Review: Bucs vs Boys March 26, 2000

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Date: Apr 04, 2000
Source: Meredith
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I just got back yesterday from Florida!!! I went to see the Bucs vs. Boys charity B-ball game!! It was soooo much fun!! When we arrived at USF Sun Dome there weren't that many people there so we went to get something to eat. After we got our food we saw a white Beemer leaving the Taco Bell across the street-- which we later found out was B-rok!! So we hurried back to the Dome to see the guys come in and just as we got there Brian and Leahann were getting out of there car!! Brian is soo tiny and cute!!! We didn't get to see Nick come in 'cause he was actually early!! Well, so I don't bore u guys I'll skip to the game!! Here are some highlights:

* Brian and Nick were looking cute and talk'in to each other while their team was announced!

* Brian does this CUTE little dance (he kept shaking his butt)

* The announcers make a joke saying the Boys don't seem what is the word 'NSYNC--- and everyone including Leahann Yell BOO BOO!! =)

* Warren Sapp knocks Nick over and he goes rolling across the court!!

* Nick starts doing a funny dance!!

* Nick and Brian shooting their half court shots to score money for Charity-- Brian made one-- Nick almost did-- He said "since I can't play basketball, I'm gonna give $20,000 of my money to the charity." (How sweet!!!) Brian gave $2,000.

* It was also funny when Jennifer one of the DJ was almost grabbing Brian's butt it was sooo funny-- then after like 5 times he saw her and fell on the floor!!

* Jennifer also grabbed onto Nick (around the waist-butt) while he was trying to shoot and she wouldn't let go!!

* At the end of the game Nick fell on the floor!!! then he was suppose to get off the court right away like Brian, but he just ignored his bodyguard and kept talking to people !!!!

After the game we waited with a bunch of people to see the guys come out!! Brian left soon after it was over, but Nick didn't come out for a while-- he had on a baby blue shirt-- when he finally came out he got in a funny looking small van type thing-- the band he's managing Born into Kaos also got in the Party Van!!

WEll I'm sorry I made this sooo long, but I just wanted you all to enjoy the Game too!

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