Why do you love the Backstreet Boys?

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Fri Aug 18 23:55:28 2023

Their harmonious vocals and memorable songs have made me love them and as my favorite among music enthusiasts over the years. | www.drywallelpaso.com

Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Tue Oct 9 22:33:19 2012

I love Bsb because they are very talented, they treat all there fans with respect ,I can't count how
Many times one or more of them has said "if it weren't for our fan there would be no Bsb " usually
No matter where I am and I hear a Bsb song I'll sing along ,once in Montreal when they had a after
Party at lites nightclub , was standing in line waiting to get in started to talk to the "girl" in front of
Me ,we both started to laugh because the bouncer said " gotta see some I.d. As you gotta be 18+
To get in " she said " oh I am 18++. Found out she was 52 ,and said I am a Bsb fan and proud of
It, think that's amazing that a group has fans of all ages, but when we meet age means nothing
I will always support Bsb my goal for my 50th b-day is to hopefully get a front row seat keep
You posted, my mom died in2004 and their song "never gone" really help me through,also in their
Song "show me the meaning " where Kevin says " life goes on...." he right so on that thanks Bsb
For helping. Through bumps in life.oh one more thing had a boyfriend who was trying to be some
One he was not and when I found he was all like " here is my confession I don't wanna play these
Games more, but to show the shape of my heart" some of there songs deal with real life well
Gang that all folks that why I love Bsb.
Debra A.K.A. Brian's baby girl.

Submitted by vibha from mysore karnataka india
Date: Mon Aug 22 09:43:22 2011

im 14 and i am one of the biggest fans of bsb.i love their voice.theyre very cool.they're my life.i just love their music.they are the most adorable guys i,ve ever seen.it is sad that Kevin left.but bsb is still the best band on the planet.i shall love u guys forever.

Submitted by Erlina Sari from Banjarmasin South Kalimantan Indonesia
Date: Wed Feb 3 02:09:31 2010

I'm back again. I read in this site (and other site) some people said that they were shocked when they saw the attitude of the Backstreet boys members in TV programme 'Celebrity Apprentice'. They said that the BSB members are spoiled, lazy, demanding, selfish, assess, etc. I'm from Indonesia and I've never seen that TV programme, so I can't give my opinion about it, and if it was true that they acted like that, as their fans, of course I'm shocked and disappointed too, but I try to realize that they're just human who have weaknesses, also I don't think that I can judge them as bad person just by watching their bad attitude in TV since I don't know them personally or ever meet them, but I think it's kind of critic for them and I hope they know it, so that they can act better since they're in public eye every time. However, I still love you BSB, eventhough I'm 26 now, I love your songs, your voices, and your harmonies. Sure, you're not angels and will not always be perfect, but I hope you can be better person coz you're extremely talented grown-up men, and I just want you to do the best either for yourselves or your fans. Thanks.

PS: Sorry, my English bad

Submitted by Erlina Sari from Banjarmasin South Kalimantan Indonesia
Date: Sun Aug 30 05:10:46 2009

I started loving Backstreet Boys when I was 13 and now I'm almost 26 but I still love them coz they have wonderful songs, awesome voices, incredible harmonies, and terrific dances, also they more mature and I love their new sound, but I miss Kevin so much and I hope he will be back coz without him BSB is incomplete. But anyway, I hope they will always be around, and whatever people say about them, they're the best and the greatest boyband ever!!!

Submitted by cerlin anabieza from davao city panabo, davao del norte Philippines
Date: Mon Aug 25 01:10:57 2008


i love backstreet oys bcoz they are awesome singer, fabulous dancers, good looking, and their songs makes me inspired whenever I listen to it!

the most interesting video for me is the song 'everybody (backstreet's back) this song was also favorite of my younger sister rynah (2-year old baby girl)

take care and God bless!

regards to all your family, relatives and friends

love lots


Submitted by tieramoore from toledo ohio lucus
Date: Sun Jun 29 00:05:51 2008

you know why i love the backstreetboys? because they are my favorite group from the 90's and now aswell and i always have loved the backstreetboys and always will no matter what and i 've been a true bsb fan for 13 years now and the crazy thing is that that is true i have everything by the backstreetboys and the reason way i love them so much is that they are so sweet to there fans over the years that they have been around they are very enretertaining band and they rock the backstreethouse forver and ever you guys rock!!!!!!! much love , tiera moore the backstreetboys fan from toledo, ohio love ya bsb !!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Malorie from EL Paso Texas USA
Date: Thu Mar 27 23:32:18 2008

I was a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys until I saw them on Celebrity Apprentice. What a bunch of spoiled no good no names they made themselves out to be. They were invited to be a part of a charity event to raise money and they had a list a mile long of crap they "needed" in their dressing room. Then they wasted time complaining about wheat grass juice and a knee brace. These 5 boys are lazy, spoiled, and selfish if you ask me. I truly hope they were royally embarrassed by their behavior because they made themselves look like complete asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Coyanne Divies from Grande Prairie Alberta Canada
Date: Sun Dec 2 10:50:23 2007

Its been 15 years and they still got it! It's not only good music but great music!
All 12 of us at work ,play, sing and dance to all of your cds, and it brings joy to our hearts. I cant wait to get the new album. You guys are the best. Kevin pleeeese come back. Keep making great music and we'll keep buying it. Thanks to BSB for keeping us honest. Love Coyanne and my work posse! Muchas gracias por la musica!!!

Submitted by A.A from Norridge IL USA
Date: Fri Aug 10 15:17:46 2007

The BSB have talent. It's simple. I have grown up with them, they were my first boy band and I want to thank them for all that they do. I will never stop liking them, EVER. I will keep the BSB pride alive even if its the last thing I do...
Good Luck BSB, you have a lot loyal fans that want you to stay.

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