The Lost Boys: How a Pop Sensation Came Undone

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Submitted by Bornintokaosbabe from USA
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:01:06 2002

This article is awesome. I have never read an article like this about the Boys. Every Backstreet fan, and non-Backstreet fans alike, should read this article. Maybe it would help people see the Boys in a different light. This article was raw. It was real and not one line of the entire thing was fabricated or sugar coated. It was everything that a fan hates to hear, but needs to hear. Everyone needs to stop reading and believing all of the shit out there on the Boys and deal with what is real. It is so nice to finally read an article on the Boys and to read only real, pure things. It shows what they have to deal with in their lives, that their lives are by no means picture perfect. I absolutely loved this aticle, this guy deserves the Pullitzer.

Submitted by Tina Nelson from Abingdon Maryland USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:38 2002

I thought that this was a very informative article about how the music business operates. We as fans only see the smiles on the guys faces in public but never know what they are going through behind the scenes. It is very saddening to hear that our boys go through all of that nasty stuff just to try and make good music for us fans. I just continue to pray that all five of them can focus as a group and make the best decision for the group as a whole as well as each individual. I know without a shade of a doubt that each guy absolutely loves being a Backstreet Boy, they just have to work out the not-so-fun part of things first. I will always continue to support the Backstreet Boys in whatever their decision may be, because I believe in them. I believe that they can work this out and continue on being the all-time greatest group around. Always and forever a BSB fan. Tina

Submitted by xoxbabeexox from va beach va USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:29 2002

i dont know what to think. i really dont. all i know is that i love the bsb and i mean, u heard it themselves that aj said theyre the closest theyve ever been and that nobody could touch them. right now im very weak about this whole thing. people are sayin theyre over but i hope theyre not. people would be so disappointed and i know for sure id be cryin my eyes out. but hopefully theyre all right and well be ok .. juss keep ur head up n everythin will be all right .. im sure theyre ok and theyll get through this for sure ..

Submitted by cinthia from hammond indiana USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:47:00 2002

backstreet boys are not over. they have alot of energy and thier music actually have messages and they reach to different ages and people.*nsync came along and just started copying bsb. nsync only reachs teenagers not the whole gap like bsb. they aren't cute or talented they do everyhting bsb does. why who knows they just can't get thier own identy.bsb might had prombles but they stuck through it together.if your a true fan u will stick with bsb forever.if u like nsync and don't like what i wrote tough.DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!!!
p.s. i would like to say hi to my new best nick friend patricia
check out her site at

Submitted by Amanda from Vermont USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:46:48 2002

Although the article may in fact be true, it kind of hit my heart really hard. It scared me because it makes you think that the BSB really are not going to be around for that much longer which I doubt is true. As Nick said "As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything" which is absolutely true because they will always have fans. As long as the fans are there they will be. Although they may not be in the biz and making music they will be there and stuff. I think the article was rude and kind of lousy because it focused on the money issue of the aspect of the music biz when the music biz is not totally about money. The groups are happy with the fans they have and as Nick said a while back in an article that he could quit today and not care because they could live the rest of their lives on the money they make in one summer rather than that of a year. They have no concern for the money and their love of music and making people happy is what they love to do. They live for that, not the money that they've had for years already. Much Backstreet Pride/Love Forever!

Submitted by Stephanie from BX New York USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:34:17 2002

Well, I just think that the guys have been dealt a bad hand. I mean they've had to watch their 'compitition' get more than what they are worth. I mean *Nsync albums always get so much more general publicity. Yes, our boys were very lucky to be able to do the around the world tour for Black and Blue, but there wasn't too much general promotion of the album and personally I think that had something to do with sales. Af far as the artical, well I think that the guys just have to do whats best for them. I am going to continue to support the guys because they have great music which has always been there for me so I'm just returning the favor. I just hope that the guys find peace somewhere soon, but if not I wish them luck with their search because I know that once they are some place that they feel safe, it's going to be just fine.

Submitted by Caitlin from Katy TX USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:26:04 2002

I thot the article was very interesting...and very true. I mean I still love the BSB, but not as much as I have in the past. Now I find myself defending them to people saying things like "They're still together, u just dont hear about them very much." Again I say I still love them and support them very much but it seems like the only publicity they get anymore is bad publicity, and I just hope they can make a come-back soon b/c i dont even want to think about if they broke up.
much love-Cat

Submitted by ~*Sprinkles*~ from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:24:28 2002

It was some article!! That would explain a lot of the wierd stuff happening!! Like the you have to be in the fan club to see their website, the expensive concert tickets, and out of no where Nick's solo career?!? It's just TOO MUCH!! But I still LOVE the Boys .. I just hope everything works out.. b/c if they ever break up ~ there will be millions of broken hearts { including me }. I was wondering what's Howie's view ~ no where did the article mention him?!?
Love Ya'

Submitted by Marie-Josée Tremblay from Drummondville Qc Canada
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:23:00 2002

I totally loved the article because it was so true, so real!!It shows how BSB are strong after all those "mistakes and bad advices" as says Kevin!We now know they can concurr anything!!!And that they want to have the longest career as possible. The only part I didn't liked was when they said that the band would have the same popularity if Nick would leave...but to me BSB had, are and will always be Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin and Howie!!!I don't want a nobody to replace Nick!!And I'm pretty sure he'll never leave the Boys!!!What do you think???!?

Submitted by Star from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:09:41 2002

I thought the article was interesting. The only part that i didnt like was the part where they talk about how the BSB are fake and were like puppets on a string controlled by Lou Perlman. I think that they have always had minds of there own but they just got caught up in a bad situation. Overall, good article.


Submitted by lizzie from Los Banos CA USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:06:58 2002

i think the article was the truth. i mean the "old" backstreet boys were better. they seemed to get along more and now they dont seem as friendly or brotherly like they used to be. and i support nick and everything but right now is a bad time to go for a solo career. he needs to stick with backstreet right now. they are going through a hard time b/c they havent been doing that great with everything. if everything keeps going like this i dont think they will last very long. I love them but they need to get their act together. :)

Submitted by Diana from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 23:05:37 2002

I use to like BSB but not anymore. I went on this website to see if they were still together, because I was feeling a bit inquisitve today. All I got to say is that they're over. I really doubt that they'll ever come back. They should have broken up a long time ago, because now, nobody really gives a damn.

Submitted by Meg from Eugene Oregon USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 22:59:58 2002

I thought it was an interesting article, it just shows the music industry at its worst (which is how it is at all times, but still). However, I did think it was premature and unreasonable to consider Nick quitting the group when he's just said recently he has no intention of doing so. Overall, though, very interesting article.

Submitted by amyshepherd from Martin Kentucky USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 22:54:24 2002

i thought the article that was in the new york times completley tell how the backstreet boys took a risk and sue lou pearlmen over all the money that he took from backstreetboys,*NSync, and O-Town.they made a smart decsion to leave lou's management company behind and let them do their thing.they give a swift kick right where it hurts in the pocketbooks and bankaccounts and the past will bite them in the ass.

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