Who Wants To Be A Millenniumaire? (Part I)

The goal of this game is to get the highest score by correctly answering as many questions as you can in a row. The gotcha is that if you answer a question incorrectly, you lose all of your points and the game ends. To win, you need to retire as soon as you have accumulated enough points to make it into the hall of fame.


Questions are drawn at random from our BSB trivia database so every time you play you get a different sequence of questions. Click on the Play button to start a new game. You can keep the name we generated for you or you can enter your own. It is used to personalize the game and for your entry in the hall of fame if your score is high enough.

You're given 1 point and three life lines to start. Two of the life lines are 50/50's. They remove all but one of the wrong answers. The other life line is a backstage pass. You can only use it once but it gets you backstage with the Boys so you can get the answer to the question that has you stumped, in other words, cheat and move on to the next question. You may take up to 3 minutes to answer each question. If you take longer, the game expires and you lose all of your points.
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