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Submitted by Otis Kent from Michelle Mayo CA Tara Middleton
Date: Fri May 1 03:25:50 2009


Submitted by Katie Bolt from Flusing Michigan USA
Date: Sat Apr 19 16:20:19 2008

Here are my Top 40 favorite songs:
1.I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
2.Do You Remember Aaron Carter
3.Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison
4.Bye Bye Bye Nsync
5.Overprotected Britney Spears
6.Dirrty Christina Aguilera
7.MMMBop Hanson
8.Viva Forever Spice Girls
9.Billie Jean Michael Jackson
10.The Girl From Yesterday The Eagles
11.Take My Breath Away Jessica Simpson
12.I Got You Nick Carter
13.This I Swear Nick Lachey
14.She's No You Jesse McCartney
15.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
16.She's In Love With The Boy Trisha Yearwood
17.The River Garth Brooks
18.Not Ready To Make Nice Dixie Chicks
19.You're Like Comin Home Lonestar
20.SexyBack Justin Timberlake
21.U +Ur Hand Pink
22.Out Of My Heart BBMak
23.This Kiss Faith Hill
24.Life Is A Highway Rascal Flatts
25.From This Moment On Shania Twain
26.Because Of You 98*Degrees
27.A Moment Like This Kelly Clarkson
28.All Or Nothing O-Town
29.Dancing Queen A*Teens
30.It Happens Everytime Dream Street
31.I'm Gonna Make You Love Me Play
32.Too Little Too Late JoJo
33.It Ends Tonight All American Rejects
34.It's Not Over Daughtry
35.Lips Of An Angel Hinder
36.Rockstar Nickelback
37.Kokomo The Beach Boys
38.Valentine Martina McBride and Jim Brickman
39.The End Of The Innocence Don Henley
40.A Little Gasoline Terri Clark

Submitted by Katie Bolt from Flushing Michigan USA
Date: Fri Apr 11 16:59:40 2008

The new album is called UnBreakable. I love you BSB!!
I love you Nick Carter!!!!

Submitted by c.j from texas USA
Date: Sun Oct 13 09:22:25 2002

I think the album should be called (the return).

Submitted by Jenna from NY USA
Date: Mon Sep 9 17:40:34 2002

I just wanna say that I love the name Phoenix Rising which someone suggested. Very cool! Can't wait for this cd or Nick's!

My ideas: Find Me
He Said, She Said
Lies Untold
Continueance(spelled that wrong lol)
Ahh Crap! (just had to put that!)

Submitted by reeno khairul nassir from Bukit Panjang Singapore Singapore
Date: Thu Sep 5 08:41:15 2002

I think the new album should be called 'DAWN'. The reason to this is because that sounds artistics though. Just like the latest album, 'BLACK N BLUE'. The album is kinda for lonely people, who are cool and inspired, livin in the streets, alleys, aww, you know, like the scene in the music video of 'Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely'. I think 'DAWN' is the perfect name for their new album. Its the best of what I think. I like Backstreet Boys from the moment they started with their new album, till now. They should come out with an artistic album, to show that they are matured, changed individuals.
( from boys to men )

Submitted by Freaky C from L-Town MI USA
Date: Wed Jul 31 11:54:08 2002

I think that this could work..but it's up to the Boys obviously:


eh..sounded good for a second ::shrug:: whatever the BSB come up with will be great..they haven't let us down with a sucky title yet..I mean...Millennium...Black and Blue..Chapter One...nothing too hidious like No Strings Attached..we're they hang themselves X"D..I'm done.. N Sync is actually pretty cool..their music...say neh to Justin..froyo is /evil/. ::smile::

Submitted by Barbara from New york city New York USA
Date: Thu Jul 11 18:01:16 2002

I think bsb new album should be call "For real"...
I think this name would show that bsb are for and they can sing and play instrumente and stuff...

Submitted by lostwilya from manila Philippines
Date: Thu Jun 27 10:02:41 2002

i love bsb!!!
can anyone please tell me when is the release of their next album? please, im starving for their music. i want more, more, more...i wonder if they could make a revival of switchfoot's ONLY HOPE. i just love the song and i know that bsb can do so much more with it.
'bout the name of their new album...
Five (nah)
Happy Being BSB
Kevin,Howie,Brian,AJ,Nick (wouldnt it be cool to have their names as the title of the new album? they deserve it)
Boys For Life (hehe)
that's bout all i can think of right now. il be back when iv thought of something else.
for all bsb fans out there, stay cool! love ya guys! bsb rocks!!!!!!

Submitted by rudy from houston texas USA
Date: Mon Jun 24 05:18:49 2002

I think the new album name could be called "time" because seven years is a long time and they are still together iam a guy and the backstreet music picks me up all the time this is what i think.

Submitted by Susan from Lincoln Nebraska USA
Date: Thu Jun 13 17:53:07 2002

I think that Zach's song idea is really good

Submitted by Zach Miller from Carlisle State USA
Date: Thu Jun 13 17:47:38 2002

I think either Through Struggles Eyes or Through It All would be nice. Go BSB you guys rock hardcore.

Submitted by Mandy from Adelaide South Australia Australia
Date: Sun Jun 9 06:57:33 2002

I think a good name for Bsb's new album would be, Underneath It All. I dont know it just sounds good. By the way one of you said you heard "Happy" can you please tell me where you heard it please.
Thanx. love mandy!

Submitted by Claryn from Cebu Lahug Philippines
Date: Thu May 30 04:16:22 2002

Now.... my heart tells me that the right name 4 their album would be..... Music From our Hearts.

tHIS S REALLY A SWEET TITLE. i THINK ITS NICE AND the new album deserve to be called Music From Our Hearts coz they really sing it not for fame but for their Loved ones.... including us ... their fans.

Submitted by JessieRae from USA
Date: Mon Mar 4 18:12:40 2002

I just came in here after reading a bunch of old reviews and crap on the internet from the lame-brained music/entertainment critics and I just have to vent. Let me know if you agree with anything I'm saying here, 'kay?

First off, there were the repeated comments of the BSB alienating their younger fans by going the route of trying to reach an older, adult, crowd with their album release of Black and Blue. Well, jeez... What do ya want them to do? Traipse around like teenagers 'til they are in their forties? I mean, c'mon! All of them are LEGAL "ADULTS" now! 21, that's the age of a legal adult in the USA. The younger fans are not stupid, brainless, hormone crazed yuppies that can't see the BSB are now adults. Jeez, critics. Give the younger fans some credit.

What critics and anti-BSB people can't seem to realize is that Black and Blue was, when you take in the facts, a "transitional" album. Black and Blue was the guys' move from boys to men, excusing the pun :} This next album--to which I don't have the faintest to try and name, but the name Glory does have a ring to it, and that one word can mean and say SO much. I mean, think about it--Anyways, I have the weirdest feeling that this new BSB album it going to be... be... ...Well, I just swear it's gonna turn a lot of heads. They seem to be incorporating--from that news story of who they are seeking to colaborate with--just what they should. The sound they seem to be changing to looks to me to be the right choice. The pop scene is changing. It is turning to more of the "raw" or "organic" sound and to the old sound of the 80's rock. Have you been hearing Puddle of Mudd and Linkin Park on your pop radio station lately? Maybe some P.O.D.? I have, and that's what I'm talkin' about. It's not hard rock, but it is just enough to stand out and grab the hit spot.

Well, sorry to take up so much space. What do you all think of what I've commented on? Oh, and one more thing...

Just what is so dang bad about the "teen" fanbase? Critics and celebrities alike talk about it like it's a disrespectful and disgusting place to be as an artist. I say, "What?!" Hey, if I were a famous singer, I'd want teenagers as my majority fanbase. Teenagers are the people who go out and spend their money!! Duh! Adults have more money, yes, but they don't spend it. Atleast, not a lot on music and entertainment. For teens, they have money and they don't have very many places to spend it and they are not afraid to spend it. Some people out there can be so one minded that they don't realize that.

Okay, I'm done. I do like the name "Glory", though :}

Submitted by nicky from USA
Date: Thu Feb 21 21:17:45 2002

It should be called "Backstreets Back Part 2"

Submitted by kaos dancer from nova scotia Canada
Date: Tue Jan 29 15:46:35 2002

I think the new BSB album should be called:
That is a kick butt song! I love it. Or:

I have a quote from Nick and it goes like this:

"Sometimes I wonder why we've made it. I
guess it's our DESTINY; this is what we're meant to do."

NEwayz, I think those are good names.

Submitted by asha from India
Date: Sat Jan 19 04:54:02 2002

i think their new album's name should be-"dedicated to you" or "backstreet dreams" or "moments....."

Submitted by Rachel from Canada
Date: Fri Jan 4 20:55:22 2002

I think they should call their next CD "In Sync". That would be funny. Please do that. I want to laugh.

Submitted by celestine from arelta ca USA
Date: Wed Jan 2 00:54:56 2002

i think the new ablum would be drowning. drowning is the first song i ever heard on the radio and it'z my fave song too. i have the lyrics too ya know.....................

Submitted by A.j from Mooresville Indiana USA
Date: Tue Dec 11 09:51:49 2001

I think it should be We're Back. 'Cause They are back and so far they have proved the critcs wrong. Keep it up Boys!!!!

Submitted by nick'sbootylicious from USA
Date: Sat Nov 24 00:05:54 2001

I think the name of thier new album should be..."Nick looks RED HOT in black tight leather pants!!"

Submitted by JESSICA from USA
Date: Sat Nov 10 19:09:45 2001

HI,I think a tittle for the new cd should be BARKSTREET GIRLS!!!
Because if you put the bsb people bark in their cd and+they are girls it =barkstreet boys!!

Submitted by Jennifer from Vancouver BC Canada
Date: Fri Nov 2 01:53:59 2001

Hello all :)

I was thinken this over and I think that a good title for their new album would be....


*Shrugs* Named after that song AJ wrote and wanna stick on the next album.
Hehe, just a thought. You guys have come up with some pretty cool titles too!

Love Jen.

p.s I'm listening to Chapter One right now, and it's GREAT!!! Go buy it!!!

Submitted by Sarah from Sweden
Date: Wed Oct 31 04:51:25 2001

Ok..heres what I think. The new album should be called:

Back to Basics.

Itīs a good name but itīs not catchy enough.

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