What do you think about the "More Than That" video?

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Submitted by Best Concrete Services in Abilene from Abilene TX USA
Date: Thu Feb 8 12:27:20 2024

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Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Tue Oct 9 22:01:44 2012

The more than that video is really really. Awesome they look. Sooo amazing , my keven looks so
Something while he is playing the piano, and it's sure a pretty song. Each guys has that amazing
Hot look about them. In that video so hard to say who is the sexiest or hottest right ladies? The
Words are so beautiful that it almost makes you feel like crying in closing only one thing left to say
Fellow bsbers be sure to ktbsbpal this is Debra saying till next time Bsb rocks our world for sure!!!!!!

Bsb4ever Debra A .K.A. Bryan's baby girl

Submitted by Krista Thiessen from Red Deer Alberta Canada
Date: Thu Oct 1 00:31:50 2009

I love this video. It's awesome! I love BSB!!! I think that they're an amazing group. Each of them are equally talented men. I wish them all the best in the years to come.

Submitted by Shawna Bartels from Fairbury Nebraska united states of america
Date: Thu Nov 15 11:55:32 2007

I loved Nick Carter since I was in the 7th grade. I'm 23 years old with a 3 month old son and his name is Justin David Bartels and I'm also looking for a dad for him too. I think that Nick Carter will be a good dad for him.



Shawna Leigh Bartels

Submitted by Aliyah from Virginia USA
Date: Sat Oct 27 18:35:18 2007

i love the video because Nick is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!I love Nick Carter til the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Sandra from Saint Denis Réunion
Date: Mon Sep 17 09:06:42 2007

I adore this clip and specially Kevin's haircut. I've seen it for sundays.

Submitted by Jamie from arunachal pradesh India
Date: Mon Jul 2 06:23:26 2007

About the video, I think its awesome ! I"ve seen it many times ,the album (black &blue) is my favourite one including the song at the concert "who do u love" A Combination of both makes it happening ! wow !I would prefer such such combinations every time!

Submitted by dfs from alex egypt
Date: Tue Mar 20 18:13:42 2007

larger than life

Submitted by Jenny from TX
Date: Sat Jan 27 08:31:30 2007

Hay guys!!!! I use to not like you...BUT that video swept me off my feet;-)
It realy did!!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WHAS GRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now YOU guys are my new FAV groop!!!!!!!! love you guys!!!
P.S. keep up the REALY REALY REALY GOOD WORk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Samantha from MS 38654
Date: Tue Oct 24 21:30:58 2006

Hi!!!! The more than that song was AWESOME.... That song had alot of meaning to it... " I will love you more than that I will say the words then take them back" that is dedcated to the Backstreet Boys... Because I love them and anything that I say that will hurt them I will take back (which will be never because I could never say anything to hurt them) they are the best.... I LOVE BSB 4 life......

Submitted by Mahshad from u.s
Date: Wed Sep 27 13:14:54 2006

More than that was great

Date: Thu Sep 7 04:19:41 2006

war heestan ma ila aragteen waxa ay ii leedahay xasus aad u balaadhan oo gabadh aan illaa xad jeclahay ayaan ku xasuustaa kadib markaan anigu heestan baray oo ay ila jeclaatay !!

gabadhaa waxaa ila garanaya sxb kay khadar boorje

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Date: Sun Sep 3 11:11:23 2006

on be half all guys hereby with me in jijiga
we gat no words to express our gtreatest sense of honour
how much that song "morethan that is ".
morethan that , it envolve our daily love engagments

thus , thus song is much much beter than what ever song could be...
nic anf aj the being the guys on the vedio scene

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Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Fri Mar 3 16:44:58 2006

I really luv the video u guys did a really good job and u look hott!!! as well.

P.S Backstreet Gurl Forever

Submitted by Jilian Chailland from Auxvasse Missouri U.S.A
Date: Mon Feb 13 12:25:47 2006

i really luv the "More Than That" video! i luv it because i luv wat they had put in it and how they were ablr to make that video. i also think the song is very awesome too.

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