Readers review SMTMOBL (Part IV)

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Date: Jan 09, 2000
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Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 8:03 PM

My friend and I couldn't wait to see the new video for Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely and when we finally did we knew that all that waiting was worth it. As I watched it tears formed in my eyes. The saddest part was probably with Brian and Kevin. The only thing they could have included was Howie and his sister dying of Lupus disease. Otherwise I loved it and the guys all looked hot. Especially Brian and Nick with those pale faces. Got any questions e-mail me here

~Kasia =o)

Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 8:33 PM

I loved the video.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I felt their sorrow in this song.  They have talent like know other.  Their murity shows.  The video helps people see that they too suffer at times, and that their human like everyone else.  MTV knew what they were doing by waiting until the very end to show the video.  They knew their fans would wait too any hour to see the video, and it was worth the wait.  The backstreet boys are beyond compare. 

a devoted fan,

From: Becca []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 9:36 PM

Hey! how's it goin'?! pretty good here. I don't think you have this one...I got it from one of the lists that I'm on...I'm not sure if it's true or who wrote it, but it explains a lot.

"In the video, everyone has a loss.... Kevin mourns his father, Brian's heart condition, Howie's sister, AJ mourns the image of what he believes his twin sister would have looked like.... But you are having some trouble figuring out what Nick's loss is, right? Well, that's because Nick has no loss... rather, Nick is taking on the loss of the others.

Without being confusing, Nick's role in the video is actually "death". Nick represents a "guardian angel" of sorts, who is there to guide the others to a better place... in other words, take their sorrows (or spirits as they are represented at the end of the video), and lead them into the unknown.. (heaven).

One part that needs clarifying is what he is doing pulling the girl from in front of the bus... Well, if you pay careful attention, the image of the girl that AJ sees on the bus is in fact the same girl that Nick is pulling from in front of it... Nick is "taking back" what is his.... the "spirit" of the girl AJ is mourning.....

I noticed a lot of people curious as to why Nick looked so pale, and why he was in black.... that's why. It's all a part of the role he played in the video, and it wasn't meant to be the most obvious thing in the world either.... "

Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 9:39 PM

I think that this the BSB's best video yet. The director did an awesome job, but there are a few things i'd like to point out. I really never vote for the guys on TRL but we have a problem. Today is Monday and the guys didnt even make it in the top ten even though IWITW debuted at #8. We have to start voting you guys! Also the guys mentioned that SMTMOBL was the last song that Denniz Pop last worked on, but in the cover book it doesnt mention a word about him for writing that song it just gives credit to Max Martin and somebody else. I just wanted to make that clear.


From: Katie Littrell []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 10:16 PM

Well I was over my friends house on New Years Eve and we were in the middle of watching a movie, and I suggested putting MTV on for the showing of it. Luckily it came on not to much longer after we stopped the tape.

When the video came on and it showed the guy on the strecher going into the hospital I knew the video was going to be VERY sad, I didn't know what to expect at all.

Then it showed Brian staring into the emergency room watching someone, I couldn't tell who the person was, then in the middle of his solo it showed Brian, passing! I screamed as well as my friend, and I began to cry. I knew he was okay and everything and it was 'JUST a Movie!" well the thought of him...dieing... was just heart breaking. That was simbolizing Brian's heart surgery and the maybe the fact that his heart stopped for a few seconds?

The next scene was with AJ on a bus looking out the window, and then gazing at a picture of his girlfriend? A tear ran from his face, it was sad. Then he saw someone walk by, thinking it was her he turned to see her then watching her disapear.

Kevin's scene I must say was one of the sadest, I don't know how he could sit there and watch that video of him and his Dad without crying, but you could see he was sad.

Nick's part was not really sad, I mean nothing sad really happend, which is rather good, well the girl almost got hit by the bus but Nick came to the resque! LOL

The next scene with Howie was also sad, seeing Caroline running to him then disapearing like that. Not to ruin the moment or anything but the special effects were pretty cool.

The following scene with the girl walking on that thing was cool looking and kinda spirtual at the same time.

Then after a little while the whole group joined and walked into the sunset. I must say this was the best video the boys have made yet, and I hope not only other Backstreet Fans, but anti-fans as well enjoy the video as much as I did.

~Katie Littrell~

From: Reinaldo Gonzalez []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:47 AM

Hey, I noticed that the bus driver kinda looked like Max Martin, is it just me or do you guys think it's him?

later dayz~fatima=)  

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:07 AM

I was not home on New Year's Eve, and I was unsure when I would see the Backstreet Boys video again. Even though MTV reruns things to death, still I had to tape it just to be sure. New Year's Day when I got home, the first thing I did was sit my butt down in front of the TV and play the tape. I fast forwarded through everything until I got to the video, well I did stop to watch Christina Aguilera's performance, but I finally got to the video and let me tell you how impressed I was. This is a slamin' track to begin with, and the video fit perfectly with the song. How everyone had their own scene which told a story of how they are dealing with different aspects of loneliness and a loss of some sort. Kevin dealing with the loss of his Father, Howie his Sister, and then the bus saying 'Denniz Street'. The song was kind of a tear jerker since the first time I heard it, and then to see the video I had literally had tears in my eyes, I guess knowing how much I can relate to the song, and how anyone for that matter can relate to the song weather it be losing someone to death or just a breakup, everyone has an encounter with loneliness at some point in their lives. Mad props to the Backstreet Boys and to the director for a great video.


From: Scott ĆßE® []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:26 AM

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

It sucked -- on a different level. When I say "sucked" I mean that the video did not have any original value or eye candy (well, you ladies probably enjoyed staring at the Boys). I have to give kudos for Brian's acting at the begining. The part when he stared through the glass window in the ER, looking sad, serious, lonely and mysterious at the same time, really gave a sense of seriousness and professionalism on his part. Also, the fact that the video was relevant to the lyrics of the song also helped. But that's it. The use of color (I "saw" a lot of green. They should have used blue) and lighting were odd and the computer graphics (women disappearing) wasn't all too advanced. Another problem was the lip syncing, which wasn't executed simoltaniously as the Boys (noticeably Nick and Howie) moved their mouths. All together, in a range of 1 to 5 (5 being Backstreet's Back). I give SMTMOBL a 2. - Scott

From: Doug Bennet []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 12:53 AM

Hey whats up???

 Ok this is not a concert review, merly a review of the brand new video by the Backstreet Boys. Back in december when I heard this video was being released, their were a lot of different prespectives on what the video would actually be about.I think we were all shocked when we saw the finished product. I saw it the very first time much music aired it and I must say I broke down. This is by far the very best video that they have created. I am especially proud of them for growing so much, from the first album. I mean this video was actually kevins concept, I mean WOW!!!!! A lot of people have had great reviews, but what really stunned me was how people did not understand Nicks part. I personally believe it represents him being loenly. It was as though he was longing for something. He wants to be loved by that special someone but its hard for him, because he is away on tour over half the year. He was walking down a dark, lonely ally all by himself, with no one to guide him. I felt so sorry for the guy, because h e missed out on so much during the bsb early years and he wants to be loved for who he is not what he does. Although at the same time he would not trade his career for anything. Brians part was incredibally touching. I mean he was sitting their watching himself slip away. he was thinking about what could have gone wrong with his surgery. He looked so hurt and unhappy. He was all pale and lifeless laying in the bed, yet he was watching at the window and he could not do anything. He had to watch himself slip away.

Howies part was also very emotional, I mean he was sitting in the cofffee shop thinking about life and he turns around and see's his sister running towards him. When she finally gets close enough for him to touch she just fades away. She fades away before he can hold her and tell her he loves her. I mean that must have been an emotional scene for him, it probablly brought back a lot opf painful memorys. So props go out to Howie for being such a brave man. Same goes out to AJ he was relating to his gir lfriend who dies when he was at the tender age of 14. She was his first love. He wanted her back he wanted to do so much with her, but god took her from this earth before he could. He was golding her picture and when he criedI to cried with him. Thenb he looks up and their she is walking by him. he turns and looks and she stares back, but before he can say anything she to fades into a figment of his imaagination. That must have been a hard time in his life for him and he has been strong throughout the years, all the while never forgetting her. Finally Kevin, now Kevins scene is when I lost it. He was watching hom vidoes of him and his father playing football. He was just sitting their lookin lonely longing to have his father's touch. Yet he was strong and held back his tears for his family. I mean Kevin watched his father die and he couldn't stop it, and he wanted to so badly. This is the scence that touchged me personally, because my mom to is dying from cancer and I do not know what I would do without her.

So Kevin I am proud of you. Then the end where they all united and walked down the street it was showing them joining together and overcoming their problems together. They stuck together even when times were tough and they felt they could not go on. They were their for one another. they conquered the world together and over came a lot of their lonliness. Also ont he bus when it said Denniz st. that was a touching moment to. That was in memory of the late denniz pop their producer and obviously their close friend. I am sure if he was here with them now he would be VERY proud!

So guys you did a great job on thbis video. It was by far my fav. it had a deep meaning and they were all very very brave to put this concept into action, They let their fans finally know they to are human and lonliness touches us all!

So thats my take on the new video for *Show me the meaning of being lonley!* It deserves ***** starts!!!!!! Good work boys!

Alison Bennett, Edmonton, Alberta

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 1:22 AM

Show Me The Meaning*

Well the boys have done it again. Marking another mark in the road of Music. The number one Teen Phenomenon Backstreet Boys have staked their claim in the Music World today. "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," as sung by the boys, made millions of fans weep. Starting off with tenor Brian Littrell, as he looks through a window in a hospital to find himself lying there about to die. Doctors racing to save his life. I have to admit that this striked a tear in my eye. The bad boy himself, AJ McLean sitting in a bus after losing his girlfriend. Hallucinating that she is in the bus with him. Mr. Model, Kevin Richardson sitting in his apartment watching old films of his father playing ball with him as a child. Wishing that his father was still there to play with him. The Sweet Heart Howie D, sitting in a Cafe thinking of his sister Caroline, that he lost in 1998 to the disease Lupis. And last, the boy-next-door, Nick Carter. Trying to get back the girl that broke his heart.

What are the guys trying to do to us? Are they trying to make us cry? Well, that was surely accomplished as I speak on behalf of all the fans. The boys have truly shown the world that there is more to them than just dancing, singing, and looking good. This video truly breaks the boundary of Teen Pop and Maturity. Where can the boys go from here? They have broken all time records and made history. What is left? Perfection. Though no one has accomplished Perfection, it is a striveful destiny. The boys just keep getting better and better. This video has and will continue to better the Backstreet Boys. I am sure that we can look forward to some more really good music. What is behind this song? Writers and Producer Max Martin and the late Denniz PoP. In this song you can hear how Max Martin is expressing his feelings towards the loss of his life-time friend and coworker the late Denniz PoP. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when AJ is getting off the bus, you will see that on the bus, the destination is "Denniz Street." That I believe is their tribute to Denniz PoP for all the wonderful work her did for the Backstreet Boys. This video was very easy to rate. I give this video a 10/10. The boys did a great job and I commend them for that. Great Job and Way to Go Backstreet Boys.


-Eddie Lopez (

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 1:33 AM

hey all, mine is going to be short and sweet!!!! hurray!!!!

the smtmobl video is by far the best video the guy have done to date. i absolutely loved it!!!

at first i thought it wasn't going to be as emotional for me since i was tipped off on what the video was like. i was wrong, i think i cryed even more.

my whole interperatation of the video is i think they are angels or lost souls coming back to fullfill something they needed to do. howie with his sister, kevin with his father, aj with his girlfriend, brian with his heart surgery, and nick i think coming back to save that girl...... then they all meet in the street and walk into the horizon, its closure then i think. i will just say this, i never ever thought i would have to see brian in a hospital bed, when i did it really effected me, i just started crying, and crying , and crying....

aj,howie, and kevins parts were so sad it must of taken a lot of inner strength to do this video... i give them major props what a great video, for a awesome song........ i loved it, loved it


From: Karen Markham []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 1:46 AM

The Backstreet Boys have attained a new level. With this beautiful video, they are on another plane. It is so emotional, so amazing, with each one providing a precious insight into who he is. I loved every segment and found myself moved by each.

Brian's was so poignant and powerful. His sad angelic face as he watched the "what-if." We saw the impact of the situation, and in that moment, felt his pain and feelings of loss. He let us in and for that, I am so grateful to him. He portrayed his part wonderfully and as he walked away, it was as if he wanted to escape, but knew that he could not.

I just loved AJ's part. It was put together so well, and I loved the transition from Brian's quietude in the hospital to the motion of AJ in the bus. It was a nice touch by Gosling to have the bus moving, trying to get somewhere, with AJ looking out the window thinking of her. When he looked down at the end of his segment, it was just perfect.

Kevin's part was so heartbreaking. And I loved how it just floated to him. >From Brian to AJ to Kevin, there was a sort of connection being formed and with Nick and Howie coming up, it was a wonderful way of tying the Boys together. I loved how Kevin was just watching the memories, feeling his father with him, beside him, around him. It was beautifully done.

Nick's part was wonderful as well. I loved how he was walking the "roads" alone, only to find another lonely soul as he did. It was very dramatic how he saved her from the bus, and how they stared at one another, possibly finding what they've been looking for. Nick portrayed all of it in a quiet and vulnerable way that made it flow.

Howie's was a touching end. I loved how Kevin was standing behind him, waiting for him until he was ready. When he looked around and saw his sister running towards him, only to vanish before she reached him, it was an incredible commentary on what he felt. He wanted her to come to him, but no, she could not. She was gone.

Then when the video started to bring the Boys together, I just about lost it. I loved how the camera panned down on AJ as he got off the bus and him looking out into the street was a wonderful touch. When Kevin nodded to Howie, tears started to well up in my eyes. And when Brian came out to the street and sang his part, I was a goner.

Gosling made so many amazing decisions and seeing the Boys walking down the street TOGETHER was exactly what I wanted to see. They have each other and together, they'll get through it all. It was just a lovely video all the way around and I just know the Boys will be collecting awards for it at the end of the year.

Love you, Boys, always!!

From: Nat N. []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 3:19 AM

Here goes my review:

I thought SMTMOBL is their best video ever!!!I mean there are so many emotions and feelings in it and the sad part is that the boys did't even have to act for it cause it's all the truth. I swear this is the only music video that made me cry, well not really eyes just filled up with tears *LOL*

Anyway, the video is kind of divided up in 6 different parts,each of the boys' parts has a meaning:

1st part is Brian, he is at the hospital and he stands there watching himself through the window. He watches himself lying in the bed and dying. Then he walks off into that bright light like he's going to heaven or something. Oh yeah, I also forgot that they show the doctors running through the hospital hall trying to save Brian's life but they don't. The meaning of that of course is Brian's heart surgery and I really almost cried when I saw his part because I mean,he could've really died cause of his hole in the heart but he didn't because he was strong enough.

2nd part is AJ's, he's sitting on the bus holding this picture of a girl. He's looking really sad and lonely. Then when he like sings the lines *wild and free I can feel the sun* he looks up through the window and the sun shines on his face.After that he thinks he sees the girl on the bus but it was only an illusion and she disappears. THen they show a really close up of AJ's eyes and then there's a tear dropping down AJ's face, I cried there! I mean, you could see AJ wasn't acting at all. I caninterpret this in 2 differnet ways, either it's that he feels lonely cause of course he misses his g/f, friends and family when he's on tour or it's after a break up with his g/f.

I also love the part when AJ walks out of the bus, then looks back and puts on his hat. He looks so sexy when he does that :)Oh and I really think it was good that it says "denniz pop" at the front of the bus because he wrote the song when his friend died.

Now to Kevin's part, his part is so sad...I mean it's obvious what it's supposed to mean. Kevin is sitting there and crying watching old home videos of his dad and himself. Then he stands up and looks up as if talking to his father singing *are you with me now* and you can see his dad on the video in the background. This part is so sad and emotional and I could really relate to Kevin's part but I won't get into that now.I think those are real videos of his dad, for those who don't know, Kevin's dad died of cancer when Kevin was 19.

Howie is sitting at a bar and I think he's thinking about his sister Caroline but that's only my way of interpreting it. Then there's this girl that runs to Howie behind him and reaches out for him but then Howie turns arround and the girl disappears.The part that kind of touched me was when Kevin is standing there and he was there watching Howie all the time, then Howie sees Kevin and Kevin nods as if wanting to say that he understands his pain and as if calling him and telling him it's time to go.

Now I didn't really get Nick's part but I think I MIGHT now what it means. He's walking down the road singing *guilty roads to an endless love* He's so into his singing and when he sings it you really know he means it. He has this hat on it looks kind of french to me :) Anyway, when he sings *love* he kind of looks up and that looks really sweet =) Anyway, then he sees this girl walking down the street, she seems lonely and she seems as if she doesn't care about anything right now. She doesn't see the bus behind her so Nick reaches out for her and saves her life and saves her from being lonely because when the water splashes between them they are about to kiss but they dont.(damn, they should have!!!:) I think the meaning of that was that BSB's music can save other people from loneliness.

Now the 6th part, this is kind of a part of the whole group together. THey're all walking beside each other on the street and since the video is all pale and grey the colours suddenly change and the sky and everything else becomes all colourfull and they walk into a desert, I think the colours mean that even though life is hard you have to move on ad the desert of course represents loneliness and that everyone at one point of their life will feel lonely.

Anyway, that's only my opinion on the video but of course some people might see it all differently :) I thought it was really their best ever because it was kind of about their lifestory and their past.

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 9:30 AM

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take a second to comment on the most powerful, haunting video I've ever seen. Now, going into the video, I knew how I wanted it to look, but the guys and their director surpassed my wildest expectations with this one. I'm not just saying this because I am a huge fan, either. I don't think I've ever been so moved by a music video in my life. It was absolutely beautiful.

The shots of Kevin watching himself and his late father were so emotional (I'm choking up thinking about it now), and Brian's scenes were absolutely wrenching. AJ's scenes were also very moving, and the emotions he must have been feeling were evident. It must be so hard for them to maintain any kind of relationship -romantic or not -with their crazy schedules, and it has to make the world a much lonlier place for them when they need love and support the most.

I have to admit that when I first watched the video, my boy Nick's scene didn't make sense to me. Of course, he was lonely walking down the street (and didn't he look amazing...even the hat worked for me!), but when he pulled the girl out of the way of the bus, I thought there was going to be some lip action between them (UGH!!). Now, of course, I realize he was saving her from her loneliness. I have to admit that scene was probably one of the most intense of the video. By the way, I don't think Nick's real life lady love was ever hit by a bus and died (I think we would have heard about it by now!). It's just a symbol of the emptiness Nick feels sometimes as a result of having to grow up WAY too fast.

Poor Howie! He is not my favorite Boy, but he always seems to get the shaft in their videos. But his scene was amazing, too. Losing a sibling is horrible, and I don't know how Howie got through it...I couldn't imagine what I would do if I lost my sister. It's still a gorgeous scene, and it's too bad we didn't see more of Sweet D in this clip.

So that's my take on the video. I am SO mad it didn't make TRL yesterday...what's up with that?! Hopefully we'll see it at #1 for the next 65 days starting today. If any video deserves the honor, it is most definitely this one.

From: Annabelle A. []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 11:32 AM

All I can say is WOW. I saw the video yesterday and I was practically glued to the t.v. I loved how the video started off with the pain and emotion Brian had to go through during his rough days. The loss in A.J and Howie's relationships is so something people can relate to. Kevin's little part was so sad. I'm not sure if those were real clippings of him and his dad, but it looked real. You can tell that he was really thinking of his dad during his part. Now comes Nick. I think this has been one of the best videos he has done . I found he's really into the feeling that's set in the video. He just gives that little extra something to make the video soo good. Over all I loved this video. It touches everything that most people have to deal with in their lives. If I would have to rate this video on 10, I would give it 15.


From: Laura Fudge []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 4:53 PM

My name is Laura and I have not yet seen the video but I know a lot of people are confused about Nick's part. This is the only part i've seen! When Nick is walking down the street it represents his lonliness and when he saves the girl it represents how he saved his girlfriend from lonliness and how she also saved him 2. TA DA! Just my opinion though!


Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 5:01 PM

I love the video . The beginning is showing Brian in the hospital looking at the heart monitor and the monitor stops and the doctors turn the oxegyn off. You see then that the patient was Brian. Then you see AJ sitting on a bus looking at a picture of a girl and a tear rolls down his cheek and he sees this illusion of this girl. Then Kevin comes on and he is watching old videos of him as a child playing baseball with his dad. He gets up and looks out the window and sings "are you with me now?" and his dad is in the backround. I about cried. Then you see Nick walking down the street. Then Howie is in a coffee shop and you see his sister and he tries to help her but he can't. Then they are all together and the song ends.

The stories about the boys are

AJ lost a girlfriend in a car wreck when he was 14.

KEVIN lost his dad to cancer

BRIAN his heart stopped for 30 seconds when he was five and almost didn't survive.

HOWIE lost his sister to lupus.

NICK Im not for sure but I think what Mandy did to him made him sad

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 5:06 PM

I think the BSB new video "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" is great. I really shows that even if your famous, you life isn't perfect. When i first saw it it brought a tear to my eye (and still does). The song is beautiful and the video is awesome. KTBPA

From: Katie Jahn []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 5:51 PM

"Show me the meaning of being lonely."

I watched this video, I must say it is no question the best video I have ever seen! I love it, it is so symbolic, and so real, it's almost frightening.

Brians Part: Brian's part, wow, I salute that man for climbing into a hospital bed and having his worst fears realized, for the video at least. The scene was very emotional. Notice how his 'spirit' is dressed in black, and that his face has no color. People have been saying he looks so pale, it's because he was meant to look very white and pale while his surroundings were in vibrant color, it was to symbolize that it was a spirit and not a person. Also, another big deal, notice the red stripe on the wall in the background. In this video I believe the color red is supposed to symbolize lonliness. I don't think many people have picked up on it, but thanks to the critical viewing unit I took in my english class, it stuck out basically right away. I think maybe one change I would have made to his scene was to have Leighanne in the video, you know like crying and banging on the window, when he flatlines. When she finally realizes he is gone, she should blow him a kiss, and that is when Brian's spirit should walk through her, but first, he should run his hand across her face, kind of as a way of saying "It's okay," or "I love you." She should touch her cheek, and then it should cut to Brian walking out the doors. Just my opinion of course, but I think it would have made the scene that much more emotional.

Kevins Part: I must say I salute him also, being able to watch old films of him and his father. (They were both dressed in red) The sheet of music on the table by the film, nice touch by the director. I think it symbolizes that music is what sets him free, and helps him get closure after all he has been through. Notice again when he walks to the window, There is a big bright red stripe above it, symbol of lonliness. Also I noticed his jacket right away. To me the jacket looked as if it was part of an airforce uniform, his did was in like the airforce wasnt he? I think that's what it was, again notice the red strip right by the buttons.

Howie's Part: Him sitting in the cafe when he turns around he feels like he sees his sister. I think he turns around at first because he hears Kevin coming in, and then he sees a blurred vision of his sister running towards him. One, she is wearing a RED DRESS, lonliness. I think his vision of her is blurred because it is supposed to portray her slipping away from him, and that a blurred memory is all he has left of her.

AJ's part: Alright I've heard two different scenarios for this one, his girlfriend who died, or him just breaking up with a girlfriend, either way it fits well, His part is that he misses someone he obviously deeply cared about. Again props to the director for putting in the single tear, often times a single tear symbolizes great pain. Notice again the other colors are very dull except for some red in his hair, also the necklace he's wearing and his lips showing a faint pinkish redness. The girl who gets on the bus is also wearing a red scarf. The message I personally get from this scene is that two people, who were once so deeply connected, still are. He misses her so much he imagines her, he still has a clear picture of her until he realizes she isn't real. But his clear picture represents that they are still conected. Notice also the red stripes on the bus, and Denniz St. in BRIGHT RED, because they miss him. Nice move.

Nick's part: Ah yes last but not least. I admit I don't really know. I think his part may symbolize that he has no one to miss. Notice he isn't wearing any red, or there isnt any red around him until he saves that girl, I think that's supposed to symbolize his youth, having to grow up with out anyone he could really relate too. His time of learning and growing was sped up and I think at times maybe it leaves him emotionally scared of getting himself into anything weather it be love or whatever, I think it's supposed to symbolize how alone he feels.

Other stuff: The one major change I would have made is this: I think that the girl AJ imagines should be the same girl Nick saves, *the one in the cafe* I think that would have connected the video really well. It could have showed AJ for a second then the screen blurs out to Nick saving her, you know one of those soap opera dream screens. Because basically, Nick was saving the girl from lonliness, because he was so lonely he didn't want anyone else to feel the way he did. I think that if AJ imagined someone saving that girl, it would have been like sdaving him from the lonliness and painhe must go through too. Just my opinion of course, but I think it makes sense.

Another big part is when Kevin gives Howie the nod of understanding, as if to say "I know the pain too." Once again, Mad props to the director. I love the dramatic color scheming he uses in this video. He only makes the vibrant colors stick out, everything else is somewhat faded into the background, which went along with the video, Their pain was so sharp that it was something that stuck out in their minds all the time, while everything else seemed blurry and faded out. I read that one girls review, the part where she says the end of the video looks like judgement day. I kind of agree, but not in a bad way. It's actually very brilliant when you thinka bout it. It shows them moving on, The video kind of gives you a whole pleasentville type of vibe where some things are in color and some aren't and at the end, that is when they stop living in the past, and move forward into the present. Thats why the colors are so vibrant in that scene.

If you had wondered why the rest of the video was so dark and dreary I think it's to symbolize them living in the past. Well that's about it, I hope my review makes as much sense to everyone of you as it did to me! Definitely my favorite video! A+!

-Katie, any comments can be sent to

From: Jenn Carter []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 6:26 PM

I'm very proud of the boys for making such an outstanding video with personal meaning to it! I don't think it could be any better. After reading the Rolling stone article about the shoot it sounds like they had to endure alot while filming the video in that part of town. Each boys scene hass it's own personaly meaning for each boy.

B-rok's- His scene has to do with his heart surgery and his fear of not being 100% better.

Kev's- is obviously about his father and how he wishes his father could have scene all of his accomplishments and how he know's in a way his father will always be with him no matter what.

Nick's- is about him not being able to keep a relationship long enough for it to become serious (he always runs away or something happens). He's afraid of being alone. He wants to kiss the girl but he can't he's to afraid of what may become.

Aj's- poor AJ looks sick like he hasn't been eating?! I wonder whats been going on, he's always been skinny but now more than ever. Anyways his is close to Nick's only that everytime Aj's in love the girl leaves (kinda disapears) he fears being alone. I'm sure most of the guys feel this way.

Howie's- is about his sister and how he wanted to help but there really wasn't anything he could do.

The whole video is basically tributes to all the people they've lost over the years (Denniz st. is a dedication to Denniz Pop). This has got to be one of the boys best video's because of the meaning behind it and the sutle messages throughout it.

KTBPA Forever!

*Jenn Carter* -- Toronto, Ontario canada

From: Haselhorst []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 6:47 PM

Hello. Well, I know there's a zillion reviews but I want to make my voice heard.

There are people who said the black and white thing just didn't work. I beg to differ. ESPECIALLY on Brian. When it shows him in the beginning, just his face all black and white, I was already so proud of the boys before I saw the whole video. I knew they picked the right director for this kind of song. The black and white symbolized the loneliness. It made the boys look like they had so much emptiness in them... it's indescribable. The video was amazing.

I think AJ's part was superb. The tear looked amazing to me (brought me to tears!) and I liked how AJ looked. He's a fashion leader if you ask me! I've never seen anyone say anything about the part near the end (my fav part) when AJ first sings "Where you are" in the background but it shows just his face. He looks amazing.

Kevin's part was great. The whole thing with his father's death was beautiful. It was great he could show his mourning about it. It was great... 'Nuff said.

I agree with everyone when they say Howie got the snap of the video. Even though he had the shortest part (as usual) he did a great job. But I don't see how they decided to land Howie in a coffee shop. Just a place I guess. But Howie did an amazing part on showing his pain for the loss of his sister who died to Lupus.

Nick's part was also very good. Even though it didn't hit home as much as the other boys he had a significant part. It's like he saved the girl (as they save ALL of us) from death to PREVENT loneliness. Like, if he lost her, he'd be even more lonely than he already is. The poor kid didn't get to experience high school, and have the whole high school sweethearts thing in his life. I know not everyone agrees with me, but that's what I got from it.

Overall this is the best BSB video I've ever seen, and I have it taped 3 times. I watch it every day.

Oh, to the person who said it was Denniz driving the bus, I've never seen what Dennis looks like! (SEND ME A PIC PLEASE!) I wouldn't have noticed. I think having Denniz St. as a destination on the bus was a great tribute to Denniz.

And to the person who said that the video was like a gift from the boys, because only fans would understand these personal stories, I totally agree with you. The boys get kudos for this great video.   KTBSPA!


From: kevvy lover sullivant []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 8:12 PM

Hey, y'all this is Kristin. This is what I thought of the video.

They really didn't need to show the ambulence, we would have figured it out. Personally, this was a very sad, but beautiful video. The Brian's heart surgery and Kevin's dad just made me so sad. You could feel Kevin's pain as he got off of the elevator and went over to Howie. It was beautifully shot. In the intro for the video, Kev was all like "it's a deep little video", and I didn't think it would be that deep, but it was really, really well done. A+ guys!!!!!!!!

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 9:07 PM

SMTMOBL is the best video I've seen on TRL in a long time. True the other BSB videos were nice, but pop videos are stereotypically fun and light. Even when dealing with feelings "from the bottoms of one's broken heart," there is that sense of teen bubblegum. But once again the BSB have broken barriers. Not only is the song beautiful--both lyrically and musically--but the video is equally as poetic and moving. I can't even begin to count the number of reviews I read that mentioned that the writer cried or was touched when they saw a certain part in the video.

This one video hasn't even been out a week yet and it's already evoking more thoughts and interpretations than any other "boy band" video.

Reading each fan's interpretation of what each scene was about, I felt like I was in a coffee house debating the feeling of a local writer's poem. In fact, I took the lyrics to this song, back when Millennium first came out, to a creative writing course I took over the summer. We had to bring in song lyrics . . . and everyone was shocked that this was a BSB song.

Nick's scene seems to have the most varied interpretations, but that's what makes it so great. Everyone got something different out of the video. It's that poetic depth that makes this song and video one of the many firsts for this awesome group. The BSB are constantly breaking barriers and building bridges and I commend them for their first "real" song and video.


Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 9:39 PM

I would just like to say that I thought this video was the best video that the Boys have ever done. It was emotionally powerful and moving. The only other music video that brought me to tears was My Heart Will Go On, lol. But this video has a very personal meaning to me, too. Howie's sister died from lupus, and my mother is also suffering from that disease. So I am able to relate to both Howie's and Kevin's scenes. I think this video was able to show the more humanly side to the Backstreet Boys, so maybe now some of the fans who "worship" them will come to realize that they are humans and they feel pain and loneliness, and they aren't perfect. SMTMOBL made me love the Boys even more, because it showed that they aren't afraid to show the world that they cry and they feel. If the Backstreet Boys are reading this, I would just like to say WOW. Great Job. And thank you to Howie for showing me that even though a very close family member is suffering from a horrible disease, you can still go on and things will get better. Much love, Sarah

PS-- Anyone, feel free to discuss anything with me :-)

From: Christina Wiggins []
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 11:09 PM

I just finished reading all of the reviews for the new video and I agree with most of them. That video is really thought-provoking and a real tearjerker. I thought all of the guys proved through this video that the Backstreet Boys as a group should be taken seriously and that they do have talent. Just look at the feeling they put into this video - it is not easy to portray such deep emotions and make them seem realistic. I guess it helps that most of these were real life experiences for the guys.

I loved the part where the tear fell from A.J.'s cheek - I felt so bad for him! My favorite part was Kevin's because I felt like his definition of being lonely was the most heartfelt.

Many people mentioned the use of color in the video, especially the black and white backgrounds. But no one mentioned the use of the color red, which I thought was very meaningful and an important aspect of the video. I think the color red represents the "crimson love" theme. Notice that red is the only color used throughout the video. At first, I didn't notice it, but when you really look, you realize that it is everywhere - the red line on the wall of the hospital, the red jacket on Kevin's dad, there is a slight red frame around the picture of A.J.'s girlfriend, the red lips of all the girls and the red dress of the one that supposedly represents Howie's sister, even the candle which blows out is red. These are just a few of the times this color appears in the video. I don't know if it was supposed to be meaningful, but I thought it was interesting.

The only time color appears in the video is the end where all the guys unite and face their loneliness together. Because they are no longer alone since they have each others' support, the world is no longer as dreary as when they faced their problems alone. I think this is a sweet way for the guys to show how much their friendships with each other have affected their lives and how much they cherish and support each other.

Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 10:38 AM

First I wanna say that this is the best video so far in my opinion. Besides the story I just love the way the camera was handled and the black and white with only the color red in it.

It was pretty much said before what Brian’s (the heart surgery), Kevin’s (his late father), AJ’s (his girlfriend who died when he was around 14) and Howie’s (his sister who died) stories were and I totally agree with that. As for the feeling they put in there, I thought all of them were just amazing. You could really see Brian’s pain when thinking back to the surgery, Kevin’s longing for his father, AJ’s sadness about his lost love (by the way, I didn’t think his tear was cheesy at all and I love that wifebeater) and – what amazed me almost the most – Howie’s deep heartwrenching pain in his eyes for not being able to save his sister and help her. It seemed to me like it was almost angst in his eyes.

So now to Nick’s part. I adore him more and more every day (I’m actually a big Kevin fan) and I’m proud of how much he’s grown up in the past year. He’s like the little brother I never had (I’m 23), you just wanna hug and protect him. Okay, sorry for babbling about my opinion about him. Now to his story. The way I see it is: He lost his girlfriend to some other guy and tried to save his relationship with her (saving her from being run over by the bus) which was being destroyed by his carreer, symbolized by the bus. Even though he saved her life (maybe that could mean that they’re still friends), she chose the other guy. So that’s his meaning of loneliness. I personally love his part and was touched by it. And I think he looks awesome with that hat!

I’m not the kind of person who cries easily and I hardly ever cry when I see a sad movie, so therefore I also didn’t cry when I saw this video. But it definitely touched something deep inside me and it also made me choke a little. Not to mention the shivers down my spine. I really have to give the Boys props for making such a personal and touching video. They let us see deep into their hearts and let us share their pain and loneliness. Not many stars (I don’t know of any other actually) do this. This shows us once more how much we, the fans, mean to them. It’s also a video to which everybody can relate in one way or another.

I’m sure everybody has lost someone or will lose someone during their lives. It could be a close friend or relative dying, but also the end of a relationship. There are so many ways to be lonely and through this video the Boys have shown us that everybody has times of loneliness in the course of a lifetime, also them. They’re normal human beings like each and every one of us too.

Okay, that was longer than I planned it to be, but I could go on for days talking about this video and how thankful I am to the Boys for making it. It must have been hard shooting this and they definitely have my respect for what they’re doing. More than ever before. Keep up the excellent work guys!


From: Carolyn Levinson [levinsch@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu]
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 11:26 AM

I'd like to comment on the Backstreet Boys' new video, "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely." What strikes me the most is the courage that the guys show in this video. They are not afraid to reveal themselves and their innermost feelings; they are not afraid to be vulnerable. Let's face it. The BSBs are constantly being criticized and "put down" (think of that awful Blink video). Even so, they are always themselves, never compromising the way they think and feel, never failing to share their faith and values and dreams with us, their fans. They take a chance when they expose the depths of their emotions. Brian, Kevin, Nick, AJ, and Howie stand in all humility in front of the whole world and declare "this is me--this is who I am."

The video is about things that are not often seen in music videos: the death of a loved one, serious illness, loneliness, despair, fear, and pain. The beauty of the song and the utter magnificence of the Boys' voices as they sing it is enhanced by this touching video. I, too, wondered how they would possibly be able to put this song into a video, but again, the Backstreet Boys and their advisers have shown their brilliance--they should always follow their instincts, because they've proven over and over again that they have the pulse of what their fans need and want from them. The BSBs are maturing and growing, and I have a feeling they will be around for a long time, bringing joy and beauty and wonderful music to anyone who is open enough to really listen to them. Thank you, Backstreet Boys, for the music, and also for being you--you are SPECIAL.

Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 8:15 PM

This is my interpretation of SMTMOBL...And before I begin, please let me say that we all have our own personal ideas of what this and that mean in the video. There is so much symbolism and meaning behind things...And I'm sure the BSB's themselves have their own hidden representations, which they may not choose to reveal. After all, the video does represent their trials in life, something that is very personal...

Brian - We all know about his heart surgery. No doubt that surgery was a very stressful and lonely time in his life, even though he had loved ones supporting him. When you are face to face with the thin line between life and death, most likely no one can bring you comfort but yourself. Anyway, he is watching himself in remembrance of what is behind him. He is alone, as he symbolically faced that situation "alone"... And notice how he walks into the light at the end of his part...He is now faced with the future...A bright one...It just shows you how fragile life is.

AJ - O.k...I have heard that he lost a "girlfriend" of his when he was young. If that is so, then I would interpret this as being his remembrance of her. He is traveling on a bus, representing his present life moving forward. No matter where this bus goes or how fast it moves, being his life, he cannot escape the memory of that hurtful time. It will always be a part of him...

Nick - This is my fav...And this may be way off...But it's what I imagine... Nick, unlike all the other members of the BSB's, has never been faced with a traumatic situation. (Death, sickness, etc.) Atleast, let's say he has never experienced trauma in that sense. When he saves that girl from stepping in front of the bus, it represents his life as being saved or protected from hurt. He has never been faced with trauma as the others have, so his level of understanding would be limited, as would any of us "innocent" ones. The girl represents "the possible hurt in life" that can easily occur. He looks her in the eye and realizes how quickly something could happen, yet he can't understand what the pain would be like.

Kevin - This is very understandable. His father passed away years ago, and he is remembering this hard time. Keeping the good times in mind (watching the film), but facing the future with courage and moving on, hence turning away and looking out the window.

Howie - He lost his sister a couple of years ago to Lupus. No doubt his sitting in a lonely, half-deserted coffee house represents his missing his sister - the ache in his heart that only she would fill. He drinks coffee, something warm, symbolising how he wants to find warmth in her memory. The girl sitting beside him could show how others too are affected by sickness, and he is not alone. When the girl runs toward him, notice that as he turns to look at her, she begins to fade. Hence, he senses her presence in his life, which is why he turns to look...Yet when he turns to see her, she fades...He cannot see or touch her literally, just in memory. Which is where his sadness resides. Kevin is in there with him due to understanding the loss of a loved family member...He nods in agreement.

And note that the color red is used throughout the video...Red often represents anger, or fury. No doubt, all the BSB's have "anger" in their hearts that these things occur in life...We all do. We accept these things because we have no choice, but we are still upset by them...The red is also a bright contrast to the black and white. It shows truth...It shows real life...the real world...And black and white "hides" it...You lose contrast, or the realness, in black and white.

The same girl is also used in alot of the scenes. (atleast I think it is the same girl) And she always has on red lipstick. Anyway, she just represents the hurtful things in life. What can happen...What did happen...She is the pain and trauma they have faced...

In the end, all the guys walk down the street together...They are support for each other, and they all have a bright future ahead, hence their walking into color. They remember the past, the black and white, yet face what's in store with courage.

And of course, Denniz St. on the bus represents their loss of a friend.

I may be way off, who knows...But the video touched me...I appreciate the seriousness of this video. I think the BSB's did a wonderful job. They said it well...And they may laugh if they read my interpretation, but that's exactly the point....It's MY interpretation. That's what makes music what it is. We all interpret differently. And that's what makes the world go round...

By: Lori Anne

Please e-mail me if you have any

From: Kate Merwald []
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 8:54 PM

Okay, first it was awesome. But i have to admit I was a little perplexed. I was trying to figure out each boys' scenes and I figured it out!! (i think?) anyway, here I go:

Brian: Had to be the most obvious, heart surgery, his fear of dying from it, ya get the idea

AJ: he had a friend, that was a girl, that died sometime and the girl on the bus looks like her!! that's my best shot. i'm pretty sure its right

Kevin: his father

Nick: this one confused me most but i finally got it. I remember in one interview sometime nick mentioned something about a friend he had, a girl, how committed suicide by running out into open traffic. So now i get it!!

Howie: of course, his sister!!

thanks for hearing me out. email me if you have any more info

From: Katie Gomes []
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 12:00 AM

Okay there was this entry i read on smtmobl and i loved it what it had to say

A.J.  the girl he was thinking of was his best friend!  she died in a drunk driving accident when she was 13.  he wrote a story about it if u wanna read it e-mail me u will cry!!!!!  se what drinking and driving can doo !!!!!!  NOT GOOD  his scene was soooooooo  good!

Brian when i first saw this i thought it was nick he was looking at but it wasn't it was himself  AWWWWWWW  i cried!!!

Howie this represented his sister  and when kevin came to get him it was kinda like kevin telling him that he understood what howie was going through

Kevin AWWWWWWWWWWW  this made me cry sooooo  much

Nick   this was the best one no one knows what hes doing   I DO its showing that since he had to leave school and friends hes really lonley and since breaking up with his ABUSIVE GIRLFRIEND he is really lonley its showing how he has to walk down a lonley road but to meet up with his 4 best friends!!!!!




From: Joy []
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 12:00 AM

I'm sure i'm only one here who has never seen it,(but...) fFrom reading yours,i can imagine each scene as apparently as from my eyes...I can't wait to see Nick's part. About 99.99% of ppl didn't get Nick's scene. I don't think that the girl was his ex-gf or even his gf.. coz it's most likely impossible that any boys will save his gf unless they walk side by side...And you see Nick was walking by himself and saved her by chance,eh? It's my pooint of view.. And i think it's killer to make the clip this way. It's so named!!! Seem like the boys wanna know our thoughts about meaning of being lonelee,and each has each. I guess Nick will meet a new question,not DO YOU HAVE GF? or so.. but he will be asked HEY,NICK ..SHOW ME THE MEANING OF YOUR LONELINESS IN THE CLIP? PPL SPEAK OF IT A LOT!!!Cool?



Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 4:25 AM

I first saw the video on MTV 2 Large on New Year's Eve I waited for three hours for them to air it. When they finally did, I was not disappointed! I especially liked that the guys introduced it. Since then, I have watched it more than a dozen times, and each time I seem to get more out of it. I think this is a video that instead of analyzing, we need to let it speak to our hearts. We are all going to have different interpretations of it, anyway, as it relates to us in various ways. Having said that, this is my take on this awesome vid. Brian's is obviously about his heart surgery and I think that it shows a near-death experience. He looked like a little boy watching himself on the hospital bed. Kevin's part refers to his dad who died of cancer. A. J, looking down at a picture of his beloved with a single tear sliding down his face couldn't have been a better depiction of a love lost. Howie grieving for his sis was very touching. I loved the special effects with the girls. Last, but definitely not least, there is Nick. I think that he is very intense in his singing and when he reaches out to the girl. The rain in the scene makes it even more poignant. I feel that the girl represents someone in his past that he has ambiguous feelings for. He loved her, but she hurt him and he wants to take her in her arms, and yet he can't deny the fact that she hurt him. I also think that there is a lot of feeling in just that one scene. Also, worth noting is Kev nodding toward Howie telling him that it is time to let go. At the end, where they are all walking together, they are walking toward a brighter future, letting go of the pain and loneliness. I think that this represents when the guys met, and that they found a lasting friendship with each other that would stand the test of time. When the scope is so big, I perceive that to be the possibilities that the world holds for them. The guys are showing hope and that it is only the beginning. I feel a connection with this video unlike any other one. It is positive as it shows that you can overcome loneliness. I would like to congratulate them on making a video with depth and feeling and meaning. All of their parts are awesome! You can tell that they really put their heart and soul into it and I wouldn't expect any less from them!

Much love, God bless


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