Readers review SMTMOBL (Part II)

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Date: Jan 04, 2000
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From: Sarah Anne Moore []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:35 AM

The video for "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" is incredible. It really touched me that each of the guys' scenes dealed with personal situations. For me personally, Brian's scene was a hard hit. They showed the patient going into cardiac arrest and then flat-lining. Then they cut to a close-up and you see that the patient is in fact Brian. That started me crying and I didn't stop until well after the video was over. I also really liked the bus destination sign; "Denniz St", the reference to their late producer, Denniz PoP, and then Kevin's scene with home movies of him and his father. I think that the video was VERY well done. Major props to Stuart Gosling and of course to my Boys!! This may be my favorite Backstreet video! KTBPA!! Sarah {~the ROK lover~}

Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 9:48 PM

This is my review of the video for Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.

This morning was the first time I actually saw Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely. It brought me to tears. It is such a deep, touching, personal, and sad song.

First you see doctors rushing into a hospital room. I had no idea who the person was. They started acting as if something had gone wrong with the person. Suddenly you see Brian, pale as a ghost, looking in the operating room. The person in the hospital was Brian!! Either he was looking in at himself dying or himself having something go wrong. I guess this came from the concept of Brian having his heart surgery and what would happen if something went wrong.

Brian was SO pale looking in at himself that I guess it was his spirit watching over his body. This brought tears to my eyes. Especially when I actually realized what was going on.

Next you see AJ on a bus looking at his girlfriend's picture. A tear fell down his cheek. That was deep. It was so touching to actually see that. I cried too!

Then you see a girl get on the bus that AJ is on and I think it is the same girl that is in the picture. Sooner or later, the girl dissapears. I think they broke up or she died and he was imagining her.

Then you see Kevin. This part was SO sad to me. He is watching home movies if him and his dad playing football, and as we all know, his dad died 10 years ago. This was actually true and personal on his part so it was SO sad!

Then Nick is walking down a sidewalk and at one point in the video he pulls a girl out of the way because she is about o get hit by a bus. AWWW!!

I don't quite understand Howie's part....oh well. It doesn't matter.

Soon Kevin comes in to get Howie and they walk out of the coffee place (where Howie is). As they walk out, Brian (or his spirit) is walking out if the hospital, AJ is getting off the bus, and Nick is walking up to where they all meet. Then they start singing and walking together.

This video is the most touching video I have ever seen!! It is SO sad!! (I know I may sound pathetic). I'm glad it was the first video of 2000 shown on MTV and the last video of 1999 played.


From: Carrie Elina []
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 11:19 PM

I normally wouldn't send in a review, but felt compelled to from a bit of what I read on other's opinions. Personally, I loved the video, I felt it to be very poignant and reflective of the song. Maybe I'm looking at it from a slightly different point of view, or maybe it's just because, being one of the 'older fans', I happen to look at it from a different perspective. Anyway, and I'll make this as short as possible, of course this reflects a point of sorrow for each guy. Brian's was obviously the difficult time through his surgery. Kevin's time had to be involving his dad, it being one of the single most difficult times in his life. I think Howie's part WAS reflective of the passing of his sister. You can see the pain in his face, you know who he was thinking of. Plus, the girl who was there, I believe did represent his sister, someone who he wanted to be there, but couldn't. Kevin being in the cafe as well, with the nod of understanding, I think that that just solidifies my theory.

AJ's part could be involving the friend he had lost when young, but it could also represent another kind of pain, the pain of longing for someone who, unlike Howie's situation, is still there but impossible to have with you at the time. Then again, it's just a theory.

Nick's part, I'm surprised most people were confused. I think his part is that he's just lonely. Could you imagine the stress of trying to form a solid, lasting relationship while you're gone over half the year? He has never really had much of a chance, if any, to date as a 'non-famous' guy. I could not begin to imagine the kind of stress that pust on a relationship. The group is all he's know for so long. I mean, could you imagine going through your teenage years the way he has? even above AJ, who was at least in the midst of his teenage years at the beginning, just think about it? Yeah, I could see how such a widely known, popular guy could feel so very lonely. I wouldn't be surprised if all of them felt that at times.

The end I thought was excellent. Think about it, with the surreal atmosphere, it represents the rest of the video. It's all about closure. I think that that's what this video was all about for them. The ending represents them being able to put, not bury, the past sorrows they've had and the surreal desert represents their moving on. They don't know what lays ahead, but it's just closure from the past. This was a way for them to 'talk' about their sorrows and their pain.

Overall, I think this, more than anything, was a video they needed to make. And it's also a proper video to represent the pain of the hauntingly beautiful song, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely


From: Amanda []
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 11:56 PM

When I first listened to the song "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely," I loved it.† It is so emotional and powerful.† I knew the video would reflect this emotion, but I wasn't sure how.

When I finally saw the video (after hours of waiting), I was amazed.† Like everyone else has said, each part of the video is so wonderful and touching.† This is definitely my favorite BSB video so far.† I think what makes it so great is that it has meaning behind it.† When I saw Brian looking in on himself in a hospital bed, I immediately thought of his struggles with heart problems.† When I saw A.J. in the bus, I thought of his girlfriend's death when he was young.† When I saw Kevin watching videos of his father, I thought of his father's death.† When I saw Nick walking down the street by himself, I thought of the lonlieness and sadness he must feel because he did not get to go to high school (he always talks about that in interviews).† When I saw Howie alone in the cafe, I thought of his sister's death.† I can't say that about any other BSB videos.† I love all the other BSB videos for different reasons, but they don't have the emotion and meaning behind them that SMTMOBL has.† I hope BSB gets recognized for this amazing video on the MTV Video Music Awards.†

Everyone has to vote to make SMTMOBL number one on TRL!† It is so much better than all of the others videos on TRL.† Remember to KTBSPA and vote for SMTMOBL on TRL!!!†


Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:29 AM

Hey, whats up? I decided to write my own video review for "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" after watching it about 30 times over and over :) To start it off, this is the best video I have EVER seen them do. I mean, I absolutly love all their other ones but this was so serious and it definitly strived away from the "boy band" stereotype. A nice step for the guys.

I had already predicted this would be an emotional video but as soon as they showed the ambulance, it was unbelievable. My frist thought was that Brian was watching someone (family member?) that was in a car accident or something and I wasn't exactly playing close attention until my friend screamed in my ear "IT'S BRIAN!" and that totally clued me in. Right there I was just like "whoa." I'm very proud of Brian for doing this scene, bout his heart surgery :)

Kevin's scene was very emotional also with his home videos with his father. I wanted to cry right then and there, but I didn't :) I truely think That Brian's and Kevin's were the most emotional scences, and the best. It totally put it into perspective for me just how easily we can lose someone we love and how close we were to losing Brian, even before we never really "had him" (when he was a kid with his heart problems) I think it was awesome how they put "Denniz St." on the bus in memory of the producer. He would of been proud of this video guys! Howie's scene I guess was about his sister. I loved it when Kevin gave his little "nod" to him, I guess telling him everything would be ok. That he had gone through tough times also. Nick's and AJ's scenes were also very good. Ohh I also love it when AJ puts on his hat when walking out of the bus. I don't know why, but it's awesome! :) I just had to put that in there. Overall this video gets an A++++ in my mind! Props to the boys and the video director! I can't get enough of this video!


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Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:54 AM

"Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonley"

Well the Backstreet Boys did it again, this video was great!!!!! Not only was it very moving, but I think it showed us all the meaning of being lonley. It litteraly brought tears to my eyes, not just because it was the backstreet boys feeling lonley but because for anybody to go through those sort of things has got to be horrible.

I know, you know, we all know what if feels like to have LOSSES in our lives.... So you know that this video is going to effect a lot of people because a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it. When reading the reviews some of you guys said you didn't get Brian's part because how could he be there watching himself..well the way I interpretted it was that the whole thing, the sickness, the surgery, the all added up to a lonley expierence in which he will always reminis about and even though he is alive and well today, he has those memories in which scar him for life....I mean it's not exaclty something you forget about. As Aj, everybody wants to know who aj is talking about..

like what girl in particular..well maybe it just represents an ex-girlfriend in which he has no contact with anymore, or I was thinking it might be the girlfriend of his who got in a car crash and died, I am not sure...then Kevin, and his father...i thought it was really cool how they lined up kevin while he was singing with the projection of his father in the was nicely done.

Nick hmmmm....well a lot of people have diffrent ideas for this one, somebody said he had a girlfriend whom got hit by a bus..and nick keeps replaying in his head that he saved her, but I had never heard that story before so i wasn't sure, when I was watching it with my mom she and i thought maybe since Nick is walking down a cold,dark alley by himself it may represent the fact that nick was deprived a teen life, he had to grow up way faster than a lot of kids do, so he feels lonley that he never got the chance to make friends in highschool, sure you say he's got the other4 backstreet boys, and that is great but if you felt like besides your family you only had about 4 people you could trust, wouldn't you feel lonley? I dunno, just an idea..other wise with him saving the girl and everything i am not sure. Maybe it's just to tie everything in ya know? Not everything in the video neccessarly has to represent something true to the boys, it may just all be stating lonliness. well overall I thought the video was absolutley perfect, it really touched me and i think it fits the song perfectly! Gosh I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: stephanie 25 original recipe cook []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:08 AM

"... show me the meaning of being lonely | is this the feeling i need to walk with | tell me why | i can't be there where you are | there's something missing in my heart ..."

This video was EXTREMELY hard to watch. I couldn't bear seeing the Boys in so much pain. It was obivously hard for each and every one of them to do their scene and I want to give them a BIG kiss for that (((((((((( BIG-WET-KISS-FOR-BRIAN-KEVIN-AJ-NICK-AND-HOWIE ))))))))))

Okay, now the main stuff. My opinion. First off, I just wanna say, everyone is entitled to their opinions. So please respect mine. I will do the same for you. Alrightyyyyyy going now, in alphabetical order:

AJ: I now realize the girl he is mourning for is his girlfriend. As I watch, I think about how much I take for granted. He was only 14 when she died. I'm 15 now, and What if my boyfriend died? How would I deal? AJ must have been a very brave 14 year old. AJ is a strong guy. But it takes a stronger guy to cry.

Brian: Mr. Littrell, I love you forever and always. Theoretically of course. How do you do it, Brian? How can you replay something that will haunt you for the rest of your life? Words cannot describe what I am feeling now. Just a sense of AWE over how strong he is. No, I'm still feeling at a loss of words. If someone can help me out, please email me.

Howie: Once again, how strong can one man be? The death of a sibling. That's hard. Howie, we love you.

Kevin: GEE! This is getting harder and harder to describe. Yet another brave soul. Kevin, you're amazing.

and, yes: Nick: Nickolas, WHAT IN GODS NAME DOES YOUR MEANING STAND FOR???????? LOL. I still have no clue. Is it leftover feelings? Is it how you felt with your girlfriend? Someone help me out here.

And so, I leave you with these words: THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN! Thank you and goodnight.

Brian Littrell Galaxy

From: Dona Pavlick []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:44 AM

I've read some of the reviews that were listed and thought I would put my two cents worth in also.† My favorite video has always been "All I Have To Give" because you catch little glimpses of Brian's tummy when he dances in his white suit (Brian being my favorite of course), but then I saw the release of "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely".† I can definitely say that this is now my favorite. † When I saw the ambulance at the very beginning, I knew it was about Brian being in the hospital for his heart surgery.† This is when the tears started falling down my face.† They didn't stop until the long after the end of the video.† To me, this video was the biggest show of love that Backstreet has for their fans.† They let each and every one of us see into their hearts. † It showed that even though they are world known and loved, they go through the same heartache and pain that we all do.† I know we all know they do, but do we actually see past the gorgeous faces, the awesome bodies, perfect dance moves and beautiful songs?† Do we see that they are just as human as we are? I think we do now. † The video done in black and white was perfect.† It gave the pain the realism that color could never have done.† Each guy showed something to us that either caused him pain, heartache, fear, sorrow or all of these emotions.† I also thought the bus heading was wonderful.† It was simple, but beautiful.† This tribute to Denniz Pop showed the respect, admiration and love they feel for him.† I don't think they could have done that any better. † When they all come onto the street, walk into the sunlight together and even the release date of the video, was the most significant of all.† Even though they have each gone through these hard times, they came together to become friends and brothers, and together will go into the new millennium (hence the release date) stronger for the bonds they have formed. † I think with this video and song, they have shown critics, their fans and even even non-fans that they will be around for a long time to come.† They have the talent, the ability, but most of all, the heart to be the best and greatest group to have ever been.† They have grown and matured into the wonderful men we all know them to be. † I have two words left and these are strictly for the Backstreet Boys:† Thank You.††††††† Dona Pavlick

From: Ray ! []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:52 AM

Review: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely video

This video was amazing... the whole concept fitted it perfectly, and it was a lot like I imagined it. It made the guys seem a lot more mature, and I think they will get more respect from critics and such..

The Video:

Brian- Brian's part was the best, from my opinion. It really touched my heart and I thought it was the excellent idea. At first, I didn't know it was actually him in the hospital bed, dying, but the minute I saw his pale face and bluish lips, I realized it was... It reminded me of the beginning of City of Angels.

AJ- AJ's part was pretty good. It wasn't the best though... I didn't like the tear thingy. It looked fake. And the girl, when she faded... it just looked, well, dumb. She should of just faded into thin air, instead of that thing where the image distorts. I really liked overall concept though, where he was looking at the picture of the girl. It was cool. And when he got off of the bus, it looked great. One thing though... what was with AJ's necklace? I have one almost, exactly the same. First butterly fly clips, now woman's necklaces... um, okay then.

Kevin- Kevin's part was so sad. I loved the concept... with him and his dad playing football when he was a kid. I seriously began to cry *sniff*. It fitted the video perfectly. This scene was a close second to Brian's scene. The only bad part, is when he sang, the camera was on the other side of him, so you could only see his head, and it look kinda ridiculous... but oh well. Overall, it was awesome!

Nick- I must say, I liked Nick's part a lot. Although it didn't have a lot of meaning, like Kevin, Howie or Brian's, it looked great. Him, walking alone, down the street. It looked perfect... he DID look lonely [not to mention hot, hehe]. And, when he saved that girl... it was like his loneliness disapeared, like they were soulmates or something [don't ask, i'm weird... this is what i got from the video].

Howie- Argh! Howie got nothing again! I feel sorry for him, but I do think his part was good. With his sister running towards him, and suddenly she fades away. It looked great, and he looked SO sad [and lonely]. I loved how they made Kevin stand in the background, watching him... it added something, like Kevin understood, maybe? Another one to cry other.

Other stuff- I didn't like the end, where they walk into the sunlight or whatever... it looked sooooo fake. Same with when that girl is looking at the moon... WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT???? I liked how the guys hooked up at the end. It flowed perfectly, looked great! The guys looked great! They all looked hot. I loved AJ's red hair and Brian looked like a sweetie! Nick's hat was a little [okay, VERY] interesting, but he looked cute, so it's all good. Kevin looked like the normally tall dark and hadnsome dude we all know, and Howie was looking better than ever before.

That's about all I have to say. Smile =ř HAPPY Y.2.K!!!!


note-visit my bsb fan fic page at:

From: K. A. []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 2:18 AM

I saw bsb video last night. I thought it's a really good video that they've done so far, so different unlike the other videos.

This is what i thought about each of the guys solo parts ( and by the way im not use to telling other people what i think of bsb's videos)

Brian: It was sad looking at brian looking at himslef in that bed, but i should have known it had to do with his heart surgery.

Nick: I really dont get nick's part but i think it had to do with losing a girlfriend or something.

Howie: Give him some slac. he needs to be in the video more often. But his was really cute in this part.

Kevin: Aww, i think this guy needs a hug. he was so cute in his solo. i was bout to cry.

last but not least

Bone: he looked sooo good in those leather pants of his. he could of done with out that necklace of his. his solo was cute. tear was a nice touch.

all in all i give this video an A. the colors were a good touch to the song. everything about it rocked. and this is not coming from a little girl this is coming from a 17 year old fan of bsb.

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 2:43 AM

Here's my review of the "SMTMOBL" video...

First, let me just say that a video has never touched me like this one has. I was expecting the boys to be upset in it and everything because that's what the song is about, but nothing could prepare me for this! I didn't think it would touch me the way it did! I wasn't able to watch it on New Years Eve when it was premiered, but I taped it and got to watch it later on.

I cried my way through the video the first 2 or 3 times i watched it. It totally got to me!!! I just wanted to jump in the T.V. and give all of them a big hug and tell them that everything would be alright because I could actually feel their pain!!! I couldn't believe all the emotion put into the video.. i must have rewound and watched it about 70 times in a row-- i can't get enough of it!!!

Brian's Part: At first I wasn't really sure who was in the hospital bed, but then when i saw them take the mask off Brian's face i burst into tears! All the memories of being SOO worried when he went into have his heart surgery came flooding back to me. I actually had to pause the tape because i couldn't see the t.v. screen through all my tears!!! [i know i'm pathetic! hehe..] i couldn't believe that i was crying from watching a music video!! Especially since i hadn't even gotten through the first 30 seconds!!!

A.J.'s Part: WOW. A.J. did an AMAZING job in this video-- the best he's ever done in my opinion! I LOOOVED the part where he was crying on the bus!!! That showed the sensitive side of him and seeing him cry just made me feel such sorrow for him!! The expressions on his face made him seem SOOO upset. i was amazed at how just his facial expressions could make me feel what he was supposed to be feeling!

Kevin's Part: This part was soo tough for me to get through because just seeing him watching old home videos of him and his dad tore me apart. Seeing him all by himself, watching old movies, remembering his dad who he missed sooo much-- I just wanted to comfort him so badly!!! The whole time I just kept thinking "Poor Kevin!!!" I really liked how you could see the videos in the background when he was standing at the window... and you mostly saw his dad too which had an even greater effect.

Nick's Part: Nick's part was really cool.. it was kind of a turn around from the other parts, where B-Rok, A.J., Kevin and Howie are lonely, and in Nick's part, he is saving the girl from being lonely.. I though that was a really smart idea. I loved the way he sang.. he put a lot of emotion into this video!!

Howie's Part: This part [like most of the others] really touched me. I could definitely feel Howie's pain... I remember hearing the announcement on the radio about his sister's death the day she died, and I was hearbroken. I felt soooo bad for Howie and his family. It tore me apart to see him not being able to help his sister in the video! Then seeing Kevin come to get him and nodding his head, kind of like saying to him, "c'mon howie everything's gonna be ok.." made me feel a little better thinking that the video would have a happy ending! lol..

Group Finale: I think all the boys coming together at the end was very important... I dunno, but to me, it symbolized how although they may have been going through all these rough times in the past two years, they stuck together and supported one another and everything worked out in the end. I LOOOVED the sunset part... a beautiful end to a beautiful video!!!

In my opinion this was their best video made so far!! The best part [and why i think it got to me so much] was that it is mostly all true and i never realized how much pain the boys had been going through until i watched the video... it was SOOOO emotional!!!


From: Kayla *phaze* []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 3:12 AM

All I have to say is, it must have been so hard for the Backstreet Boys to make that video! The whole concept is so intriguing and genuine but it's also very sad. I cried, I admit it! The beginning was just so moving because we really actually in a sense get to see what Brian was going through with his heart problem. I mean to have to act like that for a video and then the other part is to watch yourself die has got to be pretty hard when you have really experienced it before. When AJ cried it made me feel so much pain for him because he really did loose he first love in a car accident and bringing back those memories can't be easy. I wonder if the picture he was holding was a real picture of his first love that died. I find Kevin's part the most saddest of them all, I mean if I lost my dad I have no clue what I would do because he means so much to mean and you can tell that he meant so much to Kevin too. I think that the film strip really made the scene but I also wonder if it was real too. I really didn't understand Nick's part because he hasn't had someone to him close die or go through a situation like that so I guess they made him look like he was saving her from dying so that he wouldn't be lonely. How Howie did his part I have no idea because it just happened less than 2 years ago. It must have been hard on them all to relive those moments of sadness in their lives. By making that video in a sense they opened up the doors for us to see what has gone on in their lives. If you weren't true fans you wouldn't understand it and that is what makes it so special, I think. This video definitely deserves an MTV Video Music Award~!

Luv, Kayla (WA Biggest BSB Fan)

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 9:55 AM

I really liked this video. I think it showed the BSB maturing. The end is particularly touching when Kevin gives Howie that nod as if to say "I know what you are feeling but its time to move on." They have their separate lonely times but then they all come together as a team to say that together they will get through anything. In the end they walk into a sunrise (alot of people are saying sunset). But it is the sun rising on a new day. Almost to say that the loss is behind us and together we will walk toward a new day. This video has a lot of deep meaning. I have watched it over and over and notice something new everytime.

From: Robbie Nicholson []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 11:28 AM

I want to start out by saying that "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" is by far my favorite song on the album.† In my opinion it's the one song everyone can relate to.† I loved the darkness in the video, it really portrays loneliness in my opinion. Now I'm gonna tackle each individual part.

Brian ~ I didn't particularly care for Brian's part too much because it hit way too close to home.† Brian and I were born with the same heart condition (I consider him my role-model) and I never want to imagine myself in that situation.

A.J. ~ I agree with whoever said the tear was tacky.† We knew he was lonely.† I really liked the part where he gets off the bus and puts on his hat.† It was also great that they made a reference to the late Denniz Pop.†

Kevin ~ I KNEW his part would be about his dad.† I'm sure it was hard for him (and all the rest of them) to make this video.

Nick~ Wow, what can I say about Nick's scene?† At first I didn't get it.††I mean it's just him walking down the street.† Then when he pulls that girl up on the curb, for a brief second there is a shot of them just looking at each other.† It's the best shot in the entire video.† It's so intense.

Howie ~ Poor Howie.† He always gets shafted in every video.† Is it just me or did he look totally stressed?† What's up with his forehead?

I also liked all the "little things" in this video.† I love how the candle magically blows out after the girl likes it.† All in all, this is one of their best videos, and if no one takes them seriously after this one, then they're just...well, I'll be nice.

Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 11:31 AM

Hey everyone! Happy New Year. From what i've read everybody loved the new bsb video.well so did I. I was waiting the hole entire day to see it..i even taped it incase i missed it. I thought i was going to bc i went to a party but everyone at the party loved it(even the boys).

Since everyone said everything about the video i'l just give my opion. SMTMOBL is my fav backstreet song and now my fav video.I was so touched by this video with all of their scenes. First Brians i knew after i saw his i was gonna love this video. Aj's scene was also very good i've never scene Aj that emontial. I thought that Kevins was the best out of all of them. I thought that Nick looked so hot and his was so good. He got so into the singing.Howie's was also good when the girl was comming towards him i knew it was his sister.I loved when Kevin shook his head. Then when they all met at then was so good. Brian and Nick got so into there little solo parts.Over all i think that this defitnly bsb BEST video!!



Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:32 PM

Oh my God, let me wipe the tears from my eyes so I can see the keys as I am typing. I just watched the video yet again....I've lost count how many times I hit rewind on New Year's Eve. But about the video. It is the best BSB video to date and I think one of the best music videos period I have ever seen. It was so wracked with emotion that I cry now every time I see it. When I saw that it was Brian in that bed my heart just stopped and I cried. Then when Kevin was watching him and his dad the tears started again because I have lost many people dear to me in my life. There's this one part in particular where I just sobbed. It's at the line "Are you with me now?" Kevin's arms are on the window and he looks up like toward heaven and all you see is his face and his dad's in the background (tearing up as we speak). I thought that A. J. did a great job displaying his pain on the bus and how the street was Denniz St. I didn't get Nick's part,(someone wanna explain to me) but he looked good. Howie's was awful because I took that girl as his sister. I also love how Kevin nods to Howie and then they leave to join the others. Okay I am going to wrap this up now and go watch the video because it was just awing and well worth being parked on my butt in front of the TV for four hours waiting for.

:) Jen :)

From: Joanne Torre []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 4:01 PM

Once again the Backstreet Boys have succeeded in capturing our hearts, our interest, our imagination and our respect!†I saw the debut of the new video, "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" on New Year's Eve.

After all their success this year, they could have easily given us a simple video depicting loneliness on some level, but that would not due for these five†amazing guys.† Instead, they chose to give us, the fans, an extraordinary tribute to†their loved ones and to life itself.†

There are many symbols and messages packed into this powerful video.† In the beginning we see Brian's struggle with his health, his†heart surgery last year and also when he was younger and almost died from a heart related infection.†Indeed, we see Brian†thinking about his own†death†and facing the next life. He opens a door into a very bright pure white light.† I must say, I didn't expect this and I was completely blown away right from the beginning.† This is powerful!

Then we see A.J.†tormented by the memory of†a girl, someone close to him†who

suddenly disappeared from his life (just as she disappears from him on the bus). I†† take this to be†his girlfriend who died in an auto accident when he was younger.† This had a great effect on A.J. very early in his life and I think it helped mold some of the passion and strength that we see in him today.

Next, we see Kevin watching old home videos (which look authentic to me) of himself as a child playing with his father who died of cancer in 1991.† He is in absolute silent†grief†and yet†appears to be wondering about†loved ones†and events in life which are beyond our control.† This was extremely touching!

Then we see Nick who is walking down a lonely street in the rain at night.† I take this to parallel the loneliness he must have felt in being separated from his family at such a young age.† He†tries to hold on to someone who loves him by†saving her from death, yet in the end he loses her to loneliness.

Howie is seen next, tugging at his heart (and ours) with thoughts of his sister Caroline who died from complications of the disease called Lupus.† He wants to reach out to her, but she fades away.† In the end, Kevin is there†nodding for Howie to come back.† Back to this life and to his purpose in life.††

We also see A.J. getting off a bus with the destination sign "Denniz St." on the front.† This is a tribute to Denniz Pop, their former and I think first producer who also died of cancer.† He obviously meant a great†deal to the Boys.

The final scene shows all the Boys walking silently together toward a beautiful new sunrise. This is one of the most beautiful things I see in the Backstreet Boys-- their love†and truth in each other.

I personally think this is†an extremely powerful and touching video.† I felt honored to††have them share such personal feelings with us as fans, especially on the eve of a new millennium.† I† think this video should win an award!† I loved it!

Joanne Torre

From: Nancy Stecks []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:08 PM

Submitted By: Lauren ( )

The New BSB Video "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonley" is I think, the best Backstreet Boys video yet! It is so powerful and every scene almost had me in tears especially when Kevin's scene when he is watching home movies of him and his father playing football. Very touching! I think that AJ looked so sad in this video because he was mourning on a bus and see's a vision of his long lost girlfriend faid away. He lost his g/f in a car accident when he was 14. The tear AJ has rolling down his face was so meaningful! When he got off the bus, the top said: DENNIZ ST. on it, and I assumed that they dedicated the video to Denniz Pop, the late producer of the Backstreet Boys.

Howie's scene was kinda strange. Don't get me wrong, I Love Howie, but I coundn't figure out if the girl running toward him in the coffee bar was a girlfriend from the past, or, his sister, Caroline, who died of Lupus in 1998 (as you all should remember.) Brian's scene was strange because it was like he was looking at himself dying in a hospital. Nick's scene didn't make sence at ALL to me! What was he doing? Walking down the street singing I guess about a girlfriend who got runned over by a bus?! I like Nick and everything, but he is SUCH a sulker! (please don't kill me or send me hate mail all you Nick fans!) Kevin's scene was the most touching of all. He is sitting in his apartment watching video tapes of him and his father, who died in 1991 of cancer. When he is looking out the window, his arm is placed just right so that his father's face was next to his, when he says " Are you with me now?" I like the directors idea of having the boys walk into the street and form a line next to each other, but why do they walk into a "desert" at the end? I guess because deserts are lonley?!? Overall, this video was GREAT and I LOVED IT more than ANY OTHER Backstreet Boys video the have produced. Peace!

Will everyone please join my BSB Fan Club? There are frequent messages posted there so check it out and join! or: you can send me email's abotu BSB at: or

Thanks Everyone and remember, KTBSPA!!!!!!!

From: Sara Ege []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 1:37 PM

wow! i love the new video. i admit that the first time i watched it i cried and i can stand to look at brian in that hospital bed. my favorite thing about the video is when aj gets off of the bus and he touches the bus driver's shoulder. did anyone notice that it's supposed to be Denniz Pop? it looks just like him. they have made yet another beautiful video. i can't wait for the next one. keep the pride alive!

From: Lacie Smith []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 2:23 PM

I had been waiting for this video for so long, for which it seemed like an eternity! But it was well worth the wait, cause it is such a great video. I wasnít home Friday so I taped it then the next day my friend and I watched it a bunch of times, it took me a few times to understand some parts of the video. I think they put lots of thought into it and it was directed nicely too. And all of the guys got the same amount of television time, which I liked that it was evened out. The black and white effect was a plus too, it added more sorrow to the video.

Brian: This was a tearjerker, I was so close to crying during his scene. When I first saw him singing in the hospital I knew it was him during the surgery. It was very frightening seeing him like that, and I am glad he lived through that. Also, Brian does a great job as always singing his part.

AJ: I felt bad seeing AJ cry during this part, so did my friend, she looked like she was about ready to cry too. The effects were pretty cool too, when AJ had thought he saw the girl and she disappeared. I liked when he got off of the bus and the bus said Denniz St. I thought that was sweet. His part was very well sung too. But what was that feather thing he was wearing? And of course, he just had to have a hat on. Was it just me or during the introduction of the video, does AJ look like a bug w/those sunglasses on? hehe

Kevin: I thought this scene was probably the saddest part of the video. Poor Kevin watching an old video of him and his father, just thinking about it makes me sad. And we all know how sad it is when somebody we know dies, especially are fatherís. But I am glad we all get to see Kevin sing!

Nick: At first I didnít really understand his part, I thought that the girl wanted to get on the bus, but he didnít want her to and he was trying to stop her. But now my interpretation of it is this girl is trying to kill herself by running in front of the bus then Nick saves her. What a sweetheart! But in another review I read, they mentioned that his girlfriend ran in front of the bus and died, but he was trying to think that he did save her. Iím not too sure. I thought they were going to kiss after he saved her, but they didnít. Oh how I wish I was her! Nick looked very good in this video, but we didnít get to see his hair. Oh well. When I first saw it, I thought Nick kinda looked like a pimp! hehe He really got into his singing too (which I love!).

Howie: I didnít really understand this scene either the first time I saw it, but now I do, it is his sister running for help, he wishes he could help her, but he is not able to. This is pretty sad too. Probably one of my favorite parts during the video, was when Kevin nods at Howie, a gesture meaning that it was time to go. Some people were saying that Howie got shafted during this that he did not get enough air time, but I think he had just as much as everybody else.

The girl: I am wondering who the girl in the video is, Iím not gonna track her down and hurt her, I am just curious on who she is. I thought they would say who she was during the intro but I guess not. I thought she was pretty, but very pale. Iím not sure why she was trying to kill herself through out the video but I know it has to do w/being lonely. But at the end she does jump off of the bridge.

This is my favorite video it has real meaning. Unlike some videoís by other people that I wonít mention that just stand around in high schools and sing. When I heard they were making a video for this song, I knew it was going to be sad, but I didnít realize it would be this meaningful. Anyway, the guys pulled off another great video and I hope itís #1 on TRL tomorrow! Everybody go vote for it! We love you Denniz! Lacie P.S. Please email your comments and if you have any different interpretations, donít hesitate to email me at Thanks!

From: Courtney Becks []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 3:10 PM

I had to clink in my 2 cents worth. I've never posted a review, so I wanted to get my feelings out there. After looking at the lyrics yesterday, I realized Show Me is every bit as incomprehensible as IWITW. I assumed it was about breakups, but I guess it's not.

Many props to Kev for putting his stuff about his dad way out there in the public. I respect him more and more every time he opens his mouth. I agree, the hat thing AJ does when he gets off the bus was contrived. He's a hottie, but it was lame. Howie looked so good. I don't know what Nick was supposed to be doing. But the thing that got me was Brian.

I saw the vid twice in 24 hours (I didn't tape it). I sobbed and sobbed after I saw it the second time. Not Brian, not Brian! Why would they show us that? It utterly put me beside myself.

Then I started thinking: the video's high "Huhn?!" factor exists so that people can make it mean whatever they want it to mean--like IWITW.

I don't have anything conclusive I can share, but email me if you have interesting insights.

Courtney Ann Becks

From: BSB fan girl []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 3:17 PM

hey! I decided to write my review of SMTM after i have seen it and being such a huge BSB fan! I loved this video!!!!! this is basically my interpretation and feelings about the scenes! So here goes...

Lets get some background going here first of all. I was at a new years party when this video is premiered, so I didn't cry, although my throat did tighten up though at several parts!

When you first see the video, it's the ambulance with the person on a stretcher. I thought that was a very appropriate introduction, considering this video is serious, not light hearted like other videos the BSB have done.

When you first see Brian in that window, looking into the room with the "mystery" person, I love how the windows look so big, and Brian looks so small standing there. He looks alone, and truly lonely. As heartbreaking as that is, it makes for a very emotional beginning. When you see the flashover to the person in the bed, it takes a second to realize it is BRIAN. (heart defect putting him there obviously) The doctors are struggling to get him stable, and race down the hall to get him oxygen or whatever (LOVE that part). I think this doesn't symbolize him DYING, since you don't know if he does or not, I believe he is "looking in the window" in a flashback to what happened in '98 with his heart problems. He then leaves his flashback unfinished, not wanting to fully rehash it, and goes outside.

AJ's scene is not AS dramatic, but you need to look deeper. He is obviously very upset over the loss of a girlfriend. You need to look at the setting as well, a very cold and un-welcoming public bus. He might be returning from seeing her, or attempting to see her. His single tear running down his cheek shows his pain, and shows that he is a human being, and hurts just as much as the next person. When that girl gets on the bus, you don't know how she relates to him, but when she dissolves into the air, you get the drift that she is obviously a figment of his imagination, that she is the girl in the picture, who he is upset over. I LOVE these camera angles throughout the video. Its amazing!! They are so cool!

Kevin's scene is probably the most emotional for me. His facial expressions, and just the way he moves, just yells his pain that he has inside!! This is where my throat tightened. The way he sat in that darkened room all alone, with nobody to comfort his loss, but old film strips of his dad and himself. When he goes over to the window and leans against it, you can seriously SEE the pain in his eyes!

Nick's scene shows how lonely he is as well! The way he walks down the street all by himself, When he pulls the girl that he is fighting with away from the oncoming bus which said denniz St. on it (again very meaningful being that is their deceased producer) I interpreted that whole scene in a little different way, when nick pulls that girl (i guessed was his girlfriend) out of the way of the bus, while arguing, you realize that AJ was on that bus, which was named Denniz St. ... almost symbolizing the reason they were fighting was Nick's career getting in the way of their relationship ... hence the bus almost hitting her. I dunno, just my interpretation! But he saves her just in time!

Howie's scene was also painful, how he was, again, alone in a cafe, and I think his scene was about his sister's death ... and how he felt helpless about the fact she died, and he couldn't do anything.... Which may have been why he imagined her running towards him, reaching out, and dissolving before she reached him.

When Kevin is watching howie in the back during that scene, it's almost as if his presence is to show that he understands what it's like to lose a loved one. When he nods, (oh i LOVE THAT PART!!!) it seems for him to be saying that he understands completely, and that they have to move on though. which is while they all join together in the street singing, showing they have moved on. I also think that scene is meant for you to look at them now once again, after you have seen their problems spelled out, do you look at them in the same way? and when they walk to the sunset or sunrise... whichever way you want to look at it... then they seem to leave their troubles that they revisited, to show that they can and have moved on in life, and that there is hope!!!!! *whew* that is my entire review!! I just had to say what I had been thinking about the video! All i know is that i have been such a HUGE fan of the BSB for several years, and I have seen ALL of their videos, and this is my favorite. This video is so good!!!! Infinite A +'s for this video!!! LETS KEEP IT AT NUMBER 1 ALL 65 DAYS!!!!



Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 12:20 AM

I know TONS of people have submited their reviews, but from the ones I've read there is a strong point that I havn't read. I'm not giving you a "I liked this part, but didn't understand this" review. This is on the messages from the video!

I absoulutly LOVE this video, because I think it really involves the fans. These are THEIR personal experiences in life, and if you arn't a fan, you won't understand the whole emotional value. I think that only fans really understand the video. If I showed it to my next door neighbour, I'm sure she'd find it to be really good, but wouldn't know the whole value of Kevin watching him and his dad playing football. So, this is truly a gift from the guys!


Victoria BC Canada

From: Erin Is-Cool []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 4:48 PM

Here's what I think about BSB's latest video, Show Me the Meaning (of Being Lonely)--

I absolutely love the video. Everything about it (well, almost everything... Nick's hat was just... nevermind) was great. Everything strait down to the camera angles, the concept, the set, the coloring, and everything else that goes along with it. The video itself, honestly, almost made me break down to tears. Brian and his heart (scary... it's like they MADE B-Rok die!!), Kev and his father, Howie and his sister, AJ and Denniz (actually all 5 and Denniz), Nick and his... street (lol). The only part that actually made me laugh was AJ. When his "dead" girlfriend walks by, at first, you can't tell she's dead and it looks like he's checking her out until she fades away. THEN you get it. Put SMTMOBL at #1 everywhere!!!

Hugs, Kisses, and Cookies,


From: Jess Ponnath []
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2000 4:53 PM

Hey! Here's my review of the SMTMOBL video. Well, I sat very close to my VCR all night so I wouldn't miss the vid, and I tell you, it was worth it. In my opinion, it is the best video they have ever made. I think they shoul dwork with Stewart Gosling again. The most heart-wrenching scene was Kevin watching old movies of him playing with his dad. I've watched about 20 times and it makes me cry over and over again. Great video guys! I think Howie got dissed again in his time in the video. He got like 35 seconds but still got his point through. I really think it shows Kev feeling for Howie. It really was dedicated to the fans because if you didn't know what they were talking about, you wouldnt get it.

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