Readers review the taping of VH1's Men Strike Back

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Date: Apr 12, 2000
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From: Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 9:47 AM

I went last night to the men strike back concert. I had great seats and the boys did a wonderful job. They first came out and did a duet with Sting..Nick looked so hot and seemed to enjoy singing with him the most. Then I saw one of the boy's bodyguards whom I am friends with and prefer not to name he said that he would tell Nick that I was here. (They know me by my face). THey came out and introduced Christina I was actually pretty impressed with her. Then the moment we've been waiting for THe BSB. They ome out walking down like 5 steps corny but cute. They then sung show me the meaning of being lonely. It was funny cuz I was like in the seventh row and the way the theatre was I was eyelevel with them ( I was near the backstage area to).. Nick looked over and saw me the reason why I know this because I was the only one standing up and screaming the people in my section were wondering how I did it... Then Nick looked at me during show me the meaning of being lonely and put his! hand out to me. NExt was IWITW when Sting cameout and sang it as a duet.. My Mom grabbed me and said wave at Brian he's lookig at you. (instead of Nick) I looked at Brian and waved and he smiled. Then Aj came and looked at me for a minute during ill be the one....All I know is that they were great and I miss them already

From: Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 12:55 AM

I just wanted to send in a quick review of men strike back - I was at the taping on tuesday night. The boys sang a duet with Sting and the finale with all of the performers as well as presenting. They also sang Show me the Meaning..., I Want It that Way, and The One. They were amazing and they all looked good. They all wore black, except Brian who was dressed in white. But, are you ready for this? Kevin was wearing a skirt..that's right, a skirt. But you know if anyone can pull it off it's Kevin.

P.S. - Amanda and Leighanne were in attendance and were being extremely supportive of their men. They seem to be amazing people, who make AJ and Brian very happy.

From: JMHARDY Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 12:01 PM

The VH1 Men Strike Back even was taped last night turned into more of a showcase for the Boys than anything else! They got by far the most airtime of any of the performers, singing three numbers individually, a duet and then the grand finale!

The Boys sang "The One," "Show Me The Meaning," and "I Want it That Way" (Sting came in at the end of IWITW). They also performed "Don't Stand So Close To Me" with Sting, and then the finale "Every Breath You Take."

The show itself was taped out of sequence (so that bands for specific artists would not have to be broken down for each number), so most performances by a specific artist were shot at one time, even though they will not be aired that way.

The Boys were introduced twice, once by Gena Elfman, who gushed about how they broke Garth Brooks' record (this seems a little dated now!), and then by Susan Sarandon. The introductions were very difficult to hear because the crowd went wild anytime the boys were on stage or anywhere visible. Other celebrities there to do introductions were Kyra Sedgewick, Kevin Bacon, and Matthew McConaughay.

The Boys looked really sharp, and Kevin took the "fashion risk" road, wearing a "dress" over pants! Nick was wearing one of those cool looking knee-length jackets, and then took it off towards the end and was wearing just what looked like a red T-shirt. He went down off-stage during a number\ and walked all the way across the front row of the theater getting closer to the audience than I've ever seen.

Vocally, the boys were perfect as usual, and it looked like there was a lot of improvisation by Nick on all the songs -- he just seemed really into the whole thing.

The Boys also appeared twice for introductions -- once for Christina Aguilera and once to talk about the importance of the Save the Music Foundation.

The event took a full three hours to tape, even though the special (aired next Tuesday evening at 9 on VH1) is only scheduled to run an hour -- I have to believe some of the numbers will be cut for time. Most of the performers except the boys sang two songs individually and then participated in a duet. Christina sang "At Last" (which was phenomenal), What A Girl Wants, and another newer song (the single out now).

The best part of the night was at the end. While singing "Every Breath You Take," Sting forgot to come in at a point he was supposed to! It was really obvious, but everyone kept singing, through the whole number, the closing of the show, etc. Then at the end the producer came on stage and they all huddled, and then the producer announced that they were going to re-do the finale! It was great, because we got to see and hear the whole thing twice! The second take ended up being much better than the first, and Nick ended up walking up into the where the band was and goofing with the keyboardist and guitar players at the end of the show.

From: TinaMarie (MFC Board) Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 12:01 PM

I'm just home from the Men Strile back concert. one word AWSOME. They sounded great, looked great especially Nick, here is the Boys part of it. 3 songs. "Show me the meaning...." I want it that Way" joined by Sting.... and The One. Almost lost Nick to the piro on the one. he walked right through it, and you could tell by his face he was too close to it. They do an awsome version of "Don't stand so clsoe to me" with Sting. Very cute play pushing between Howie and Nick. They introduce Christina Agulara, give a liitle speach I really couldn't hear cause of all the screaming. Kevin said something about " bigist dressing room" and "male Diva's is all i heard out of Nick, but both of them say more. the finalle is "Every Breath you take" Sting starts, then he's joined by D'Angelo the BSB and so on. Really cute Nick and Sisqo playing off each other. They did that twice. The cutist thing was Nick cuting a rug by the drum riser. But i don't think the camera caught it.I think Christina hit Brian, you know how crazy she is with her hand waving. Kevin had on a long grey skirt over his pants, dont ask me why.. he was in black and grey, Brian in white, howie in blue, Aj in black and Nick looking REALLY good in Maroon turtleneck, grey pants and jacket. The jacket coes off. I saw Nick and Aj jet into a limo afterwards. The rest of the people were good, i'm just too tired to go through the entire run down. You will love it when it airs.

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