What do you think about the outcome of the 2000 Grammy Awards?

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Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Mar 13 22:41:20 2007

I think their Grammy is long overdue! I really think they deserve every Grammy award they were ever nominated for! They should have been The Best New Artist winner for 1998! Their time will come and I think they will sweep every category they are nominated for! These guys are legendary!

Submitted by Theresa Blaylock from Waterloo IL usa
Date: Tue Feb 13 16:10:26 2007

This was one of the worst grammys I have ever seen!! Country music from 2006 was not fairly represented on air. Every artist performed their own music except Country artists Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood who sang a song about a guy who, granted was a legend, but wasn't from 2006. They also sang songs from the Eagles, who I love but they are not from 2006 contry music!! Where was Kenny (the largest attendence in all of the music industry), Keith, Toby, Brad, Dirks, Martina, Carrie and her 3 huge hits, Sarah, Tim & Faith--the largest selling tour of 2006!!! It was as though the producer--who sucked by the way--slapped country in the face. Whether you agreed or not with the political comments made by the Dixie Chicks, as a country fan I don't appreciate being called a "Redneck, loud mouth warmonger". I love country music, not the war in Iraq! It was unfair and judemental for Natalie Maines to say that. Which is ironic because that is what her song was about--NOT casting judgement. Regardless, money and concert attendence still speak loudly. The chicks had to cancel most of their concerts due to lack of tickets sold, and their album sales were lower than Justin and Mary J. It's a sad day in music history when opinions matter more than the music itself!!!

Submitted by anonymous from USA
Date: Sun Aug 18 21:37:55 2002

SOme people say that the Grammy's r rigged. Kinda hard to blame them when BSB didn't win anything. They should've though, i mean they work sooooo hard, it should prove sometihng. Maybe the grammy people have to mix up the variety a little. The Boys performence waz off da hook tho!

Submitted by S.P. from Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Date: Mon Mar 4 12:56:30 2002

The 2000 Grammy Awards was just a bunch of BS. You were nominated for 5 grammys and they didn't let you win anything. Hell, you've could've won at least one.It broke my heart, but good things come to those who wait!!!

Submitted by jenny from USA
Date: Sat Feb 23 18:06:31 2002

PEOPLE! of course they don't pick pop to win grammys! they pick the ppl that deserve it! TEEN POP IS A FAD!!! THESE IDIOTS HAVE NOTHING TO SING ABOUT! THEY CAN'T WRITE SONGS WROTH SHIT! IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY. TEEN POP SUCK ASS!!!!!!!

Submitted by Jessica from United Kingdom
Date: Sat Feb 23 17:46:44 2002

You ppl are idiots! you don't know what real music is! BSS Sucks and so dose all fucking teen pop! They don't deseve a grammy! Just because u r at the top of the charts dosn't mean u get a grammy! You get a grammy for how good the album is, not how many cd's u sell. Santana deserved the grammys he got. You know how many times he's been nominated and never won? He's been in the bussines for years! and his songs have more meaning that BSB. They are going down the drain anyway and so is teen pop. IT'S ABOUT TIME TOO!

Submitted by nickola from brooklyn(my friends lost parents from the crash) NEW YORK USA
Date: Tue Sep 11 19:52:05 2001

The boys looked so hot especially nick i love his hair all spiked up and i love the purple shirt and how it was not tucked in , i think brian was really cute , kevin,Howie and A.J. looked hot
But i have to stress it wasn't fair that they did
not win any awards.SANTANA Sucks, boycott SANTANA

Submitted by Loraine from Riverside California USA
Date: Tue May 15 22:23:54 2001

I know this happened a long time ago, but I need to vent. It was a total and complete ripoff that BSB did not win any grammies. HELLO??? I think that " Album of the Year" means the album that sold the most copies that year, and the #1 album for the year was Millenim, not something by Santana. I don't care if he is a legend. He does not even sing! Besides, if Santana was that popular to win grammies, then how come I only found out who he was at the grammies? I think the people that pick out who wins, and it is DEFINITELY not determined by fans, are biased towards so-called "boy bands" (don't get me started on that, either). BSB work very hard, and I think they deserve a lot more recognition than they get. But let's look at the good side... they win almost every other award- voted by fans, who truly care about them!

Submitted by BSB#1 Girl from Cincinnati Ohio USA
Date: Fri Mar 30 14:55:06 2001

For me to say that I'm very sad that the boys didn't wim at the 200 grammy's but their will be other award shows that the boys have a chance at winning don't look at something that happened to the boys but cheer for them when they get nominated for other awards!

Submitted by Archita Trisal from Delhi india
Date: Sun Dec 10 04:23:06 2000

i think that it was not fair,Santana isn't that good.The critics certainly have something against BSB.


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