Readers review "The One" video (Part III)

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Date: May 08, 2000
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From: Joanne Torre []
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 10:48 PM

This video is a wonderful recreation of the incredible year that the Backstreet Boys have had. It shows scenes from what I like to call "The Millennium Era". Scenes from the pre-debut show on TRL last May, right through to the Grammy 2000 are just a wonderful documentary of the amazing events that have happened all because of those five amazing guys.

The incredible 'Into The Millennium Tour' is documented for all of us and serves as a page in the history book of pop music. This was a tour that probably changed pop music concerts and it will surely be emulated. We as BSB fans will NEVER forget it, nor will we forget that the BSB are "The Ones" who are the innovators and lead the way in pop music, shows, videos and everything that comes with it!! The video just brings us all back to our special night at that concert. It captures those joyous moments that we knew, thanks to the Backstreet Boys and the unbelievable amount of effort, work and caring that they put into everything they do!

The video also shows us scenes of the amazing amount of charity work that the Backstreet Boys do. There are scenes from backstage meet and greets with children who are ill. This just reminds us of all the time and financial donations that those Boys devote to charity organizations like The Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club, The Caroline Cochran Dorough Lupus Foundation, The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association, The Boys and Girls Club of America and The Make a Wish Foundation to name a few.

There are also scenes of the Boys interacting with family and with each other as brothers. It makes us feel the strength that they derive from their families and from each other. It makes me wonder why the whole world can't be more like them?

These are some of the things that make the Backstreet Boys special and make us feel proud and devoted as fans. It also makes us certain that we will be there for them for as long as they want to be there for us.

Joanne Torre

From: Kimberly L Sparer [kimber@MIT.EDU]
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 10:48 PM

I must admit, when i saw the sneak preview of "The One" on TRL I was unimpressed. Four straight minutes of pictures flashing on the screen? What happened to the western concept? But when I saw it on Thursday, I was blown away.

True, I think the concept was not the most original, but I thought the sequencing was incredible, the speed changes and climax building was really cool(good job Kev), and who can resist a chance to relive the Millenium tour, not to mention see some incredible moments that most of us have never seen.

Plus, there's the extra benefit of knowiing that this is what Backstreet pride is all about. Knowing that these are five guys who wdon't need to hold the record for cd sales, or be number one on trl for 65 days(although we can make that happen). These are five guys who let their fans pick their video; five guys who strive to put out quality products; five guys who give as much as possible back to their loving fans; five guys who continue to make us proud.

So here are some highlights of the video (i tried to put them in sequence so you can find them)

in general, i also love the opening and ending(putting the stage together and taking it apart), the flashes of pyrotechincs throughout the video, and every time the picture lyrics match up witht he sonc words.

1. AJ & Kev singing , AJ bends forward, Kev does a little dance

2. Brian's flips during QPG, while doing that arm move

3. Brian singing to the camera during rehearsal

4.Kevin's body roll

5.when Kev hugs AJ

6.Kev singing during the Grammy rehearsal(flashback to Millenium tv)

6. Niick and McD dancing

7.Brian's wacky smile during the rolling stone shoot

8. The Rolling Stone shoot; they all look down... i don't know what they see but it's cute

9. AJ in his white cap doing something that looks like the sprinkler dance

10. Kevin talking to his "fan", it looks like he kisses her ear...awe

11. Nick in superhero costume doing a funky dance

12. AJ pumping his fist in the air

13. AJ flipping during QPG

14. Brian singing while playing the guitar case

15. the group prayer backstage

16. the black and white profile of Kevin on the bus(its kind of smtm-esque

17. "you need me" to a shot of Kev being lifted with the piano

18. "dreams coming true;hear piano notes while it cuts to Kev playing the piano

19. the guys hugging the kids and other fans

20. Kev and AJ in superhero costume leaning in to each other

21. AJ's smile in BTYH

22. AJ doing a swaying dance with yellow hair in a yellow beater

23. Brian's macho face and move while dancing with the dancers

24. Kevin's football kick, and laying down on the field

25. Kevin's funny face while pushing his face into the camera

From: Luv-em-all []
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 3:49 AM

I absolutely love the video of "The One." I am so glad that they did a concert montage. It re-kindled that wonderful blast of excitement I had when I attended their concert on September 18 in Washington D.C. and had the time of my life. I had discovered them not a month before and was astounded to get practically a front row seat (well, it would be the front row if the ice were still there if you know what I mean) with Kevin flying above me and Howie just to my right. I read every Millenium concert review posted at this website, and I felt a thrill with each one. It was so great to see the things you all described -- the football jerseys from Penn State, the orange wifebeater Kevin wore, Brian with a basketball, the bankers' suits (I had the Pepto Bismol suits), the silly string, Howie wearing AJ's pink cowboy hat (my favorite shot); I read about all of them here. This video brought it all back, including that incredible sound made by the audience. What a good job Kevin and that other fellow did. Yes, it was cut very fast, but I taped it twice. I watch the left side first then the right!

I second the kudos for putting lots more of Howie in this video.

I hope they do a video of the Millennium tour; four hours on two tapes would be about right for me. Catherine Chamberlain

From: Scott E []
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 11:15 PM

The great Richard Solomon's quote "A Pointless Exercise of Narcissism" could best fit the description of the Backstreet Boys' new music video, The One. And that's not a bad thing, mind you. Their latest video is certainly better than SMTMOBL. The cut-scenese and clips were excellent (if not a bit egotistic). I guess the main reason why they chose to do this was because the Boys didn't have the time to shoot a video due to the fact that they're working on their next album -- that's great, 'cause they'll need all the time to try and out do 'N Sync. In conclusion: this is the best Millenium-based music video (****/*****)

From: Dionna []
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 10:08 AM

I loved the video!!!! It takes me back to when I saw them in concert. They love the fans and try to include them in everything they can. When I heard that it would be just footage from concerts, I wasn't to sure how it would look, because I've seen other groups do it and it didn't look too good! But "The One" was great. It was done very well. I don't care that it's not like what nick suggested he also said they weren't sure. I'm glad they chose to do it like this. I love them!!! And they WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!


From: Ashley Nicole Thomas []
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 2:10 AM

If you didn't get to go to the "Into The Millennium" concert, the Backstreet Boys try to make you feel as if you are there in about three minutes. I love this video because it makes me feel as if I am there all over again. This video was one of the best and they didn't even have to spend days making it. They actually got to relax, well except for Kevin, because he co-directed it, and the video still came out just as great. I have a favorite clip of each boy, but I won't go into that because it will just make people go through the video trying to find them. Plus, it isn't easy to explain, you just gotta see it. I am so happy that they have a new video out. Hopefully, this will hold me over until the next tour. Not that I am rushing them or anything, because I know that they are tired. They are showing all of the other wannabes how it should be done and when all the smoke is cleared from around the "boy-band" hype, the Backstreet Boys will still be around. As long as they keep doing what they are doing, and doing it so very well, they will always be "The One" to us.

Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 11:32 PM

"We were thinking of doing this 'blazing saddles' kind of thing......"

Weren't those his (Nick's) words? Now, I know I wasn't the only one ecstatic of the idea of the guys in cowboy/western gear? So of course, when I heard that the video was going to be a video collage of the Millennium tour I was more than a little pissed! I mean baby Nicky goes on TV so he figures "Oh I'm the blonde one. I'm the cute one. I'll lure in the little boppers with the thought of my ghetto booty and Howie's Puerto Rican a$$ in tight chaps and they'll definitely vote for it!" See! His airheadness is just a front! He's smarter than he looks! Conniving little blonde b*st*rd........

But, hold up! Before you hit the "Write Mail" icon on your browser to bombard me with hate mail, listen.... Even though I felt cheated I still continued to be the forever loyal fan that I am. (I mean c'mon! Kevin could probably get drunk and French kiss Ricky Martin on Leno or Brian could confess to a homosexual relationship with Justin "Da Fro" to Howard Stern and I'd still love them!)

Well, I watched the video and I LOVED IT! I went to two shows (Dec. 5th Ft. Lauderdale and Feb. 24th Tropicana Field) and it just brought back all the memories..... from being in the nosebleed section in the NCRC (nosebleeders unite!) to discovering the massive size of the Tropicana Field (thus my seats being in the outfield instead of regular lower level arena seats) to rushing the stage (wasn't that the coolest St. Petes?) to buying the comic (and must I say that Mr. Kevy Kev even looks better as a comic book character in the center picture.)

Instead of being the crappy low quality generic video collage that I expected, it lived up to the standards of Backstreet quality and brought performance/compilation videos to a whole another level. It combined the perfect blend of in sync (no pun intended) choreography and pyros that they are famous for, their signature charisma and lovable personalities that always seem to shine through no matter the video or concept, and of course their attitudes of always bringing their fans closer to them as they are to us with the use of backstage and personal footage.

I for one will never underestimate the concept of a performance video which I always thought was for artists who were too lazy to make another video. I now see that just because they didn't spend a lot of money on studio time and special effects doesn't mean that it can't live up to the standards that the BSB have set for themselves, the pop world and their fans................ Wait a tic, if you look at it one way, that whole tour cost a pretty penny, so I guess you could say they spent a whole sh*tload of money on the video..........Yeah baby! That should put them up for most expensive video!

N*e*ways, I'm out and I appreciate for anyone taking the time to read this total pointless piece of crap. If anyone wants to write to me or find out about any of my other writings my addy is

But ya know what? You do gotta admit the thought of the Boys in tight chaps does sound good! Ride 'em cowboy! Love, Peace, Chicken Grease!!

-Miquie Li

From: Emily Timothy []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 12:20 PM

Hey! my name is Emily and I am from Roosevelt, Utah. I missed "the one" on TRL the day it debuted, 'cause I was gone to school. I am in mountain time so, I always have to watch the TRL the second time they play it. The day "the one" debuted they didn't play TRL two times... so I was REALLY mad!!!!!! But, on Friday I didn't have school, so I did watch it then, but it wasn't the same. I had to record it with people screaming throughout the video requesting it. And on top of that they didn't show the whole thing and I had to record it at #3! They should've been at #1!!!!!


I thought that "the one" was and is the best video they have EVER done!!!! It reminded me of the concert that i went to in october (oct. 28, slc, ut)! It brought back SO many memories and I loved it!!! I was smiling throughout the whole thing and yet I was crying too! It made me miss them and the concert so much. I wanted to go back! I loved the part where it was showing nick doing the crunches and where they were all backstage saying a prayer to go on! It was awesome! Also, the backstreet boys ultra sound, was the most personal interview I've ever seen with the guys. I was crying through the whole thing, I couldn't handle seeing Kevin about to cry and hearing his story about his Dad, and Brian's story about his surgrey and what he went through & aj's story about not being able to get close to his Dad. Howie's story about losing his sister. Nick's was still sad, but it really didn't get to me as much as the others! back to "the one"


thanx, me mle

From: KT : - ) []
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 6:50 PM

Hey! I figured that I should review the video for "The One" it having just been world premiered on TRL today. OK first of all, I think its GREAT! Kudos to Kev n the other guy that directed (I forgot his name). I really liked the little letterbox effect with the flames. That really emphasized the other stuff. And then the other good stuff... Well there's too much to just list off the bat. I loved the concert footage, especially because I didn't get to see a concert this summer! Then when they had like multiple clippage, like 2-4 pics on screen @ 1ce, that was so cool. The guys looked fine, this was a really great video and a GREAT song! Keep up the good work guys!

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