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Date: Apr 20, 2000
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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 5:07 PM

Hi! I wanted to let you all know what I thought of Men Strike Back. These are just my opinions but if you have any comments/questions please e-mail me at!

Ok...first of all I loved the show! Our boys rocked the house! First I'm gonna talk about the way each guy looked and my thoughts. Nick- WOW! Our little Nicky has really grown up this past year. The messy, spiky hair look totally works on him. It brings out his gorgeous blue eyes and nice features. I love his look! The maroon turtle neck shirt also looked really nice on him even though the turtle neck made him look a *teeny* (just a teeny!) bit chubby. Overall the more dressy, sophisticated look looked AWESOME on him! Love it Nick! Keep up the FABULOUS style! Howie- OMG y'all! I can honestly say that is THE BEST i have EVER, yes EVER, seen our sweet Howie D. look! WOW! WOW! WOW! I am so glad he shaved off his little beard thingy. It makes him look sooo much better! Howie looked HOT last night. And the shirt was awesome...luv the little sequins! He just looked sooo cute. I just wanted to go hug him! Howie you looked awesome boy!

Brian What can we say about Brian that hasn't already been said? He always looks so cute...and he never changes. Which is just fine with me! =) (brian is my favorite!) The white definetly made him stand out...but Brian is so cute that he needs to stand out! Great clothes choice.... I loved the shirt style. And the khaki pants were just right! Good job B-rok! AJ He looked DA BOMB as usual! I personally like his hair a little shorter though... and AJ let us see your beautiful eyes! Take off those shades! =) I loved his clothes choice though...very cool. Overall very nice AJ...simple....but simple is great! I luv AJ to death! lol Kevin Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Hmmmmmmmm.... where do I start. Gosh Kevin....why did u have to that? LOL All the other boys looked awesome (just like u USUALLY do!) but you had to ruin it! First of all... why the HECK were you wearing a SKIRT? Hello you're on MEN Strike Back not DIVA's Live... maybe you should have been on the other! LOL The whole black shirt thing and gray "skirt" over black pants made u look like some kind of devil worshipper/cross dresser! KEVIN! You're a model.. can't you do any better than that? What POSESSED you to do that? And his whole facial hair and hair was messed up. Your hair was too long and the goatee thing is to much! Shave most of it off! Please Kevin...make me happy next time I see you.

OK... now for the preformances. My least favorite was the first one with Sting. It was OK. The rest were AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Sting was great with them on IWITW even though he kinda didn't know the song that well. The One was great! They had everyone on their feet dancing. Good job boys! The finale was great too. The boys all seemed to get along really well with the other preformers. The whole Men Strike Back thing was awesome and I hope the BSB are on there next year too! Congrats for a job well done boys! =)

From: Stephanie _ []
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 1:39 PM

Hi y'all! I just watched the Men Strike Back concert last night. Let me just say it was awesome!! I have never heard the Backstreet Boys sound so good, i mean they always sound great but they sounded so awesome. I personally thought Men Strike Back was much better than the Divas concert. I was much more entertaining. I could actually watch the whole thing and not get bored. They definatly picked different artists from different musical tastes and I loved all of it, even Tom Jones, I mean he's a great musician and all but i'm only 14 so i wasn't born when he was big but I enjoyed his songs.

Ok, now here's what i thought of our boys. I thought they sounded terrific with Sting on "Don't Stand so Close to Me". They harmonized wonderfully. I thought it was very cute how they introduced Christina and let me tell ya she did so great!! She has such a great voice, it gave me chills especially in the song "At Last", what a voice! Anyways, the boys came out and did "Show Me The Meaning.." which I think was the best they ever performed it. In the other performances I can hear Howie kind of sticking out but they did a much better job blending. Then they did "I Want It That Way" which was great! It was cool how sting came out and performed with them although i didn't think it sounded all that great. It's just Sting has such of a different voice then The Backstreet Boys, but it still was great. The last song they did was "The One" which was perfect!! I can't wait until they release the single and video. That has been my fave song on Millenium since i got it! They definatly pumped the crowd up! The end performance sounded awesome! Well i guess that's it! I could keep going but I don't want to make it all ready longer than it already is. KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!


PS.) I love Enrique a lot but i don't think he sounded good. He seemed off key. I don't know maybe it was just me.

Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 12:42 AM

I have to say that this show was absolutely amazing! Some times it was slow, but Christina Aguillera truely has one of the most amazing voices EVER, Sting can still rock out, Enrique was adorable, and everyone else was wonderful too. And then there were the Backstreet Boys... :)

They were, so fine, so good, and SO sweet! The atmosphere and their audience interaction when they sang "The One" (specifically) just made them seem like they used to...real and involved. Not that they ever weren't those things, they had just seemed a little distant...and for Men Strike Back, they were joking around a little and being cute again...I had MISSED that! The Backstreet Boys are back, even though they've always been here, and they'll stay forever. BSB is number one baby!!! If you haven't seen this TIGHT show, then tune into VH1 when it airs again!

-Alisa N. M.

Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 9:51 AM

I went to men strike back concert. I won the my tixs from z100. When we got there to pick up our tixs they were not there yet. When the finally got there we died. I looked to see where we were siting we were in the second row!! AJ and Kevin waved at me and my friend. They sounded awesome I won't get into what they sang and wore because you already know that from the other reviews. The best part was at the end. My friend started screaming at Kevin and Howie she was holding up her program and a pen. Howie, Brian and Kevin started to walk over but Brian and Howie went back stage. Kevin came to the side of the stage and signed our program then security yelled at him to go back stage so that explains why Howie and Brian didn't stay. I felt bad for him because he wanted to stay and sign more. Also we saw Leghann and Amanda we had better seats than them!! but Leghann's ring is huge. It was a night I'll never forget.

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 7:35 PM

Me, my best friend, Farah and her sister went to the Men Strike Back concert in NYC. We got there at 7:30 and went straight to our seats. We had 5th. row from the stage. We could see everything! Behind us the guy from SNL was sitting there with his brother. To the right of us Gloria Rueben from ER was there. In front of her the guy from the practice was sitting there. Two rows behind us Sting was sitting there with his family. Three rows in front of us Foxy Brown was sitting there with her date. We also saw one of the girl's on VH-1. Kevin Bacon walked right by us and so did Matt Mahance (something like that). Linda Lopez also walked right by us. Four rows behind us was one of the anchors for NBC. We also saw the girl from Dharma and Greg.

A couple of rows back there was the father from Growing Pains. None of the BSB's girlfriends were there. They started setting up the stage and getting ready. At about 5 minutes after 8 one of the producers came out and he talked for us for a while telling us not to be shy. The first performer was Sting. He sang one song and then the BSB came out!!! Kevin was wearing a long sleeved black shirt with black pants and a black skirt over it! Yes a black skirt! It has a slit on each side. He also had flip flop sandals on. Howie was wearing gray pants with a blue muscle shirt. Brian was wearing all white and he had blond hair! Nick was wearing gray pants, a red shirt and a gray jacket. Aj was wearing black pants, a black muscle shirt and a long black vest over it. The vest came down past his knees. They all looked really hot! They did one of his songs. Everyone started screaming so loud and me and my best friend were standing up and cheering trying to get their attention but they didn't see us. Then they stood on the side of the stage for about 2 min. after they finished the song and then they went backstage. About 5-10 minutes later they came out again to present Enrique Iglesias. This time while they were talking we got Howie's attention and he nodded his head at us. Then we started screaming AJ and waving at him and he saw us and waved back while Kevin was talking into the camera. Then Enrique came on and he performed Be With You. Then they took a break and he performed Bailamos.

Towards the end of the song he came down into the audience and he was standing right in front of us and some lady almost fell on him. After Enrique did Bailamos, Tom Jones came out and they sang a song together. Enrique left the stage and Tom sang another song. After him there was another break and then D'Angalo came out. He did 2 songs. Then he did a song with Tom Jones. Afterwards Tome Jones performed by himself again. After him was Sisqo and he did the Thong Song and it was great!! After Sisqo Christina came out and she sang 3 songs. After Christina they took another break and then it was finally time for BSB to come out and sing. When they came out they were standing on these steps. Everyone went crazy and started screaming!!! They did Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely which was the best performance ever! They sounds soooooooo good live! Afterwards they did I Want It That Way and in the middle of the song Sting came out and he sang it with them. During that song the whole audience was standing up and singing along! After that they took a break for 5 min. and they started singing The One. That was also a fabulous job! Then they thanked their fans and went backstage. The finale was coming up where everyone would sing. Sting came out on stage and he started singing his song Every Breath You Take. Then the BSB came out and started singing. Then Christina and she practially pushed Brian out of her way! After her D'Angalo came out. Then Tom Jones, then Sisqo then Enrique! Everyone had their own little part. It was really cute because Brian and Nick were fooling around and so were AJ and Kevin. Afterwards they said that they were going to do the finale again. Everything was the same except when Christina came out Brian moved over and made room for her, it was funny. You could tell that Brian and Christina were flirting with each other. Anyways over-all they were great and I had soooooooo much fun. I went to 3 BSB concerts and I had more fun at Men Strike Back then their concerts. You should really check out the show!

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