More Highlights of Nick DJ'ing on WFLZ, Mar 30, 2000

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Date: Apr 04, 2000
Source: Jamie's Backstreet World
Submitted By: Jamie

Here's some more information that wasn't covered in the first post about DJ Nick on WFLZ 93.3.

Nick had those guys from that station go to Victoria's Secret and try on things.. He wanted them to buy thongs.. They were talking to Nick on a cell phone and Nick was telling them what to do and say.. he also made them buy dresses and stuff and go to Hooters for him so they would bring Nick back Chicken Wings!!!! It was so hilarious.. Nick couldn't stop laughing on the Air a few times.. But when the guys came back you could hear Nick chompin away over the mic enjoying those luvly Chicken Wings!!!

Also another thing that wasn't mentioned... Willa Ford (aka Mandy Willaford) was there in the studio with Nick. He was promoting her. She was in the chat room for a lil bit..(The station had it set up for the longest time so we could only READ what Nick was saying.. eventually from time to time they unlocked it so the rest of us could type.. ) and when she was talking to us.. (Nick handed it over while he was on the air..) Some fans were really rude and she ended up leaving.

Here are some more things that I SAVED in emails to myself of things he said in the chat:

Question: Are you going to attend any of the Johnny No-Name concerts?

Answer: Yes, New York!

Question: Are you going to do anything solo in the future, and if so, what?

Answer: No plans at this time.

Question: Do you ever chat online, and if so, where?

Answer: Yes I do... but for obvious reasons I can't say... but lots of places!

Question: My girl heard either you or one of the guys in the group are moving to the ApolloBeach area, is that true?

Answer: For obvious reasons.. I don't want to give that out... thanks :)

Question: With Brian and Kevin getting married, do you think it will effect the band because they will have to spend time with their wives and all?

Answer: No, we've all had serious girlfriends at one time or another, and it hasn't affected the band. Brian and Kevin are pros :-) and I am very happy for them.

Question: What plans are there for the video "The One"

Answer: We are considering a Western theme, like Blazing Saddles, but nothing firm decided yet.

Question: Nick what is your favorite song?

Answer: The Kane and Crunchie theme song, Hoochie Mama!

Question: What was the sweetest thing you ever did for a girl?

Answer: Flew home from Europe while on tour to be when her father was in the hospital. And that was for Willa in case you were wondering :)

Question: When is the next tour gonna start?

Answer: Sometime in the Next Year, (Next fall or winter) after the album is released!

Question: Is Willa your girlfriend?

Answer: Well, we try to keep our personal lives personal.. so.. you could always scroll up ((((I think he meant when he said about flying her home when her dad was sick.. but I'm not sure.. kinda confusing and no one understood what he meant))))

Question: You always talk about having "down time" and playing college basketball, do you think this will happen?

Answer: If I am too old for college, I'd like to play in the European Leagues.

Question: Boxers or Whitie Tighties?

Answer: *blush* Depends on the day, sometimes neither!

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