appear to be humble through it all. I know that there is so much more to the Backstreet Boys now. I also can see that there is a lot that we don't know about them, and I think that it is good that we don't. Despite their phenomenal success, they still have the right to privacy. I respect them for being as upfront as they possibly can with the public and us, but we must face it, they need their space. I also learned that the music business takes its artists for granted. They don't realize that groups like BSB are sent here for a reason. God chose to give them the exceptional talent that they have so that they may spread joy on the horror-stricken place. When the business people come into play and put those that WE love in danger, we should no longer stand for it. If I could talk to BSB, I would let them know on behalf of all their fans, we are sorry. Not only for anything that we have done that may have invaded your privacy, but also for the ignorance that the business people have towards them. We know that they need time off, we are willing to wait. So I would like to thank MTV for airing the special, you Caitlin for letting me vent, and last but certainly not least, The Backstreet Boys, for being so patient and humble. Also, for never giving up and letting the love for what you do keep you going and for that, you guys are "The One" and that truly makes them "Larger Than Life".

Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 11:32 PM

Let me just say after I saw this episode of Ultra Sound I had to turn off the TV and think to myself a moment. Only one word came to mind.


You're probably thinking ''such colorful language" but it was honestly what I was thinking. I mean we all know the stories of the drama that goes on in the Backstreet camp but I don't think any of us really got it. I mean think about all of it. Kevin probably deserves the most admiration out of all of us. Now as someone who has lost family members to cancer and has had many more threatened by this terrible disease I can tell you, that it takes the best of us. I obviously didn't know Kevin's father, but I knew my great aunt. Despite her age she was a strong independent vibrant Latin woman who was cheated from seeing her grandkids graduate, get married, and take their first steps. I imagine that Gerald Richardson was also of the same caliber if he raised such a strong individual as his son. To still have the feelings of pain of losing someone, especially your parent, after all this time and in the spotlight with the whole world watching is unimaginable and my respect for Kevin has more than increased.

Of course my heart (no pun intended) goes out to Brian. I am disgusted and appalled to know that they are people who would use the excuse of loyal fans to endanger a person's health and life. For someone to manipulate the gift of music into a prison of self guilt and repressed feelings is frankly evil. Even though I have never met any of the boys I think I can assume that Brian is quite the human and the thought of one person controlling another person, let alone someone as genuine as Brian, just sickens me. I can honestly say that if I had to choose between never knowing the voice of an angel or Brian's health I think we would all happily choose the latter. Nothing is worth that. Not the money, not the fame, not even us as fans who make the first two possible.

Even though my parents are divorced, I have a wonderful father. He's been there to understand me when my mother would not just get why I am the way I am. I can't imagine continuing on in my adolescence without him. I have both parents in my life, and both have raised me in their own way, both ways essential to my existence and nature. You're probably thinking what does your father have to do with AJ being raised solely by his mother? Well, I just wanted to let the person know reading this to thank God for whatever parents you have. I thank God that he has allowed me to have both parents in my life and I don't think my parents could've made it raising four kids only by themselves. With that said I would like to applaud not just AJ McLean, but more importantly his mother. (I love my mother very much who has had to face the stress of raising four kids in a single parent home {my father is around v ery very much but doesn't live with us} and go through the tribulations of arguments with my father and three adolescent kids.) Even though Ms. McLean had to deal with only one kid, she had to deal with a developing superstar who had shown his potential at a very young age. Like a nurturing mother she did all she could to see that her son lived up to his destiny of touching thousands of lives with his charisma and beautiful voice but all the while still being his mother. It is mothers like my own and Denise McLean who are true symbols as to why there is a Mother's Day. Without the guidance and love of these truly remarkable women I don't think he nor I would understand the notion of unconditional love, sacrifice, and dedication and commitment. (If you are a mother I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and that you recognize the beauty and uniqueness of your children. To all you daughters and sons, I hope you recognize the beauty and uniqueness of your mothers and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.)

As I said before I have had a family member cheated out of valuable years, but for someone as young as Caroline Cochran that is truly a crime. She was taken in the prime of her age and just like my aunt Guadalupe Barnhart she won't take part in her family member's happiest moments to come, such as Howie marrying the woman of his dreams to maybe winning a Grammy. Just like Brian's situation it saddens me to know that Howie had to put his career and work in front of more important things. One good thing that can come out of this is that Howie has shown us is to not dwell. It is my philosophy that "Those who dwell on sadness and anger usually do so by themselves, while the whole world goes on without them." It's easy to see that Howie believes this too because he couldn't help but smile when he spoke of his sister. I do the exact same thing when I think of my aunt Lupe. (For crying out loud, the last time I saw her she was talking and laughing about Viagra and her daughter's hormones!) I don't have one bad memory of her and I know that she's in heaven. (If she didn't get in, then we're all in trouble!) I just want to let everyone know that even in tragic times there are good lessons to be learned, even though the sadness may hide them. So if you lose a loved one, don't cry cause they're gone. Smile because they lived.

Out of all the Backstreet Boys, Nick is the one I least expected to turn out as well as he has. Even though he grew up in the center stage of the world he remains to be a headstrong individual who has to deal with many things. It amazes me that he has coped with the business and hasn't to stupid, dangerous, and pointless alternatives that many older entertainers seem to do under the stress of fame. While his family life seems to be less than perfect I'll refrain from commenting on it since there's some to be some underlying subplots that we yet don't know about.

As I finally put this little commentary to an end I just want to say that lessons can be learned everywhere, even in the flashy dizzying world of the Backstreet Boys. Now some of you might think that this is corny but oh well. My personal experiences have not been as hard and traumatic as others but they remain to be a part of who I am and I just wanted to state what I have learned through those events and my thoughts of the Backstreet Boys' experiences and the lessons that have been confirmed or learned from them as well. I won't end on a somber note as I want to once again congratulate Kevin and Kristin and Brian and Leighanne and I hope for nothing more than happiness for our guys. Love, Peace, Chicken Grease!

-Miquie Li

From: Ray ! []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 8:23 PM

Although I never actually saw, "One on One" I have heard a lot about it. Most people told me about Nick and his situation with his family, in particular his mom. My friends have said that he sounded "obnoxious" when he talked about his problems with his family, and that he's changed from a happy hearted person, to a spoiled, rude jerk.

Everyone seems to blame his girlfriend for "changing" him, however, I think differently. I heard about the situation where Nick didn't come home for Christmas. Although this is a little rude, I can't blame him for not staying with his girlfriend. He obviously wanted to spend some time with the person he loves. Nick is an adult now, and we (and his family) have to understand that he doesn't have to spend all of his time with his family. My older brother only comes home for the holidays half of the time, the other half he is with his girlfriend... is there a problem with that? Not at all...

All I'm saying, is that I don't want people to think any less of Nick! His life hasn't exactly been a picnic (is growing up on the road, from 13 and up, really that easy? especially with no one his age around...). Maybe he has found someone who brings him happiness and security? I don't know, but I do know he seems to have this new spark of love and happiness. So PLEASE give Nick a break, support his girlfriend, and KTBSPA!!!


PS- The video is amazing! They all looked hot and happy, and it gave us a good look into the Millennium Tour!

Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 5:46 PM

After sitting in front of my television for the last thirty minutes I find myself remembering my own heart aches. After sitting there I gain so much more respect for the fine young men we call the Backstreet Boys. After sitting there and watching them talk about painful experiences and painful memories I think that they are so much stronger than so many others. Continuing on after death, surgeries, breakups and fall-outs they continue to go out and please the fans. They have never given the fans anything less than there best. They put on happy faces when everything might not be going right to give the fans a great thing. They have never let the fans down. They sat down for that interview and poured there hearts out. And all I can say is I truly enjoyed it. It brought tears to my eyes hearing about what they've had to do in there career.



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