How much would you spend on a ticket to a BSB show?

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Tue Jan 30 00:07:21 2024

I'd be willing to spend a reasonable amount for a great experience at a Backstreet Boys show! |

Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Tue Oct 9 19:45:59 2012

Since my first backstret show in96 I must have spend almost $700.00 in just tickets but it was
Worth every penny, the most I would pay for a ticket would be say 300.00 especial front row as you
True Bsb fans who have seen them live know how awesome their shows are,never had I read or
Heard about a bad concert review. Some concerts you go to are so boring and your just sitting there
But at BSB'S your dancing, singing ect. June 7 2011 I payed $109.00 for my ticket and sat in my
Seat for 1 hour before the show but didn't care. Plus In 96 paid 240 for plane ticket to NYC , about
160.00 for my share of the hotel room, 2 after party's in Montreal 20 each .also saw nick solo ticket
20.00 .But I'd do it all again just want you to know!!!!!!!!!
We'll Bsb girls see ya debra a.k.a. Brian's baby girl

Submitted by Cheryl R. Calloway from OWENSBORO KY Daviess
Date: Fri Mar 21 22:31:49 2008

Frankly I will NEVER pay another dime, nor penny. Not ever again. Not after how they are acting on t.v. It's called charity. I am a military brat who has lived all OVER the place and have seen this happen a few times. My teenager acts ilke he's not surprised and I told my adopted grandchildren I wouldn't buy them their cd's again. Then I explained how these fools are taking money from SICK CHILDREN. Even the 10 year old got it. My money might be small but THOUSANDS are watching this and young and old are like, "geeze... it's charity fool..." Take the 5 grand you SAY you would pay for front rows and look at what I HAVE paid for and times that little bsb's. these specififc people will NOT be here in 10 years if they keep this up.

Submitted by Aliyah from Virginia USA
Date: Sat Oct 27 18:32:32 2007

i would spend $5000 for a backstage pass
and spend $1000 for a front row seats
and spend $500 just to go to a backstreet boys concert

i would spend all the money i have to spend a week with the backstreet boys
i really love them that much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Samantha from MS 38654
Date: Tue Oct 24 21:45:49 2006

I would spend any type of amount to go and see them... I have never got to see them before because they would never be close to where I live, but if I find out that they are doing another concert I will do everything that I can possibly do to get to see them and no matter how much the tickets are I would pay it to get to see them....

Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Wed Apr 5 23:22:30 2006

I have spent $55.00 on a ticket to see them on The Up Close and Personal Tour and that was great seats close up! I would never pay more than $100.00 to see anyone! I can remember paying $25.00 for nosebleed seats to see the boys back in 1998! I've been to six backstreet boys concerts and they were all worth the price I paid, plus I have met AJ!

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Sun Mar 5 14:25:33 2006

I would spend any amount to go see my boys cause thats how dedicated I am to them.


Submitted by Heather from Kingston new york USA
Date: Fri Oct 4 13:05:40 2002

I would pay any amount of money to see them in concert. for the last tour my parent's spent $300 for three tickets for their show at the pepsi arena in albany,ny the tickets where a birthday present the concert was on my 13th birthday. I can't wate till they come back to albany,ny next year I hope that I get front row again bsb rocks my world I will be a fan till the day I die. I hope that I might be able to meet them when they come back to the pepsi arena next year that would make me very happy. we need to keep supporting them they will be back really so just hang in their and we will have new music to listen to really soon keep voting on trl we need to get nick back at the number one spot and get justin off of the count down also vote on the radio we need to get nick on the billboard charts at number one.

peace out and ktbspa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Celeste from ON, Canada
Date: Tue Sep 24 21:36:35 2002

I figure that by the time I've saved up enough money for my concert tickets I'll be 28 years old. To see Kevin and Brian I'd pay any amount not exceeding $100 + tax. :)

Submitted by Mariam from West Virginia USA
Date: Sun Sep 15 03:41:26 2002

k..ive been more than 5000
peace out


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