Readers review Men Strike Back (Part II)

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Date: Apr 21, 2000
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From: Juliane Gulla []
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 5:40 PM

After seeing the Men Strike Back concert, I had to send in a review. I don't get VH1 but my friend Rachel was nice enough to record it for me:-)

Anyways, it was awesome!! THe guys do so well singing back up as well as singing their own songs. They can really harmonize, adn more and more people are beginning to realize that.

Just a couple things about their wardrobe and little stuf fliek that. Kevin and the skirt. I have no comment about that, that was just weird. But waht guy could wear a skirt ebtter than kevin? Oh, and his hair, he needs to get an appointment with his hair dresser:-) AJ looked really good, loved the tank. Howie, I didn't like the sparkles on his shirt, but the shaved face makes him look a lot better! Brian looked good as usual, and I like the little dances he did through out. Now Nick. I kinda have more to say about him, just b/c I tend to watch him more;) I loved his outfit, well, except for his shoes, which matched his shirt, taht was alittle weird. But i have to say, when he took off that big jacket so you could see that tight-fitting turtleneck, I was impressed!! People can't make fun of him anymore, he has lost weight!! He is looking really good! Oh, and one thing i noticed. I can't remember which song, i think it's during "the One" he licks his microphone. It' snot an accident either LOL Check it out. Overall, it was a very well done concert!! KTBPA ALWAYS AND FOREVER! ~Juls

P.S. i heard "The One" is supposed to be premiered on May 1st!

From: Mrs. McLean []
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 4:09 PM

I would just like to comment on Kevin's skirt! THAT'S THE SEXIST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A MAN! it's about time men wear skits, it takes a real man to wear one, i personally think they will now come into style for men. you can tell it was made for a man because the slits were so high which allowed him to wear pants. i wish i could find a man that would wear something like that. as for there perfomance, i don't think they could of done better, it's was great!

From: TSSA Knippel []
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 4:03 PM

I just now got around to watching the Men Strike Back concert and I'm glad I taped it! All the guys were fantastic, especially the Boys! Everyone put their all into singing and made the whole show a huge success. Tom Jones was great. I now realize that he sings a whole lotta songs that I've grown up with. D'Angelo is STILL hot fully clothed! Sting was good, though he sounded kind of weird singing "I Want It That Way," but hey, you havce to give him credit fot singing! Sisqo...I now know why that song bugs me. I don't want to see girls' a**es (considering I can't type that on here) hanging out of their shorts. I think his song didn't really belong. The Backstreet Boys were, of course, perfect. They looked so grown up (especially Nick! He's looking like he's actually 20!). Enrique - nothing like a sexy Latino to spice up the concert! He was amazing. But I have a question. If the concert's called Men Strike Back, what was Christina Aguilera doing there? Despite the gender problem, she did beautifully!

Now, I'd like to make one comment on the Boys apparel. I've heard some extrememly negative things about Kevin Richardson's choice of clothing. All I have to say is I like the whole pants/skirt thing. I think it looked really good on him. Of course, I could care less what he was wearing because he'll always be gorgeous, but I liked his outfit. It did take a second to get used to, but then it grew on me and all I have to say is "Way to go, Kevin! Making a statement!" And that's all. Goodnight.

From: YM []
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 4:50 PM

I just wanted to add in my piece about the Men Strike Back show. Men Strike Back was the best show VH1 has done in a long time. Divas 99 and Divas 2000 were such a bore it was so refreshing to see the audience having fun and having the people at home enjoy themselves as well. All of the performances were incredible but Sisqo-I could have done without the thong girls, ok?. First let me comment on how they looked, who cares? they sounded amazing, I don't care if they would have come out in flannel and overalls if they sounded they way they did at the Men show I would not have given a damn what they wore. Kevin wore a skirt and he looked a bit scruffy and what? Kevin can do whatever Kevin feels like and it's not something for us to judge him on, he was his cool self and he sounded amazing, enough said. I thought Nick looked wonderful, they all did, I didn't think he looked chubby at all if he did so what? he's not perfect people, he sounded incredible his voice has improved in a major way, he was awesome and that's all the fans should worry about. I loved all of their performances, they were incredible, everyone that performed was great, I even liked Tom Jones and D'Angelo. It was an excellent show. The BSB showed that audience what we've known all along, that they can sing their butts off and like Jenna Elfman said they can harmonize better than anyone, the BSB were at the top of their game and I think it earned a little more respect. That's what I got from the show, not how they looked. Remember it's an opinion not an attack on anyone in particular, if I offended someone I apologize. We're all fans ok?



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