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Date: Jan 11, 2000
Source: Billboard
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Ivy C

This is the one we've been waiting for as Britney Spears' labelmates the Backstreet Boys serve up the third single from "Millennium", the No. 1 album of 1999. "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" is a keepsake ballad that will have the quintet's loyal legions panting over their loss and loneliness. But there's more to this smooth, R&B-flavored ballad than just an emotional plea targeted to emotionally charged teens. As they have done successfully over and over, this beautifully produced BSB anthem is rock-solid, with lush orchestration, those signature harmonies, and a melody that will instantly lock itself into the pop culture consciousness. No surprise, given that it comes from the signature mind of pop maestro Max Martin, who co-produced with partner Kristian Lundin and co-wrote with Herbert Crichlow: No doubt-like the pair's current hit for Celine Dion, "That's The Way It Is"- this is as much as an adult hit as that one, certain to light up the boards at both top 40 and AC. The best ballad of the season and a sure-fire way to return the Boys to full glory. Nice, nice job.

-- Chuck Taylor

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