Quiz Tactics and Tips

Submitted by Anna

Here's a little word of advice I thought I'd share with those who just can't make it into the hall of fame of QUIZ #1.

1. If you can't seem to remember the answer to a question even though you remember answering it before, write it down!

2. It is a good thing to have the leaflets from Backsteet Boys and Millenium within reach so you can easily see who was BSB's bassist in 2000 or something like that.

3. It is also a good thing to open another window and go to www.backstreet.net/bios.html where you can find out whose fave actor is Jeff Goldblum or whose nickname is Rocky (if there IS anyone with such a nickname).

4. Try not to use up *any* (and this sounds hard) lifelines until you've reached 1 million points. From there, the questions will mostly repeat themselves but of course new confusing ones will pop up and THEN you have the chance to use the lifelines you've been saving.

5. You get extra lifelines when you reach 1 million, 50 million and I think 100 million. After that you're on your own so use them wisely.

6. Was it only me or March, June and May are the FAVORITE months in questions of Quiz #1?And they also like playing with years 1998 and 1999. Be careful!

7. And there are some things you just HAVE to know that you will not find on their bios pages or on the Time Line (there's a link to it from the bios page). And the more you take the Quiz, the more stuff you remember (like who REALLY plays the guitar in the BS Band).

8. The "Backstreet Boys" leaflet will come in handy when you are not sure about their zodiac signs and the months they've been born in. "Millenium's" leaflet will be useful when you need to know who co-wrote the songs (this goes for Backstreet Boys too) and who's on the band. Though it doesn't say there that Mindi Abair plays the sax, so you just have to know that too.

9. When you're just a little unsure and seem to know the answer but want to make sure if you're right and want to use the lifeline, use 50/50. This will save you a valuable Backstage Pass.

10. When you get passed the 100 million line, don't relax. You can still get something wrong and will kick yourself when you lose (I had 750 million and lost because I was inattentive!).

11. They also seem to like questions with answers either False in the True/False ones and Kevin, AJ, or Nick in the ?s about the guys. That's just something me and my friend noticed when we played.

12. There is a very little amount of question about the Backstreet's Back album so don't worry about it too much.

13. The Time Line (the link to it is on the main bios page) LIES (or the questions are wrong) about a few things (I won't tell you which ones) so you'll have to be a little cautious about some questions.

13. Double check your answers.

14. Be patient and don't click Final Answer button more than once or your game will expire!!! And you'll love whatever amount of millions you had.

15. And all I can say to close this little tutorial is good luck making it into the HOF!

Currently (as of Christmas, 2001) , I'm #8 (*=*=*Anna*=*=*) in the hall of fame (only because I needed to go wash my hair and had to retire) and on #22 (Fluffy Snakes), where me and my friend used up all the lifelines and didn't know whether Everybody (BSBack) was filmed in Miami, FL (actually, it wasn't! Now we know!). Took me and my friend an hour to pass the 100 million line (we had to restart quite a few times). Soon we'll be on to quiz #2.

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