I Promise You With Everything I Am

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Itís in the silences The words you never say I see it in your eyes Always starts the same way It seems like everyone we know is breaking up Does anybody ever stay in love anymore


I promise you From the bottom of my heart I will love you Ďtil death do us part I promise you As a lover and a friend I will love you like Iíll never love again With everything I am

I see you look at me When you think Iím not aware Youíre searching for clues Of just how deep my feelings are How do you prove the sky is blue The oceanís wide All I know is what I feel When I look into your eyes

CHORUS - repeat

There are no guarantees Thatís what you always say to me And late at night I feel the tremble in your touch What Iím trying to say to you I never said to anyone

CHORUS - repeat

- with everything I am

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