Which song do you think should be the next single?

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Submitted by Mariam from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Sep 17 20:23:21 2002

peace out


~*~RoCK On BsB~*~


Submitted by LiLgrl from USA
Date: Sun May 19 19:48:38 2002

When is their new album supposed to come out? I mean, they're really taking their time! (or for all I know it is out, and I just haven't heard)so please, if you know, post a response! Thanks!

Submitted by micha from Italy
Date: Wed Mar 27 11:55:46 2002

get another b/f, or every-1!! definately!
micha xoxox

Submitted by Alicia from USA
Date: Tue Jan 29 17:23:30 2002

I think Yes I Will, Get Another Boyfriend,Shining Star, or What Makes You Different(Makes You Beautiful) should be the next single. I love all those songs so any of them would be cool but what i'm most hoping for is Shining Star

Submitted by TAMRA from lampasas texas USA
Date: Thu Jan 24 12:12:40 2002

i dont think there is going to be any more singles released from b&b, because why else woould they release "drowning" as a single? "get another boyfriend" should have been released because it is such a rockin' song and would show off the other side of bsb.also "not for me" would be good too.but who the hell knows what's going to happen.

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Submitted by O-Town_Friend from Medicine Hat ab Canada
Date: Sat Jan 19 11:54:54 2002

I think that What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) should be the next release. It's so sincere and beautiful. Yeah, okay, it's alot like every other slow BSB song, but this one is different, it has alot of meaning in it. Plus, the harmonies are absolutly amazing. Or else, another suggestion I would have is How Did I Fall In Love With You. Which is also truly amazing.

Submitted by bACKSTREET GIRLY 4 LIFE from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:25:13 2002

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Submitted by Marissa from Queens NY USA
Date: Mon Jan 14 19:40:28 2002

In my opionion, BSB are much better without choriography in their videos. It makes them look like everyboday else such as Nsync, O-Town, Janet Jackson, Micael Jackson, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Christina Millian, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Destiny's Child, No Authority, 3LW, J Lo, Samantha Mumba, and the list goes on. It looks boring after a while, who cares about dancing anyway?
Since we have no clue on what the next single is, I think "GAB" instead of "Drowning" should of been picked.

Submitted by M from Syd Australia
Date: Sun Jan 13 02:30:20 2002

GAB cause its catchy

Submitted by Bear from QLD Australia
Date: Wed Jan 9 09:05:19 2002

I think their next single should be... Not For Me coz it's 1 of their best songs (apart from every other 1 of 'em) and I've got a great idea 4 a video clip so if u wanna know just e-mail me and I'll be glad to tell u. Just click on my submit name and ask 4 the 'Not 4 Me video clip idea' and I'll see how fast I can send u the idea. But remember it's only an idea so feel free to say what u want 'bout 'em, just don't go hurtin' my feelin' and telling me they suck! Although I think, judging by thier Greatest Hits album, the only song they haven't realised is The Perfect Fan, so that might be their next realise. But that's my opinion so.....

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