If I Don't Have You

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Everyday Girl I will go and pray That you'll come back home And don't take too long 'Cuz since you've been gone Everythings goin' wrong I wish you were here Holding me near

You know I'd go Out of my mind If you ever left My heart behind So I'm beggin' you please (So I'm beggin') Bring your sweet love back to me (Please come back to me)


If I don't have you (Don't have you) To hold on to (To hold on to) I can't go on In this world alone Baby it's true (Baby it's true if I don't have you) If you said good-bye (You said good-bye) Girl I would die (Girl I would die) I'm a star with no light A day with no night If I don't have you

Late at night I reach to hold you tight But your not there (Your just not there, baby) But I know you still care (I know you still care) And all of my knees Yourself kiss You give to me (To me) So tenderly

Will you still feel That time will stand still When I see you Baby you will So hurry (Hurry) You know your need you so (Oh girl can't you see)

Chorus To Fade

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