Readers review SMTMOBL (Part III)

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Date: Jan 04, 2000
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Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 5:06 PM

I have been waiting for days to see the video to "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. This video is amazing. All the camera directions were awesome. Me and my friend were watching this video and its something that I can relate to. Loosing a loved one or loosing a (well, in my case) a boyfriend. It's hard and I'm so thankful that I have that song to reflect on.

I don't really cry when I first see a video, and I hardly cry at sad movies but oh my gosh, when I saw this video, I could barely see it because of the tears in my eyes. It was so real. Each scene is something every person can relate to. Especially me because this song was the only thing that helped me when I lost a loved one.

I have to say that "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" has to be their best video yet. They all looked great. I give the video 5 STARS. It's definately my favorite now! Keep up the awesome work guys!! KTBSPA!!

From: Nicole Dennison []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 5:16 PM

To me the new BSB video has a message to it. Each Boy is going through their own scenarios. When I watched the video I teared up when I saw Brian's scene. It surprised me that he was the one in the hospital bed. I guess I never thought of Brian's surgery turning out for the worst. In A.J.'s scene he was lonely because he broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't seem to get over it. The one tear going down his face was a great affect. It shows how he's affected by her when he keeps staring at her picture and then visualizes her on the bus. It moved me greatly.

In Kevin's scene you can see the pain he's feeling when watching the home movies of his father. It shows how he feels because of the loss of his father. The scene adds reality to the pain that Kevin still carries with him. In Nick's scene I think that Nick feels alone. I think he rescues his girlfriend from being hit by the bus or imagines that he saves her from death. The way he stares at her after he grabs her from getting hit by the bus shows the pain and sorrow he has. You can see how much he wants his girlfriend back. In Howie's scene he visualizes his in the bar. She runs right past Kevin towards Howie and then vanishes. You could see how Howie's heart sank when his sister disappeared. He was totally heartbroken. He felt helpless. There was nothing he could do to bring her back.

Also when A.J. gets off the bus you can see in red letters DENNIZ ST dedicated to their late producer who died of cancer last year. Next you see Kevin waiting for Howie to come out of the bar and meet up with the rest of the guys in the street. My interpretation of the final scene is that the guys are sort of going to heaven. You have the beautiful sunset in front of them and the guys are walking towards it. I think they are going to see the loved they lost. I think this is the BEST work from BSB. It shows their maturity and the growth they've made in their videos. SMTMOBL should be number ONE for all 65 days on TRL. I just hope I won't cry all 65 days! KTBSPA


P.S. All the guys look great in black and white! Email me your opinions at

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 5:16 PM

The new video by the Backstreet Boys had me in tears. Brian and Kevin's scenario really had me all choked up. I thought that was a nice touch for each of them to have something different happen to them. I must admit that when they said this video was coming out I thought hmmm, it's probably about some girl that they lost, but really each of them had totally different events that happened in the video. I liked the tear that AJ shed, it was very moving. I am very proud of them, it's like with every new video they seem to get better and better. This one is phenomenal.



Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 5:58 PM

I thought the music video was their best yet! AJ's story line seemed to have no real meaning unlike the others but at the part of the video where he is getting off the bus, if you look up to where buses normally post the name of the street it says "Denniz st"! I thought I was a clever way of adding Denniz Pop into the video.

From: Betsy Vandervoort []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 6:25 PM

Hello everybody my name is Betsy and here's a review for BSB best video yet~ SMTMOBL!!!

First I want to say that this video shows the deep side of BSB. This song now has a lot more meaning to me after I saw the video. I think each of the guys did a great job acting in this video and it is such a tear jerker!

Brian's part: The way Brian was watched himself die probably resembled the way he felt and how others felt when he was having heart surgery; no one knew what was really going to happen. The way it was done was very good

Alex's part: When I saw this part i automatically knew it was about the loss and death of his girlfriend. The tear made his pain and loss seem more real. The effects at this part were done well also.

Kevin's part: When i saw Kevin watching the film of him and his dad i broke down to even more tears. I'm sure this video must have been hard for him and the rest of the guys to do considering it was so personal.

Nick's part: I figured his part would have to do about his relationship with his ex girlfriend. If you pay attention to this part of the video you can actually understand it better. I thought the hat he was wearing looked very cute on him!!

Howie's part: When i saw him in the cafe and some girl started running towards him i knew it was supposed to resemble his sister who passed away. The effects in this part were done well also.

The ending: I thought the ending was done well also. When they were all together it kind of showed that they will always have eachother no matter what happens. They way they walked away together made it seem like they had some hope even after all the bad stuff that has happened to them.

This whole video explains the song and how it actually relates to Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie, and Alex. After my friend Laura and I watched it we couldn't even explain how we felt. All we could do was wipe the tears from our eyes. I know this will be a HUGE hit on TRL!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR IT ON TRL..THANKS! Well there's my review for SMTMOBL

~ This video also shows that BSB aren't only good at singing and dancing, but they are also good at acting! I hope to see them in a movie someday!!!! KTBPA and Peace Luv Kisses Cookays Hugs

From: Julianna []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 7:08 PM

I waited ALL night for that video. I'm truely touched by this video. It totally matches the song. As soon as I saw baby Bri standing there looking so small and helpless--i knew it was him in the bed. I started to cry. And as the video went on i sat still in shock.

Brian-heart surgery

AJ- lost girlfriend

Kevin- lost dad (most touching)

Howie- Sister

Nick- ???

what was the point of nicks? can ne1 really tell me?? i got lost on that one. They looked very good, it was very moving, and very emotional. Hopefully the next video will bit a little happier!

From: dickson []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 7:13 PM


I would just thought I would let you know what Nick was being lonley about because I believe I figured it out! Well as all BSB fans know that Nick broke up with his girlfriend! And remember the line that says "Guilty roads to an endless love" well the guilty part is when he saves the girl from the bus and then shortly afterwards you can see that they look like they are about to kiss! And then the endless love is his first love that he can rarely ever see is his girlfriend! So I think thats means he is lonley now because he is gulity for cheating on his grilfriend and know he is lonley because they broke up! And over all I think this is there best video off their newest album! It is really meaning full it made me cry! And just the way they are acting you can tell this video and song means alot to them!!!!!

I really loved it!


From: Jana Colleen []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 7:39 PM

Backstreet Boys Hidden Features

Show Me The Meaning.

Note: Millennium traits
Brian: Air
Kevin: Steel
Nick: Water
Howie: Fire
A.J.: Steel

Notice there are every characteristic in this video. The candles the rain the sunset at the end. It all makes sense.

Look close at the bus driver, I think it is Max Martin.

NOTE: Video was shot in the slum of L.A. Peace and Quiet in a bad part of L.A.

Those are some of my aspects on the new video.

Please visit my website at and help me spread the word!

From: Kathryn S Richardson []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 8:33 PM

I tuned into MTV's 2 Large party on New Year's Eve with the main reason being the world premiere of "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely." After the video, my whole family was in tears. It was an incredible video and I had a new respect for the Backstreet Boys as artists and as people. Kevin's part was amazing. As he sat there in the chair watching old home movies of him and his father, I couldn't help but feel his pain. I know that sounds mushy and corny, but it's true. I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him things would be okay. When Brian entered into the white light, I got chills and A.J.'s part was unbelievably moving. My eyes began watering when he shed that single tear. Nick and Howie's solos were great too. I finally realized that Howie was singing about the loss of his sister. I was not sure at first whether it was Caroline or a girlfriend, but I figured it out the fourth time I saw it (I taped the video and watched it about ten times total). I liked it when the girl lit the candle and walked do wn the street, and the flame blew out. The end was the best though when Brian, A.J., Kevin, Howie, and Nick walked off into the sunset together. As long as you have friends and people to love, everything will be all right. A message of hope for the new millennium perhaps. I hope this video is #1 on TRL because the BSB deserve it. Props to the director, Stuart Gosling. I hope the Backstreet Boys will use him on future videos.

From: Amy Bonaria []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 8:58 PM

I don't know about the rest of you, but the Backstreet Boys are something my mom and I enjoy together. Every time a new BSB video premieres, I tape it and we watch it together for the first time. The "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" premiere was no exception. When I watched it for the first time with my mom, I didn't really react to it much, I just sat and watched. After she left the room I rewound it and watched twice more. As I watched it, I remembered the significance of everyone's stories (except Nick's, I haven't figured his out yet) and cried when I realized how much I can relate to how everyone was feeling. Like AJ, Howie, and Kevin, I have lost someone very close to me: my baby niece died in December of 1998. And like Brian, I know how it feels to have serious heart problems because that's why my niece died. Anyway, after I watched the video alone for the second time, I had to shut it off because I was crying so much.

Okay, enough of the tears (sorry guys).

Overall, I thought the video was great--all their videos are. I've always thought that it isn't really my job to be critical of their videos because they put so much time, effort, and money (not on this particular video, but we all know the last one was pretty expensive) into making them for us to watch. But that's just my opinion. Anyway, as I said before, the video was excellent and I wish it a happy and successful reign on TRL for all of its 65 appearances. Thanks for reading, and KTBSPA!   ~Amy~

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:08 PM

I absolutely loved this video! It is my favorite video they have done so far. It makes everyone think and relate to situations in their own lives. And after reading the other reviews for this video, I can tell it even makes the fans think and try to figure it out. It is a very deep video and I love it! This is my take on the different scenes and what "I" think they mean. This may not be what you think they stand for, but it is my interpretation after thinking about the different scenes:

1. Brian is looking at himself flatline after he is having his heart surgery. However, he is lonely cause he is watching this and is worried he wont be with his family again. He walks out with the guys at the end though into the street. He then walks with them into a new beginning. This is because he of course did not die as we know. He lived. This is showing he has overcome this loneliness and is going on with his life and overcoming his loneliness.

2. Kevin is watching films of him and his dad. Kevin lost his father to cancer, and this is him remembering his father and the loneliness he felt with his death. However, at the end, he too walks into a new beginning and going on with his life. He has overcome this loneliness.

3. AJ is on a bus that says Denniz street. This is in rememberance of their producer that died. Very good touch in rememberance of him. They are all meeting together on Denniz street showing that he also caused loneliness for all of them at one time as a group when he passed. Very touching! They each have their own loneliness but they also have loneliness as a group.

4. Aj is looking at a picture of a girl. He sees this girl on the bus and she disappears. This is a friend of his that died when he was only 14 in a car wreck. She caused great loneliness in his life when this happened. but again, he walks to a new life now that he has overcome the loneliness.

5. Howie is in a diner when a girl runs to him and disappears in front of him. This is his sister who died at a young age from lupus. When kevin looks at him, he is telling him i know what you are feeling but he too needs to walk with them to a new beginning and overcome the loneliness which howie does do.

6. Nicks part took me a while to understand. but i think i get it. when kevin walks off the elevator you see a guy and girl fighting. this is the girl in the street. she is lonely because her and her boyfriend had a fight and almost kills herself by walking in front of a bus due to her depression. nick is her guardian angel who saves her right when she is about to die. he is telling her she needs to try to make ammends and start her life over. seeing her upset makes others upset. Then at the end you see her making up with her boyfriend. He saved their relationship and her life. He then walks with the others into a new beginning overcoming the loneliness he felt for the girl. ( i am wondering if somewhere in his life he did save a friend from depression and death?)

Again this is my review of what i thought happend sorry so long, and feel free to email meat if you have any input. Thanks!


Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:28 PM

i saw this video, it was so depressing! what these poor guys go throught! i think brian's is the worst, the poor guy watchs himself die! i watched the video so many times and this is what i got out of it.

Brian: it's his spirit watching to see if the doctors are able to save his life, when they aren't able to save his life and take his oxygen mask off, he leaves the hospital because there's no point in him being there.

AJ: he's crying because either he broke up with his girlfriend and still misses her or she died, my guess is that she died.

Kevin: he's watching old videos of his dad and him, bringing back good memories of someone he misses dearly.

Nick: he's lonely, he doesn't have anybody in his life. when that girl comes and he saves her, maybe like someone said before, she's his girlfriend and she really did get ran over by the bus and he just couldn't save her, and now he's just playing it back in his head, thinking that he did save her and she didn't die.

Howie: he's thinking of his sister, that died a couple of years ago.

for some reason i think that all the boys are dead in this video, and they're just thinking back on a lonely life, when no one saved their lives, they didn't save anybody's life, people they loved died and people the cared for left them. that's just my opnion.

when they all meet up at the end of the video, that's the happiest part!


From: Amanda Johnson []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:33 PM

First of all, I'm gonna say that I wasn't sure which address to send it to, so it's going to both...and could you please post this please???

Anyways, I wanted to say that I was reading the reviews on the site and everyone was saying what happened in the video but no one was speaking about the concept.

From what I understand, this is the concept-I think (not sure), that they are all ghosts or spirits (the paleness of the video) who's unfinished business is to wait for Brian. As u see he almost walks into the light but doesn't (at the end of the hall). I'm not sure about the rest of the guys but I think Nick is a guardian angel who is sent to save and protect the girl. When Kevin comes into the diner and nods to Howie, I interpreted it as him saying "it's time to go" and that's why Howie jumps up to put his coat on. Then at the end of the video, the boys are all together and enter heaven because everything changes: the surroundings, sky and they walk towards the light.

I think this is a great video but very sad and they're most powerful and moving video.

That's the way I interpreted it but if anyone has any different ideas or agrees with me, feel free to e-mail me.


From: Kris []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 10:11 PM

I'm not sure if you guys are still posting reviews, but if you are, here's mine:

I saw the Show Me the Meaning (Of Being Lonely) video on Friday night, and I must say, I've never been prouder of the BSB (even after the Billboard Music Awards).

First of all, I already knew what the video was gonna be about since I read posts from people who already saw it, but it still managed to amaze me. There was the striking cinematography, with the color scheme and different views from which the scenes were shot all contributed to the effect of the video. As Chris Cornell (?) of MTV put it, this is a somber video with several references to hardships the BSB had to go through.

I loved Brian's the most. It was totally unexpected, and was the one that struck most of us the most. He looked like a little boy, unable to stop what is going on. AJ's scene had an air of mystery to it, and we could never really guess who was the girl he was referring to. Kevin's scene suited him, since he is so serious, and that shot with him looking through the window, with the video of his father in the background was heartbreaking. Nick didn't really have much of a story line, even though he could be referring to the period where he was growing up on tour, and was unable to find a girlfriend. I'm glad Howie didn't get shafted this time, since he's my fave, and his scene could be interpreted in different ways. The most obvious one is a reference to his sister, and another is maybe someone special he was waiting for, but never came. They are all great actors, and gave this such a dramatic effect, instead of the usual, sterotypical videos.

The symbolism in here is well placed, from the Deniz St. sign to the light on the candles being blown out suddenly. There is also another storyline hidden within the video, and that was of the same girl, sometimes with a guy. The end of the video was tied in with IWITW, where thy would walk off into the distance.

I believe that even though this is already an awesome song (my all-time favorite of in fact), this video would even make it more popular. BSB surely would achieve more airplay in several adult contemporary stations, like VH1, and win over even more fans. I have to say thanks to them, for giving us a video that is so real, and all of us could relate to. It must not have been easy for the guys to show such a vulnerable side of themselves, but this video promises them a lot of respect from even the harshest of critics.

From: Rachel Crouch []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 10:20 PM

I seriously think this is the best video they have ever made, perhaps the best video I've seen in a long time. Not because they looked cute but because it was just beautiful. Please I beg of you guys, don't turn this into something where you start debating who looked cute and who didn't and don't start talking about what they shoul or shouldn't have been wearing. This video did exactly what it was supposed to do, it illustrated the song and in doing so probably helped us understand just how human they really are. Think about how hard making the video may have been for them. It probably caused Brian to relive some very frightening moments he's had in his life and both Kevin and Howie may have had tough times if the video sparked certain memories.

Anyways,I liked allusion at the end that they are leaving this world and going to heaven. I thought it was extremely appropriate for the song. And here's a thought. Did anyone else realize how much Kevin looks like his dad? This is the end of my rant. Just, please try to remember what the meaning of the song and of the video really is. Try not to get hung up on looks or angles, its the message that matters.


Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 11:02 PM

First off, anyone who didn't like this video has serious problems dealing with emotions. Second, I loved this video. It was deep, thoughtful, and meaningful.

B-Rock: I really understood where the Stuart Gosling(director) was coming from. It was touching to see Brian dealing with his heart surgery. You could sense his pain and lonliness watching himself through the window.

Bone, A.J.(or as I call him, Mr.Sexy :) : Another touching scene when you see a tear fall down because his loss of a girlfriend. I liked when he turned around and saw her fanish (nice touch Mr. Gosling).

Kevin: Yet another touching moment to see him rremember the father son moment he had with his father( Kevin, if you read this, I send my condolences). I loved it when he looked up during, "are you with now"... Absolute genius!!

Nick: This is the only scene where I kinda was stumped. I know it had to deal with a girlfriend, but what is with the bus .... Anyway, I still liked the scene.

Howie: I liked it when he looked up thinking about his sister... then the girl/sister coming towards him then vanishing.... TEAR MOMENT..... made me tear..

Finally, to see AJ come out the bus that said Denniz St. . That was when I broke down because it showed how the still remembered Denniz Pop, and you can tell how much he means to the boys. As the "five aces" come together and walk down the street, I loved it because it tied all the storylines together into one whole thing. Diud you catch the part when they all looked up at the same time.... they know their angel Denniz is watching them.

This video will be #1 on TRL because it's wonderfully crafted and done. I LOVED IT. I LOVE IT.




FINAL GRADE:A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 12:16 AM

All I have to say is.....THAT'S MY BOYS !!!!!!! Brian sweetheart.....when you had your surgery.....all your fans prayed that you would come through :-) We love you <3 Howie....I know you miss your sister Caroline...but things get better...and I'm sure she's with you in spirit.......Kevin Hun....your father is always with you.......AJ...the right woman will be with you soon...and Nick...your saving your love just shows how much you've grown :-) I am very proud of this video even though it is sad....It is a beautiful piece of work....I Love it !!!!!!!!!


Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 12:51 AM

First I have to say this has been the best BSB video ever. All five boys displayed emotion, sadness, and lonliness that only their fans could understand. The director was just amazing. I just wanna say one thing, someone said they thought AJ crying was cheesy. What the hell is cheesy about crying? I thought it was incredible he was able to bring himself to cry. Anyway, my friend and I thought that maybe that girl was a friend he lost in a car crash. Does anyone else remember reading something like that a long time ago? Just wondering. Nick's we didn't really get. My conclusion was that him and the girl were both lonely and he was saving her from her lonliness, if that makes any sense. Brian's part freaked me out at the beginning. It was weird to see that like that, I wonder how he felt the first time seeing it? I also thought Kevin and Howie did an excellent job interacting in their scene. Notice that sometimes less is more? The whole thing was just beautiful. I thought AJ looked the best and the tribute to Denn iz was awesome. The ending was a little weird but I think it fit perfectly, the colors and camera angles and special effects were all amazing. This video really proves a lot about the boys and I hope it gains even more respect from people who don't like them. This video was exceptional.

From: PoohBear45
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 5:22 PM

So, on December 31, 1999, MTV debuted BSB's new video, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely. I'm not going to go into details because I'm sure there are many reviews out there that did that or will do that. I'll just give my overall opinion of it. I think this is by far their best video yet. I kept telling people that all weekend. It shows how much they've grown up in the past year alone. It just has so much depth and emotion to it, that I don't think many people get across when they make a music video. Unlike most videos out there today, it is very mature and it touches the heart and soul. I will admit my favorite part was when Kevin was watching the old home movies of his dad and him. I was almost in tears. It blew away all my wildest imaginations of what the video could've been. Remember to vote for it everyday on TRL everyone. Let's see if we can keep this at number 1 for all 65 days.

From: RuMaJaRu []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 4:34 PM

I can honestly say that I have never been so moved by any other video I have ever seen. Choosing to use a different director was the best move they have made video wises. The effects were amazing, especially the scene where Nick saves the girl from being hit by the bus and the water splashes right between them. That was GREAT! The video over all was breathtaking, but I do have to say that AJ's scene could have been better. I think they could have thought up something much more original than that, but there's always next time. I really think that Kevin and Brian had the best scene's. I spent New Years' eve in an emergency room because my mother had a irregular heartbeat. I really thought that she wasn't going to make it, but thank GOD that she is home now and doing fine.

When we got home that night we turned on the T.V. and the video came on. I sat there watching it with tears in my eyes when I saw Brian's scene. I couldn't imagine my life without my mom and the video made it even more evident. Then Kevin's came on and it's about his dad, who died from cancer and I wanted to cry because both of my grandparents on my mothers side died from cancer about 3 years ago. Then there was Howie's scene and now that I have been informed that the girl running towards him was supposed to be his sister it all makes sense. Once again I don't think that he got enough "air time". I really feel for him cause he lost someone close to him, too. Kevin nodding at Howie was a nice touch.

The ending was perfect and if this isn't number one on TRL on monday I will be so upset. So vote everyone.

And to the boys: You are AMAZING!!! Never let anyone tell you otherwise!

From: niki-tash gordon []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 8:12 AM

When I watched the SMTMOBL I almost cried it made you feel like that you know and to the the fact that this video was a very deep and personal it kinda tells us they are humans too and they do have feelings,overall I think its a great video,now to the scenenarios.

NICK-his scene was about walking in a dark narrow street by hisself I think he did a good example of feeling lonely and his clothes was also perfect for the scene (since he is my favorite he looked fine!!!).

BRIAN-his scene was wathching himself dying (maybe its his spirit watching hisself).

KEVIN-his scene was watching some footage about his Dad and maybe at that time he was feeling quite lonely since his father died a long time ago that one was very sad.AJ-his owwn was riding on a bus loooking at the picture of this girl(maybe it's his girlfriend or someone close to him)and crying that was a sad one(like duh!!).

HOWIE-his own was losing his sister and looking at her picture in a restaurant and crying and when he thought it was his sister i almost broke down!!!.

ALL TOGETHER-when all of started to walk and come together and singing the last chorus it was so sad because they are walking together in a dark street wearing dark clothes and singing their hearts out made me CRY!!! To me I hope this song come on today because its a really great video(even my brother who does not like them only their music said it was a great video!!!) and I hope it comes on TRL today because I voted for them on Saturday and I will be voting for them every week!!!!


Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 10:43 AM

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

I got to watch SMTMOBL over the weekend.  And i would like to share my opinion of the video.

Brian's part of course was about his heart surgery.  The fear and the loneliness that he felt while all of this happened to him.  And what could have have happened.  His walking towards the light was one of the coolest aspects of the video.

A.J's part was very cleverly done in my opinion.  Missing the love of his life wanting her back so badly that he gets to see her materialize right in front of him.  only for her to disappear once again.  To know that he is still alone.

Kevin's part I have to add a personal note here so please bare with me.  I lost my mother when i was fifteen.  Almost ten years ago and how i think Kevin must have felt during that video shoot.  Watching the home movies and asking the question are you with me now?  It took guts, it's a question that i have asked many times through the years and he deserves a lot off applause for a scene that must have been very hard for him.

Nick's part at first i didn't understand.  But then i realized at least to me.  That he was showing how love can hurt.  That someone hurt him badly and though he doesn't want anything to do with her he still would try to save her if need be.  It's been said that Nick's last relationship had a bad break up could it be a reference to that?  I don't know but it made for some excellent viewing and speculation.

Howie's part.  I also have to give a loud shout out to Howie.  Some people didn't get Howie's part but if you put what's happening in the video to the words that Howie is singing at the time maybe you'll understand.  As the woman (his sister) is running to him a look of confusion and sadness on her face reaching out to him he's singing.  I have no where to run, i have no place to go, surrender my heart, body, and soul.  I think it means how he thinks she might have felt.  No place to go but to surrender her life.  Once again just my opinion.  And i have even more respect for Howie because of how it was handled.

Then the end all of them meeting together.  Them meeting up was a wonderful way to end the video.  It showed that even through all their troubles that they have each had to handle on their own and that they have felt a sense of loneliness they still can rely on each other.

And with the surreal effect's like the last day's of judgment are upon them.  It was wonderful to watch.  That everyday is filled with loneliness but also with hope.  That together you can overcome to see a brighter day.

It was a video that should get awards and just might earn them the respect from the critics that they so badly want and deserve.

From: Cindy Park []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 12:02 PM

Dec. 31st, 1999. Mtv's 2|Large.

Ananda and Blink 182 announce the Backstreet Boys' new video, "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely." I get my remote quickly, and press record. The Boys' show up to "open the floor and explain what the video consists of"

~Brian. THE OPEN FLOOR: I loved how Brian opened the little explanation by saying that little "we're gonna open the floor and explain what the video consists of." *Cute rating: 10*

Nick tells Kev to explain because he doesn't know how to pronounce the director's name, and laughs telling Howie. *Cute Rating: 9*

While Kevin is telling what the vid is about, Nick is just looking around, looking down at his chest (or whatever) and his chin looks odd. *Cute Rating: 8*

AJ messes with his fingers, a habit! And those glasses he is wearing makes his face look small! *Cute Rating: 9*

Kevin's little thing saying "its a deep little video, and we hope you enjoy it." *Cute Rating: 9 (because he's always so serious!)* ~~~



The ambulance before the music starts is a nice effect, with the sirens in the background, it kinda opens up what the video is going to be about. Zooming into the hospital room, I couldn't see who the man lying in the bed was, and I thought it was a relative of Bri. The music starting while zooming into Brian's face is a GREAT effect, and when they show him on the bed it shocked me...I had to turn away. Because it showed his heart rate stopping on the monitor, which gave chills up my spine when it showed the doctors rushing and taking the mask off of Brian. The look on Brian's face when he walks away from the hospital room is the first time I've seen that expression on him before. Nice new effect! Brian's already pale face just looks white in the black and white! It makes it seem so real. When he walks down the hall and opens the door, the whole "walking into the light" scares me! Brian really put his heart into making everything look real and his expressions while singing.




I love his part. He looks good in the video! Him looking at the picture, then showing his face up close with the tear tore my heart! I have a new AOL name dedicated to that split second in the video! (teardropajm) The girl that walks by AJ, and vanishes into thin air is a wonderful shows what AJ is thinking and that is usually what happens in real life when you break up with someone and you're thinking about them! I love when AJ walks off the bus and it shows the marquee on the top saying "Denniz St." AJ shows his appreciation of Denniz Pop in that single body language...putting his hat to his heart and looking down the road. AJ looks and plays his part very well in the video, such great expression!



What can you say about Mr. Serious? He was perfect! You could feel his loss and his part greatly. Probably the best part was when he tilted his head upward, and sang the line "are you with me now?" and it showed his dad on the screen behind him. The window was a good effect. When he walked out of the elevator, and you could see the pain in his face, it just wrenched in my heart!!




Ok, I know Howie's niece (sorta). She goes to my school. Her mom is the one who died and reprents the girl in the video. (supposedly.) It really made me sad because I've heard what his niece went through when her mother died. When Kevin watches the girl run by, it kinda shows that he is watching what Howie is going through and will try to help him. When Kevin nods and tells him he is doing the right thing by mourning, it is the sweetest and almost the most meaningful part of the video! He didn't lip sync very well but I think that added to the video!




He has a cool part. I love it. His whole style. He kind of save the girl from loneliness. She thinks she hates her boyfriend but she doesn't. At first I thought that it meant Nick was saving the girl then gonna go out with her...but when it showed the girl with the other guy I knew what it really meant.

I love how Nick really gets into his singing in the video. Like Brian, he puts all of his heart into playing his part. VERY COOL!




I like when they are all walking down "Denniz St." singing their hearts out. Very sentimental. Nick is awesome getting into his spurts of singing! Brian clutching his chest...meaningful and great. AJ very solemn, along with Howie and Kev. Another great visual effect is when they are all sillouhetted (however u spell it) against the smoke and Denniz St. and they are all black, then they are shown. The women who came into the video, and "vanished" by computerized stuff is a WONDERFUL addition by the director and the Boys. This whole video is a great maturing shown by the Backstreet Boys. It kind of proves every awful critic wrong in what they think of the BSB. All I gotta say is, GO BSB!!! And they get an A+++ for "SMTMOBL!"

~Cindy Park~


From: ctx-user []
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 2:28 PM

I thought the video was great and had alot of feeling to it. Every story was very drama like and had feeling to it The great part of it was just the whole thing. Brian has heart surgery, Nick breaks up with a girlfriend, I'm not sure what AJ's part is< Kevin lost his dad, and Howie lost he's sister. I thought this was the best made video and a lot of thought into it  


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