Readers review "The One" video (Part II)

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Date: May 06, 2000
Source: readers
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From: Carter Carey []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 2:46 PM

After living through 1999, and witnessing the overwhelming success and stresses that our boys survived through the turn of the Millennium, the video for THE ONE serves as a reminder to Backstreet fans all over the world just who are the real kings of pop music. With the media now patting the “other” group on the back and congratulating them on their sales successes, and with our Backstreet Boys now heading off to a ‘desert’ island to record their fourth album it is important for us to realize that while for the next few months, and possibly until the end of this year ‘N Sync will be in the spotlight, we need to remember that sales aren’t everything and we can’t let our Backstreet Pride be degraded by their overwhelming presence. Sure ‘No Strings Attached’ sold phenomenally well in it’s first weeks of release but sales aren’t everything and the one thing that has always kept me loyal to Backstreet and has been the source of my pride is in the knowledge that Backstreet is more than record sales and begging every single top ten artist for a duet. Backstreet is about being true to themselves and their fans through their music and through meaningful endeavors. The One is not just a music video for a great song, is a reminder of just some of the reasons that we should be proud of the five guys from Orlando who found their way into our hearts.

Watching THE ONE, we saw not only several shots of the most successful tour of 1999 and 2000 so far, “Into the Millennium” but it was also a four minute ‘year in review’ that we can look back upon years from now and remember the year the Backstreet Boys took the world by storm. Sure there were shots of their phenomenal dancing, Nick’s gorgeous smile, Brian’s childlike friendliness and the other BSB trademarks we’ve grown to love but have you noticed the other significant moments that made up 1999 and 2000:

I know it may be hard to catch, but the next time you watch THE ONE, keep an eye out for the shots of NICK, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie posing for pictures during one of their many meetings with disabled fans. They take time out of their lives, to meet, talk with, spend time with and touch the lives of ill or dying children when they themselves barely have time for themselves. In 1999 they were awarded honours from the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ for their efforts to grant the wishes of children who’s last wishes were for the chance to meet their idols just once before they die.

Are you wondering where the shots of Nick and Brian playing basketball came from? Those were taken from the charity basketball game that Frick and Frack played in to raise money for various children’s charities in Florida. Yet another example of the time that the BSB take out of their lives to help those in need in order to give back to the world . (Just a quick fact: on top of the money raised through the game, Nick and Brian each wrote personal checks, contributing an extra $35 000 to the charity). And, on a less significant level - isn’t the sight of Nick doing situps the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

I’m sure you all saw the shots from the Rolling Stone photo shoot. Why was that significant? Not so much because the boys dropped their pants, but because they eliminated the competition in Rolling Stone magazine’s BEST OF 1999 polls. It’s important to remember that ROLLING STONE, is not TeenBeat or Bop or any other teenybopper magazine whose average reader is 8 years old . ROLLING STONE is one of the most reputable and world-reknown magazines which chronicles the North American music scene. (For those of you who are now screaming at their computer screens “Well, ‘N Sync is now on the cover of Rolling Stone now because of their album sales’, keep in mind, our Backstreet Boys have been on the cover TWICE, the first time even before Millennium broke records for it’s first day sales and then again on the first issue of the Millennium for sweeping the readers polls.)

And who can’t help but melt as you see Nick and Brian joking around on stage, showing the friendship that we have all grown to admire as ‘Frick and Frack’, once again a proof that Backstreet is about ‘friends and family’ coming together to make music. When you see the shots of them playing around, laughing, and just being guys, don’t just think, ‘well they’re lucky to be where they are’, keep in mind that they worked to be where they are, none of them relying upon connections that they had built over the years. (think about it, if Nick had accepted the job on the Mickey Mouse club rather than joining teaming up with AJ and Howie, where would the industry be now. Backstreet wouldn’t be what they are now, and without their success, all of the other groups and artists (N Sync, Britney, Christina, Mandy, the list goes on and on...) that are now dominating the charts would have never had an audience)

This is all to say that the video for The One should serve as a reminder to us all that while we may not see our boys in the spotlight, don’t feel that they’re not still there. Don’t let yourself be convinced that ‘N Sync has outdone them. No matter what, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardon, AJ Maclean and Howie Dorough are five amazing people with incredible hearts. Their competition are performers, I'll give them that. But the Backstreet Boys are artists, and while the music they choose to make causes them to be classed as ‘pop’ and just another ‘boyband’ it’s important that as the real fans we realize the talent and sacrifices that have gone into making the group that touches us all so deeply. Sure the video for THE ONE makes me want to sing along, but most of all it makes me feel proud. PROUD of Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ and Howie for their achievements, PROUD of their talent, PROUD of the way they’ve matured over the years, PROUD of their music, PROUD of all the ways they’ve given back to society, PROUD of the way they’ve touched so many lives and meant so much to so many people, and most of all, PROUD to be their devoted fan.

Always & 4EVER,

From: Lacie Smith []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 12:46 PM

Remember if you can when we got to vote for the next Backstreet Boys single. Now, if I remember correctly, “Don’t want you back” was the popular one, and it looked like it was going to be their next single, which I was very happy about because that is one of my favorite songs by the guys. Then Nick called in and talked about how they might have been cowboys for “The One” video, if it had won. Well it did and I’m wondering where the heck the cowboys are! Was I the only one who was disappointed not to see them dressed up as cowboys? Oh well. When they first started the video, I was reading the credit’s at the bottom of the screen, and saw that Kevin co directed that. Good job Kevin! It’s nice to see him doing something that a lot of other groups haven’t done, directing their videos. I think it was still an awesome video though, it was much different then their other videos from the past. This video just goes to show how much the guys do care about their fans.

The video was great because even if you didn’t get to see them in concert, this video gave a little perspective and insight on what it was like. And if you did get to see them in concert, then this video gave you quite a few of memories! (It did for me!) The cool thing about this video, like “IWITW” is that you find something cute or funny everyday, which makes you never get sick of the video. Sure I would have loved to see them dressed as cowboys, but you can’t always have what you want! Another cool thing about this video, it didn’t make me cry like the last one! The song is great, and I think it will be a huge hit, but not one of their best videos in my opinion. I just thought their video would be something that would blow everybody away and beat out all the competitors. I’m not saying that it won’t, but I don’t think some people would like it as much.

All of the pictures of the guys are so cute! I could go on and on about all of the cute pictures! If I’m not mistaken, their home video that is coming out in a few months will show some concert clips, and if everybody likes this video, then the home video will be a success. I’m wondering about what Howie said about them taking footage from all of the concerts, how’s come they didn’t have any pictures of AJ with his bright red hair? Maybe they did and I missed it, but at the concert I attended to last November, he had red hair. I loved seeing all of the colors of his hair in this though, it was funny to see really how many different colors he has changed his hair.

I’d have to say this is the shortest review I’ve ever written. I usually go on and on about their videos but there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it. Even if I sound disappointed from the video, that doesn’t mean I hate or it sucks, it’s still a really cool video and I applaud the guys on making such a “different” video.

Until next review,



From: Orpa Dinkle []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 9:05 AM

My name is Lesley Smith, and I live in Owen Sound Ont. Canada!! I saw the video for "The One" Thursday on Much Music!!!

The video for is my fave video yet!! It shows what the guys go through when they are on the road all year!! I like to watch it and see if I can recognize anything from the concert that I was at!! I haven't seen anything yet, but it goes so fast that I'll have to watch it many more times to see!!! OH DARN!!! hehehe

I honestly think that it is the best video that the guys have!! So what if it doesn't have special effects!! It shows the real talent of the BSB's in concert!! Something that is really cool!!! I was hopeing for sooooooo long that they would do a concert video so that I could relive going to a concert everyday, and they did!! I'm soooo happy!!!

I don't really get how it can make people sad, wouldn't it bring back happy memories of the concert??? Please don't e-mail me and yell at me for saying that!! It's just my opinion!!!

Well, I'm gonna get goin' now!! I have someother things to do!! E-mail me if ya want!!!


Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 12:53 AM

I had been waiting a very long time to see this video and i finally saw it tonight (Friday) for the first time. After Missing the TRL premeir on Thursday, and missing TRL again today (friday) I randmoly flipping the channel to The Box just in time to see the video starting. I screamed. (lol). I mean this is my favorite song and I thought I would never get the chance to see this video the way my luck had been going with trying to catch it sometime before it would retire off of TRL (so maybe I didn't have to wait THAT long....hehe). While watching this video I was hit with a rush of memories from my first (and only) Backstreet Boys concert last October in Vegas. I absolutly loved it. It brings back forgotten memories of one of the best times I've ever had.


From: Erica Jensen []
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 12:51 AM

Hey everyone! i would like to say that this is probably my fav video of all time! why...because ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE IN IT!! Most of the new live stuff was from Indianapolis on March 11th and we were there!! It's really cool how they did the video and how it pretty much sums up the Millennium year(it's kinda sad i know) But i hope that every fan thats been in a video it as happy as i am!! and let's see it at #1!!!!

erica carter from wisconsin!

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 10:27 PM

I just wanted to say that I just saw "The One" for the first time! It is absolutely amazing! I would have liked to see the Boys, but this video is the next best thing! it makes me think of the best night of my life! March 7th, 2000 in St. Louis. I feel like I relived the concert over again! I will never get sick of that video! I am going to tape it and anytime I want to relive the concert, I will just put in in my VCR! It has so many great things like how good AJ looks in every picture! This is definitely one of their best videos ever!

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 10:18 PM

My name is Jillian and I didn't know where I should send my review for the video so I thought here would be good! Well, I didn't get to see them WORLD PREMIERE the video and I was sooo mad! But today when I was on the computer my friend told me to turn on the TV and when I did I was amazed! I think the video is absoulutely AWESOME! I think it gives the fans that didn't get a chance to see them in concert a closer look! It's really creative and the guys look like their having so much fun in every clip! I think they are an AWESOME group...they completely give it their all every time they go on stage. I have seen the guys two times in concert and I just wanna keep going back for more. I could NEVER get sick of them...I really hope they stay around for a long time because they are great at what they do and I love it that they share it with all of us! It's unbelievable that 5 guys from all over the US came together to form one of the biggest groups ever.~Their voices are amazing....the fact that they are VERY HOT is just a bonus...they are very talented guys and I think the video shows it well :) If you ever want to chat about the bsb or ya juss wanna plain old chat email me sometime! :) love to hear from ya! Keep the backstreet pride alive ALWAYS! Much Love....

~Jillian Ashley

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 7:56 PM

Hey there fellow BSB fans! I gotta say that "The One" Video kicks serious ass! The concert footage was great and brought back a lot of memories from the Atlanta show I went to. I loved it! It really reflects the song because for so many of us fans, they are "The One" group that we totally love and devote ourselves to. Keep up the good work BSB! Let's all get it to #1 on TRL! Later and KTBPA! Carebear

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 6:33 PM

Well, I just have to say, that I was amazed to see the new video. Yes, I was disappointed at first that they didn't do a video like they have normally. But after I saw the One, I was in love with it. It is my favorite video now. On the lines of Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, it is personal. it showed them as they are before or during a tour or before a show. I love to relive my concert experience and it allows the people who couldn't get to a concert to see the magic. I was moved when they showed Brian with the kids and the Charity basketball game. I don't know what better way to do a video then show them at what they do best. and being themselves. It was a chance to show everyone what they are like, and The One was a great follow up to Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely


From: Sakhrani []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 5:58 PM

Like most people, I am excited that the video came out (how excited? I delayed my summer job by a week just so I can be home to watch it:) I know that some people were expecting something else, but you have to remember that it would have been near impossible to make a good video seeing that AJ was doing his solo tour. This will most likely be the last single off of Millennium. This video represent something that was important to them. The tour was their baby and they are pround of that fact. Think of it as the vido Millennium scrapbook: they had a great time performing, we had a great time watching. (On a personal note, I am SO thankful that Howie was shown more in this than in LTL...THANK YOU KEVIN AND CHRIS!:)

From: Christina Cosentino []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 5:22 PM

I just saw the new Backstreet Boys video for The One, its truely the one. It shows all the fans and others what the Backstreet Boys have gone through. It shows different kind of clips, from concert footage backstage and live, rehersals for the Millennium tour, which was amazing, basketball games with the guys, the Grammys, and much more. My favorite part is mostly the whole thing, but expecially the part where Nick is doing crunches, he's so cute!!!

Everytime I see the video it brings me back to the concerts I already had gone to, and its a feeling I will never forget, and hopefully other BSB fans feel it to.

A little fact about the video, Kevin directed it. He did an amazing job. Well the boys are now in Nassau, Bahamas recording there new cd, the fans in Toronto can't wait. We enjoy when they come to town. KTBSPA!

Christina C
Toronto, Canada

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 5:12 PM

I saw the premiere for "The One" video and thought it was AWESOME. They had a great idea for that video! "Millenium" came out about a year ago and they have done SO much in the past year, I thought it was great how they summed the whole year up, and allowed fans who didn't get to see the tour a chance tog et a glimpse at the same time. It was put together so well, and Kevin did a great job co-directing it! Plus it's just a great song all together! Keep voting for it on TRL! KTBSPA

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 5:03 PM

Hey! I would like to say that the video for "The ONe' was definitly not what I was expecting, but it was still a great video. I enjoy the video even more becaus emost of the concert footage is from the Inidnapolis concert on March 11, which I went to! When they show Howie and his mom, that is when she came on stage when they sang the perfect fan, when AJ is spraying silly string...that is for the very end of the concert,I even have a picture of him spraying it! They show(in the very beginning and end of the video) them taking apart, and putting back together to Indiana Pacers basketball court! The guys even told us at the concert that this concert was being taped to use as an internet concert! i never imagined they would use the footage for a video though! I really love the video! As for "One to One" I have gained much more respect for Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ, and I have been a fan for 5 years! I have to say though, that I unfortunately have lost a lot of respect for Nick. I mean can't he see what his girlfriend is doing to him?? I have heard horror stories about her, and when she and NIck broke up the last time she stole his TV, he told his fans that himself!! I can'y believe that he didn't go home for Christmas and that his mom and he don't have a great relationship anymore....they used to. Well I won't give anymore on my opinion on it. Thanks!


From: Shalor KtBsPa []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 4:53 PM

I just wanted to let you know what I thought of the video for "The One". I LOVED it! I think it was really sweet of the guys to give the fans who didn't get to go to any of the concerts a look at it! I went to the one on 9/15 and I had 8th row so seeing the video made me remember everything that happened that night (it was an awesome concert that I will never forget!) and how special it was. It was amazing to see so many different pictures and video clips! It's definately my favorite BSB video now!

Also, the One on One UltrSound with the guys was great! It was really cool the way they did an individual interview with each one. It was really sad when they were talking about all the Boys have been though. It's great to see how well they've all pulled through!!!

From: Jennifer Tingle []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 4:51 PM

All I have to say is WOW!!!! That is the best BSB video I have ever seen. Better yet, the best video ever made. I went to 2 BSB concerts and that video helped me remember what i saw b/c I was in shock the whole time since my seat was on the floor.WOW is all I can say about it!!!! KTBPA!! 4-EVER

From: Yumi Carter []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 3:36 PM

Hey guys! Personally, I liked the video. Like Howie said, the video gives a chance to the fans who didn't get a chance them in concert get glimpses of it. I can't believe what some people are saying. It's not like the bsb have all the time in the world to make a perfect video to please someone. I don't know, I guess I just appreciate whatever they do. So I think the video came out nicely considering they didn't have much time to do it.

What are some of the people on here that actually like the video's favorite part? I know it goes by quick, but there has to be some! Please share!

From: [Ashlyn.Marie] []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 3:26 PM

I, like every other Backstreet Fan, was seated in front of my TV anxiously awaiting the premiere or 'The One', yesterday. I was practically in a trace when the 'WORLD PREMIERE' thing came on the screen. I was listening to the words and watching as I saw scenes from the concert I had gone to, flash across the screen, and I broke into tears. I felt like kind of like an idiot because I didn't cry at 'Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely' but I cried at 'The One'. It made me remember all the crap they have to go through to get where they are today. All the hard work they have done to please a bunch of people they have never met, the people, like me, who they inspire to reach for their dreams. And even after almost 5 years in the spotlight, a management team who basically used them for their money and just growing up, they still are the sweetest and most down to earth guys.

Luv Always~~


From: Georgia Akehurst []
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 3:25 PM

*Fan Replies To "The One"*

I have to say out of my 12 years living, never have I cried because of a music video. Well, besides, of course, SMTMOBL. But never, have I seriously shedded tears, nonstop, not even to SMTMOBL. Since yesterday, that all changed. When I saw "The One" and saw footage from the very concert I went to, I couldn't control my crying. This video is the best. Call me crazy, but I literally miss seeing the Backstreet Boys. When I went to the concert, I felt like I knew all of them personally, for forever. Then when I saw the video, it just brought everything back to life, and I can't wait to go to another BSB concert. This is a great song, and I can't wait to see it at number 1 on TRL every day! Then when it retires from TRL I will not stop crying, because for every music video by BSB that has retired that I've watched, I've cried. And the main reason I cry when I see this video is because when I think about the concert it's a wonderful feeling, cuz I was in the same room as BSB, Nick Carter pointed at me, and I hadn't really thought about it until the concert: Before the concert I had never seen the boys anywhere else except mags and TV! I know, you probably were (or are) the same way, but for me, it was so different. The concert was in February and to this very day I still cry about it nonstop. I am listening to "The One" right now, and I'm starting to cry. Seriously. I just can't believe it. Please send any e-mail, I love talkin' to 'yall, gotta go watch TRL! My address is: and my fave BSB is Nick,I'm 12 years old and I live in NJ.

See ya and KTBSPA!

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 10:40 AM

I saw the new BSB video and it was totally awesome. I didn't get to see any of the concerts so this was definitely what i needed. I also saw the Ultra Sound and i cried. A lot of people don't know what the boys have been through this should be an eye-opener.

Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 4:30 PM

I just saw the new video by backstreet, and i have to disagree with the first review and agree with all the others. i think this video is one of their best. it shows everyone what its all about, the music, and putting out great music. i never got the chance to do to one of their concerts and this video showed what it was all about. the video rocks and will definitely blow n'sync away. i loved it!!!!

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