Millennium: Concert Memories

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Fri Dec 8 23:21:36 2023

Yes! We had an incredible night at the Into the Millennium Tour! Here's to more unforgettable concert experiences! 🎉

Submitted by Maureen McKinney from Rancho Palos Verdes CA United States
Date: Wed Oct 20 14:32:47 2010

I really want this DVD! Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Oct 7 20:53:01 2005

I had a great time at the Into the Millenium Tour! I attended a show with my best friend and it was my third backstreet concert at the time(I've been to six bsb shows) and we were so excited watching them fly out on the boards and it seemed like everyone there had their cameras flashing at that very moment! The sound of screams was deafening and fans were crying tears of pure joy! I can remember not sitting down and dancing in the aisles! I didn't want the show to end that night! Great memories!

Submitted by Melissa from K.C. Missouri USA
Date: Sun Feb 17 04:02:43 2002

Wow the Millennium concert....*sighs* that feels like eons ago! I'd say that was the peak of my BSB obsession (and yes I WAS obsessed) I had 11th row floor seats and I was in heaven that night. During "No One Else Comes Close" I was standing on my chair (I got a big no-no from a security gaurd...oops!) waving & trying to get one of them to wave back and next thing I knew Brian (who happened to be my fav) smiled and waved. I'll never be sure if the wave truly was for to me but I like to be optimistic and think it was.(c: It's weird to think that not but 2 years ago it was perfectly acceptable for a 15-16 year old to adore BSB but now that I'm 18....turning 19 I get criticized if I even mention their name let alone the fact that I like them. I guess I've become one of those dreaded *closet* fans that I said I'd never be. I miss the good times when I could get a weeks worth of simple pleasure from buying a pop magazine from the local drug store. But, now I rarely get simple pleasure out of anything and have a high expectations from parents, work, friends, & mostly myself. I know I'm still a big fan....proof being that I just about cried because I couldn't find a way to get to the B&B concert last summer...pretty pathetic huh? But things change and priorities change so I guess my obsession changed to just being a mesly pathetic little closet fan....though my closet it pretty big and packed with BSB well bye now since I'm rambling on & on & on.

Submitted by whitney from louisville ky USA
Date: Sun Nov 25 10:36:55 2001

First off, the whole tour was totally sold out. If the Boys hadn't added a concert in Lexington I wouldn't have been able to experience one of the best nights of my life. Millennium was amazing, and one of my favorite moments was during "larger than life" when they were singing "...all of our time spent in flashes of light..." i swear that at that moment 15,000 people took a picture, and the Boys were covered with flashes of light. Brian was smiling from ear to ear, it was awesome. But Black&Blue was better!!!! KTBSPA!!!!

Submitted by nicky from lubbock texas USA
Date: Fri Jul 6 08:06:59 2001

man the day i went to the concert was just HECTIC!!! i had to pee right when we sat down and it started it was sooo funny and i didnt get to go to the bathroom until we got back to the hotel!! haha and when they started the perfect fan i dropped my friends camera underneath the chair below me and we had to spend the ENTIRE song on the ground getting it!! also i didnt scream any! i think its soo pointless! id rather hear them sing!...(plus i was in shock)!! i love them!

Submitted by melinda from watertown wisconsin USA
Date: Sat Jun 16 01:15:13 2001

I loved the Into The Millennium tour! I was so nervous the whole day and I couldn't even think in school! When it got closer and closer I started to feel sick cuz I never went to one before so I was really excited. I couldn't eat or anything. I did like when the boys came flying out on Larger Than Life! That was really cool! They said goodbye alot of times though and a lot of people left. My sister and I got Brian to wave and laugh after she strangled me with the binocular string to look at him! It was so awesome and I'll never forget it!

Submitted by Sarah from OH USA
Date: Sat Mar 10 14:48:14 2001

The whole day of the concert was great! I took the day off from school so me and my mom could get to the arena really early cuz we had no tickets. I had been trying to get tickets for a couple years and I just couldn't get my hands on any so I decided to just go to the box office and take my chances. My mom and I waited in line for 7 and a half hours! In the process we almost got in a huge fight with these other people that tried to cut in front of us, cuz we were the first ones in line. And we had made friends with everyone behind us and they were backin' us up the whole time. But we got our tickets and the concert was AWESOME! It was the first one I'd been to and I went to my second Backstreet concert last month and it was even better. THEY RULE!

Submitted by Kristen from Sterling Hts Michigan USA
Date: Thu Feb 22 20:13:21 2001

My favorite part for "Into The Millennium Tour" is when they first flew in and ,the first song,"Larger Than Life"! It got the crowd so pumped up!!It was soooo loud when they came out and threw the whole concert.When I left my ears were ringing.I loved when they flew out on the boogy boards,it was so creative!!!

Submitted by Kelsey from Saraland Alabama US of A
Date: Sun Jan 28 19:51:32 2001

My favorite part of the "Into The Millennium" tour was the anticipation of the concert starting. I've never felt so excited in my life. The part that sucked the most was when they guys were NOT on stage. But my MOST FAVORITEST part of the concert was during I Want It That Way, my brian finally decided to hold my sign up that said"I Love You Nick" and he saw it and pointed to it and said,"I love you too red head." That was the best. Also when me and these 2 girls behind me hollered AJ's name when Nick was singin his part in No One Else Comes Close and AJ turned and looked at us and waved. Also when waved at Brian he waved back. And durin the chair dance he kept makin faces at me and laguhin and when they picked the chairs up and were leavin the stage he waved bye and did a funny face. My toher fav part was when Kevin waved to me. And Howie blew me and those 2 girls a kiss. Also durin Larger Than Life Nick saw me trin to get a picture of him and he froze in the position he was in and made a funny face long enough for me to get a picture of him and he waved and smiled at me. I really felt special. That was my first BSB concert I ever went to. I had second row 1st seat in section 100. That sounds far away but it was only like 25 feet away from the stage. That concert was the best and it was really worth every cent spent.

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